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Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5294 is to be kept in an animal like enclosure being large enough for freedom of movement with a enlarged humanoid containment area altered to meet its form. it is allowed enter and exit from its enclosure at anytime. SCP-5294 is to be provided with any books it requests within reason and also to be provided with weekly updates on the worlds political situation between countries. If these requests are not met SCP-5294 will become irritated and will refuse to listen to any requests made of it until next week. SCP-5294 is purely carnivores and will never eat any kind of fruit or vegetable.

Description: SCP-5294 is a large reptile that looks like a dragon from most fairy tales.
SCP-5294 is 5 meters long, 3 meters tall with a tail that is 1 meter in length and weighs approximately 500 kilograms. SCP-5294 has 60 razor sharp teeth that are each 8 centimeters in length and has a bite force of 6,000 PSI. SCP-5294 also has 5 large claws at the end of each of it 4 feet. SCP-5294 has 2 wings on its back that Give it the ability to fly at a max speed 100 kilometers an hour it in unknown how SCP-5294 manages to do this with its weight and size in should be scientifically impossible for it to lift off the ground.

SCP-5294 also has the ability to breathe fire that can reach a temperature of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit when it deems it necessary. SCP-5294 is covered in many silver colored scales that are made of an unknown metal. The scales are extremely resistant to physical damage it has the ability to stop attacks of strength up to tank shells but is not Impervious to damage. When a scale that was shed from SCP-5294 was hit with a high powered missile from an Apache attack helicopter the scale shattered. SCP-5294 is usually peaceful and polite in most interactions but If they are attacked they will defend themselves usually by incinerating it’s attacker.

SCP-5294 can also speek many languages
English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean, and Chinese SCP-5294 prefers Chinese over any other language and will speak Chinese if whoever they are talking to can understand it

Discovery: SCP-5294 was found in a cave system in northern China after a series of Disappearances Occurred around the area probably from people trying to hunt SCP-5294 SCP-5294 went willingly into foundation hands after stating “finally some people are are not barbaric Mongoloids this cave is quite uncomfortable you know”.

Observation log 5294.1

Subject: SCP-5294

Preface: test subject D-class 85123 was put into SCP-5294 containment cell.

Observation notes:D-85123 was introduced into SCP-5294 enclosure. When the D-85123 saw SCP-5294 they immediately screamed and threw a book that happened to be on SCP-5294 floor. The book bounced harmlessly off SCP-5294 back SCP-5294 proceeded to turn around and ask “oh hello is there anything I can help you with”? D-85123 didn’t respect but instead stood there frozen in fear. SCP-5294 continued talking “why did you throw that book at me that was quite rude you know” D-85123 proceeded to faint in front of SCP-5294 SCP-5294 proceeded to get annoyed at this and stated “what a rude person first they throw a book at me and then they faint? Just who do they think they are”! SCP-5294 then proceeded to pick up the book thrown at it and walk towards its bed and began reading.

Observation log: 5294.2

Subject: SCP-5294

Preface: D-class 78456 was introduced into SCP-5294 cell this time with a detailed description of SCP 5294

Observation notes: D-78456 walked into SCP-5294 cell were SCP-5294 was seen making breakfast. SCP-5294 saw D-78456 enter and politely offered to make him something D-78456 immediately refused the offer and began to sweat profusely. SCP-5294 then offered a chair to
D-78456 once again refused SCP-5294 proceeded to shrug and started to eat its breakfast.
D-78456 then asked what SCP-5294 was eating SCP-5294 replied “Oh I’m eating Bacon, pork-chop, and beef ribs. Why would you want some? D-78456 after 18 Days of eating foundation provided
D-class meals accepted the offer and SCP-5294 got up and fixed D-78456 a plate they sat down and ate in silence.

The following interview is going so be conducted by Dr.Alex Jun

Interviewer: Dr.Alex Jun

Interviewee: SCP-5294


SCP-5294. So what is it that you want from me today.

Dr.Alex. My name is Dr.Alex Jun and I will be asking you a few questions today.

SCP-5294. Hello Dr.Alex what questions do you have for me you may begin.

Dr.Alex. My first question is why are you so interested in the world political situation?

SCP-5294. What s it so hard to believe that I just like being caught up on world news.

Dr.Alex. Ok next question do you have a name of some sort?

SCP-5294. Yes I do

Dr.Alex. May I know what it is?

SCP-5294. No simply because a human such as yourself wouldn’t be able to pronounce it.

Dr.Alex. And why would a human not be able to pronounce your name exactly?

SCP-5294. simply because your vocal cords are vastly different then mine here allow me to demonstrate.

SCP-5294 then proceeded to make inhuman like noises they were not loud or painful to listen to but they were indescribable.

Dr.Alex. I-I that is enough I understand thank you but can you please stop.

SCP-5294. Now that I have answered some of your questions can you answer mine?

Dr.Alex. Well it depends on what the question I-

SCP-5294. (interrupting) good what is this place and why am I here.

Dr.Alex. This is the foundation where we protect or contain objects or beings that are dangerous or are anomalous.

SCP-5294. Ah I understand now do you have anything else you want to ask me?

Dr.Alex. one more thing what happened to all those people that went missing near your cave?

SCP-5294. Oh those barbarians thought it would be a good idea to try and hunt me for my scales I taught them a valuable lesson to not attack what you don’t understand.

Dr.Alex. You didn’t teach them anything you killed those people!

SCP-5294. Calm yourself doctor it was purely in self defense you can not blame me for that can you?

Dr.Alex. I ok but this interview is over we learned basically nothing from this.

SCP-5294. See you next time doctor.