Several instances of SCP-3XXX. Note SCP-3XXX at the far left.

Item #: SCP 3XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX, -1, -2, and any further instances are to be kept in an amply sized reinforced steel containment chamber, in Site ██. No more than three (3) instances of SCP-3XXX are permitted within containment at any given time. Further instances will be subject to immediate termination. A minimum of one (1) two (2) (see Incident 3XXX-001) security personnel must be present outside any instance of SCP-3XXX’s chamber at all times. Under no circumstances are any personnel to make physical contact with any instance of SCP-3XXX, unless permitted by Foundation research personnel of Clearance Level 3 or higher. In the event of a containment breach, any and all instances of SCP-3XXX are to be returned to their containment chamber via the use of a catchpole extended to at least one (1) metre in length. Any personnel making physical contact with SCP-3XXX are required to wear Level 3 Hazardous Material suits in order to prevent the manifestation of further SCP-3XXX instances.

Description: Upon inspection, SCP-3XXX appears to be an average specimen, of the species Felis catus (domestic cat), mostly grey in colour. It’s anomalous effects are demonstrated whenever SCP-3XXX comes into physical contact with a human being. Upon contact being made, a second feline (hereon SCP-3XXX-1) will spontaneously appear within █ metres of SCP-3XXX, (varying in breed, colouration, and gender) beyond the sight line of any humans present. If no suitable location is available, the new instance will appear to “step out” of SCP-3XXX. This effect will repeat whenever physical contact is made with SCP-3XXX, however will scale according to the instance (see Experiment Log). This anomalous effect carries over to SCP-3XXX-1, and any further instances. The usage of gloves and the like appear to prevent the anomaly from occurring (additional testing required). Upon examination, SCP-3XXX and all instances are biologically equivalent to a typical Felis catus specimen.

Recovery: SCP-3XXX, and forty-six (46) additional instances were recovered from a small town just outside of ████████, England. While not initially considered of note to the Foundation, it was investigated after the town reported an “unnatural” growth of the area’s cat population. All instances of SCP-3XXX were reported as living as a group in an abandoned █████ grocery store. There were no complications with recovery, aside from the creation of two (2) additional SCP-3XXX instances.

Incident 3XXX-001: On █/██/████, Security Officer █████ ██████ entered SCP-3XXX’s containment chamber after hearing repeated vocalizations from SCP-3XXX. Violating containment protocols, Officer ██████ began to attempt to calm down SCP-3XXX. The repeated stroking of SCP-3XXX by ██████ led to the occurrence of a chain reaction, resulting in the manifestation of additional instances of SCP-3XXX at an unprecedented rate. A containment breach occurred when SCP-3XXX's containment chamber door was destroyed by the overwhelming amount (measured as being exactly four-thousand seven-hundred ninety-two (4,792) instances) of SCP-3XXX. Three (3) specimens of SCP-3XXX were recovered, with the excess being subject to termination over the course of four (4) days. Officer ██████ was pronounced dead via asphyxiation. The implementation of an additional security officer has been approved to prevent similar incidents from occurring.

1. The request by Dr. ██████ to utilize additional instances of SCP-3XXX as a form of sustenance for carnivorous SCP objects is currently being evaluated.