SCP-4069: Mother nature


Object class: Euclid(possible reclassification under discussion)

Special containment procedures:
Vials of SCP-4069 infected liquid are to be kept in an air-tight sealed box in an standard object containment cell,and my only be interacted with while wearing air tight hazmat suits to prevent from spreading to personal.
If a personnel has made contact without proper equipment is made with SCP-4069,they are to be placed into an basic humanoid containment cell and to be classified as a subject for experimentation.(note:there has not been an instance of this procedure used at the time being)

If experimentation is to be conducted using SCP-4069,the head researcher of this SCP,Dr. stimpy must give his statement of approval & written documentation to confirm that the test shall be carried out.if Dr.Bright is submitting an experiment idea,it should be denied right out examined thoroughly to make sure that it could not cause any massive damage in the proseable future*.(See SCP-4069-3 in the logs for more details about his last submission)
Researchers for the experiment that interact with the subjects of the test should be consistently male staff.
It makes everything a lot easier to contain & deal with if there were no other females in the room but the subjects themselves.-Dr.Stimpy

*Note from Dr.stimpy: Wile Dr.Bright’s last suggestion ended in an massive amount of paperwork & deaths,we can not deny that the experiment had given us necessary knowledge on how much SCP-4069 can alter the physical appearance & biology of a host offspring. Just make sure it’s not something obviously dangerous (like a bear) or something small that would be difficult to track if it escaped (like his last suggestion,or anything smaller). Also,all human testing of SCP-4069 is to be denied,although it can be assumed that SCP-4069 can affect humans as well as other animals.

SCP-4069 is bacteria that acts as an STD that can be spread ether by contact with infected fluids,or thru sexual conduct. Female animals/humans infected will exhibit symptoms such as increased aggression towards other female members of any species & increased pacifism towards mates/other male animals/humans. strangely males infected appear to not share these traits.

SCP-4069 infected will become pregnant from mating with partner (testing shows that,even if the animal/person is infertile,SCP-4069 infected will always become pregnant while mating) and will birth there offspring naturally. The offspring,however,grows to adult in the span of 24 hours and will have noticeable changes that separated from the others of the species. Such as (but not limited to):

  • Increased/Decreased in size fully grown.
  • An extra horn/new horn (if the original did not have a horn originally).
  • Heightened intelligence.
  • extra sets of limbs,eye’s,fingers,etc.
  • Ect.

Note:offspring of SCP-4069 must be contained & cataloged as SCP-4069-#.see addendum 1 for log of offspring.

SCP-4069 was discovered in [Data expunged],India. And was brought to the foundation’s attention after reported disappearances of all but one of the female elephant’s at the elephant exhibit at the [data expunged] zoo. Female staff at the zoo reported the elephant being overly hostile to them,but overly friendly to male staff. SCP personnel were only called to contain SCP-4069 after “Alisha” the elephant had mysteriously fallen pregnant without the zookeepers knowing & gave birth to its child and proceeded to [DATA EXPUNGED] the female staff at the zoo. Both a sample of SCP-4069 & SCP-4069-1 were captured and all civilians involved were given class B anesthetics.

Addendum 1: Offspring log
This is a log of offspring SCP-4069 has produced,what the father was,the differences from the normal speeches,whether it is deceased,ect.,ordered by offspring’s age compared to the other’s. Whether these entities deserve their own classification as SCP’s is under debate.

logged by:Dr.Stimpy
Status: alive.
Subject: Indian elephant.(Elephas maximus indicus)

  • 2X natural size
  • Extra set of tusks under original pair
  • Enhanced intelligence than average
  • Finger like growths at end of trunk,allowing easier picking up of objects/food.
  • Tougher,pure black skin. ”Like looking at a shadow”-a member of the task force that first captured SCP-4069 & SCP-4069-1.

2. SCP-4069-2
logged by:Dr.Stimpy
Status: Alive
Subject: Silver-back gorilla.(Gorilla gorilla)

  • 3X natural size
  • Extreme intelligence boost
  • Muscle mass X3 of normal
  • Understanding of human language & writing (Discovered after multiple tests)
  • Pure white fur covering 90% of body (attempts to find what basic skin color was were unsuccessful.

Logged by:Chief Ren,leader of MTF-nataral ka chayan “Tuesday the 17th”,that is assigned to to Dr.stimpy’s projects & for his own safety.
Status: Terminated-Thank god
Subjects: A pair of american red squirrels(Sciurus vulgaris)

  • 2X smaller than natural size. (extra hard to hit/find)
  • A change to a carnivorous diet. (Why the hell something like this would become carnivorous i don’t know.)
  • Armadillo like shell covering entire body.Durable enough to block .25 caliber bullets. (We had to use a crowbar and [DATA EXPUNGED] and it STILL took at least 30 minutes until it Finally crooked over)
  • Color-changing skin (not for mood like you would assume,for camouflage.)
  • Sharp teeth & claws.(i swear those things could rip thru solid steel)
  • Advanced hunting techniques (it took us 4 F###### months to find this thing,and ### of my men died due to this thing!)

Note:the idea to use those little pests to experiment with was a mistake forhellspawn It took us months to find that hell-spawn. Who ever thought of that should be demote d to D-Class. -Chief Ren

Update:Hello Ren. While I appreciate you writing this log for me,Since you know the most about this one,I do NOT appreciate the unprofessional “commentary” on SCP-4069-3’s file. I get it,A lot of people lost their lives to take this thing down,and we have changed the containment procedure accordingly.but you need to get over it. Stuff like this happens all the time at this job. I’m surprised you don't already know this since you're the leader of a MTF we mourn our loss for a bit,then we move on.. Also to answer your question to who suggested this experiment,you can report to Dr.Bright-Dr.Stimpy

Logged by:Dr.Stimpy
Subjects:An pair of praying mantis(Mantodea).

  • natural size increased to the size of an Toy Fox Terrier.
  • Wings expanded in size by 2 fold
  • An pair of glands that produces a venom that is located on the raptorial legs. This venom can kill an fully grown D-class within minutes,sampling shows that it has similarity to the venom of an box jellyfish.
  • The raptorial legs are sharpened enough to cut human skin,aiding in injecting the venom it produces.
  • Exoskeleton & intestion’s are slightly translucent, allowing it to blend in with surroundings.

Note:Unlike the normal way an mantis reproduces,the female infected had not partake in sexual cannibalism that the species is known to. Reinstating how docile an infected can be to males of its own & other species.
Note:updated this log at least once a month,as the infected are still being studied.