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Entrance to underground testing facility taken by HMEA Agent ████

Item #: SCP-4307

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4307's container is to be kept in a 3 m x 3 m x 3 m room accompanied by 12 cm thick concrete walls plated with 6 cm thick Aluminium tiles in a custom-fitted Containment Sphere located within Zone C (Bio-hazard Containment) of Site 115, SCP-4307 is to be locked in a secured, Aluminium-plated Tantalum (Ta73) safe both inside and out.

Testing of the item is to be done in a subterranean, off-site facility located in the Nevada Desert. Testing should only be conducted by members of the Hazardous Material and Environment Agency. Should anyone make physical contact with SCP-4307, they are to be terminated and incinerated immediately. (Refer to Addendum: HMEA Report #02)

As of 6.24.2014, Class-D Personnel are no longer permitted access for testing of SCP-4307 at any point.

Description: SCP-4307 is an extremely corrosive, sentient mass of Non-Newtonian fluid found within a school auditorium located near ████████, Oregan. SCP-4307 was initially transported to Site-███ on 7.31.2013 then relocated to Site 115 on 8.20.2015 after an incident with subject D-11919. SCP-4307's anomalous effects only take place when physical contact is made with anything of an organic compound however the byproduct of SCP-4307 is capable of corroding even the strongest material, once contact has been made through touch, SCP-4307 will begin to corrode and break the organism down into a pile of toxic bio-waste hereafter referred to as SCP-4307-1

SCP-4307 will attempt to make its way to SCP-4307-1 and consume the waste pile, causing the item to grow in size. Depending on how much bio-waste is consumed; SCP-4307 can potentially grow up to twenty (20) times it's original size.1

Determining the exact composition of SCP-4307 has been deemed virtually impossible as the item is mostly consistent of biological waste from past organisms the object has consumed as well as changes in its genetic makeup appear every two weeks. It should be noted that the consistency of SCP-4307 can will change depending on how much waste the item has consumed, HMEA Report #3 goes in to more detail.

Addendum | HMEA Reports 1-3:

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Addendum 4307-2