Brown Art
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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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SCP-XXXX during retrieval.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
USINBL-Site-81 Dr. Jean Karlyle Aktus Dr. Rylee Wood MTF Eta-10 "See No Evil"

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard containment cell located at Site-81. The cell is to be furnished with one aluminum bench and SCP-XXXX is to be washed at least once a week as it has requested.

SCP-XXXX must be directly observed by at least two three D-Class personnel at all times. After 6 hours of observation, the two three personnel are to swap positions with two three other D-Class personnel. Failure to maintain direct eye contact may result in SCP-XXXX breaching it's cell.


SCP-XXXX prior to initial signs of activity.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a statue originally sitting on a bench located at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, Ohio prior to its containment. The statue resembles a male measuring 1.707 metres in height and is constructed entirely out of iron. SCP-XXXX is sentient, capable of basic motor functions, and can speak English. When a questioning SCP-XXXX how it knows English it claimed it learned from the observers at Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park.

SCP-XXXX has considerable strength, showing to be capable of tearing through reinforced steel. SCP-XXXX is also notably slower than an average human. With its quickest speed being recorded at 11.2654 kilometers an hour.

However, it's most unusual ability is that if any human subject views SCP-XXXX, it'll immediately stop in time.1 In this state, SCP-XXXX is unable to speak, move, or be moved until it is unobserved. It is theorized that SCP-XXXX naturally evolved this way to prevent civilians from noticing it's anomalous nature. It should be noted that this effect doesn't occur when viewing videos, photographs, or artistic depictions of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-1: Recovery

On 07/07/2020, the first reports of SCP-XXXX becoming active occurred. The following day, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park was closed and MTF Epsilon-6 "Village Idiots" were sent to inspect and retrieve the object. Shortly after arriving, the task force found SCP-XXXX missing from its bench and instead found it standing in a woodland area of the park. They then attempted to transport SCP-XXXX in to a semi-truck with the use of a forklift. However, due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, it took roughly 10 minutes for MTF Epsilon-6 to properly place it into the truck. The task force then transported SCP-XXXX to Site-81 for containment and study.

Approximately one days before initial containment procedures were in effect, SCP-XXXX became active and constantly walked around it's cell when no one was observing it. Hours after this, the first recordings of SCP-XXXX speaking occurred. The following interview is the first recording of SCP-XXXX speaking:

Interviewer: Dr. Green

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

Foreword: The following interview took place while Dr. Green was inspecting the material of SCP-XXXX.


Dr. Green writes on hes clipboard.

SCP-XXXX: Where am I?

Dr. Green: What the [PAUSES] I, you can talk?

SCP-XXXX is unable to respond due to Dr. Green viewing it. Dr. Green then continues to write on his clipboard.

SCP-XXXX: Yeah but-

Dr. Green quickly views SCP-XXXX. He then believes he realizes the issue and closed his eyes.

SCP-XXXX: Can you tell me where we are?

Dr. Green: Well, I'm not sure if I'm allowed to outright say.

SCP-XXXX: Ok, can you at least tell me where the rest of them are? Are they close by?

Dr. Green: Well, who exactly are you talking about.

SCP-XXXX: You know, the rest of them. The umm, art.

Dr. Green: Oh, I understand now. No they're not here.

SCP-XXXX: Then, where are they?

Dr. Green: Most likely still at the park.

SCP-XXXX: Oh, [PAUSES] ok. It's fine.

Dr. Green: I really wasn't expecting to speak with you today. I'm going to have to contact my higher up about this. I'll be right back, alright.

SCP-XXXX doesn't respond

Dr. Green: Ok bud?

SCP-XXXX once again doesn't respond. Dr. Green then opens his eyes and see's SCP-XXXX sitting on the floor in the fetal position.

Dr. Green: Look, don't get sad, I'll be right back, I [PAUSES] I got to go.


Addendum XXXX-2: Requested

To date, SCP-XXXX has requested the following:

  • To be transferred back to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. (denied)
  • To have multiple pieces of art from Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park transported into its containment. (denied)
  • An outdoor containment cell. (denied)
  • A aluminum bench. (approved)
  • To be cleaned once a week. (approved)
  • To not be viewed at any time. (denied)
  • To have its cell decorated with sculptures. (denied)

Addendum XXXX-3: Incident Log 08/17/2020

On 08/17/2020, SCP-XXXX breached containment, resulting in two personnel being killed. The two deceased personnel were both D-Class subjects responsible for the containment2 of SCP-XXXX. However, they both failed to maintain direct eye contact with SCP-XXXX, resulting in SCP-XXXX fracturing their skulls, killing them instantly. SCP-XXXX then tore through its containment cell door open and attempted to leave Site-81. MTF Eta-10 "See No Evil" entered the facility and were successful at recontaining SCP-XXXX.

The following interview took place one day after the incident:

Interviewer: Dr. Wood (Research Head)

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX


Dr. Wood: Good morning SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX: Is that what all of you call me?

Dr. Wood: Do you have an other name?

SCP-XXXX: [PAUSES] No, guess not. I guess I should be grateful for actually having one now.

Dr. Wood: So, let's get to the point, can you tell me why you attempted to escape your containment?

SCP-XXXX: Why should I tell you?

Dr. Wood: Because failure to do so will result in all your requests being denied. So I suggest you speak up right now.

SCP-XXXX: [PAUSES] You see, I don't belong here. I should be outside with the rest of them.

Dr. Wood: The rest of who, are you taking about the art?

SCP-XXXX: What I mean is that you placed me in here against my will. My friends are out there, and they might need my help right now!

Dr. Wood: Are you talking about the art?

SCP-XXXX: I'm talking about the damn art!

Dr. Wood: Are you trying to say that the art is sentient as well?


Dr. Wood: XXXX, are you alright?

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, I just need to calm down.

SCP-XXXX inhaled then exhaled

SCP-XXXX: Ok, I'm ready. Where were we?

Dr. Wood: Your art friends.

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, my art friends. There the only true people I know. Sure, they weren't alive like me. But they were always there when I needed to talk to someone. But those [PAUSES] people, those awful awful people. Dumping all there waste on to me and my friends. Someone even peed on me once. I wanted to punch him in the face so badly.

Dr. Wood: So that's why you tried to escape, to see and protect your friends?

SCP-XXXX: Yeah, are you happy now. Now, can you not I only have one true request. Just please, let me see my friends again. That's all I ask for.

SCP-XXXX can be heard crying.

Dr. Wood: Ok, I understand. I think that's all the information we need for today. Thank you for your time, XXXX.


Closing Statement: The request SCP-XXXX asked for with in this interview was denied.