The cloning machine

ATTENTION: This SCP have inclued the use of words of the genitals of women and men.

Item #: SCP-XXXX - The Cloning Machine

Object Class: Euclid Safe

**Special Containment Procedures:* SCP-XXXX Is to be contained in Site 19 in a Ten Meters (10) Tall by Twenty Meters (20) On all sides, with a Cube shape containement, SCP-XXXX is forbidden to make any contact with any SCP or Class-D unless for testing purposes.

SCP-XXXX Is to be studed further, and to be Aproved and be Re-classificad by the O5 Council to Classification of Thaumiel, and be moved to another site.

Description:SCP-XXXX Is a large machine with a shape of a rectangle, it has 10 Metal Buttons on (Her) Front to the left, under the buttons, we encounter a Red lever made out of plastic and rubber With a OFF and ON Options, to the left of the front of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX has a Window revested with a golden plate with Copper Screws, on the left side is to be encountered 2 big plugs sockets and 4(four) buttons, on the right side its to be encountered a Vault Made out of Tin, this part is where the "Cloning" procedures happen, and finnaly on the back is encountered another Vault where the "Humanoid Clones" Exit from.

SCP-XXXX Was encountered in Somewhere on Nevada by a old man named Hank that stated to the governement the anomolies of SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX Has cloning powers upon activaded, after being activaded a Naked Class-D is to enter in the vault, the Class-D will suffer Severe pain, burning sensation and eletric damage for about 10 minutes to 20 minutes, After this, a Humanoid with the same facial features, digitals, size etc, will exit from the back of SCP-XXXX, the Humanoid almost has all the memorys from the Class-D.

On the first test of SCP-XXXX a Class-D was found dead after the cloning procedures, the clone was also dead, both had their bodies burned by eletricity. Later on that day, it was dicovered how to use the buttons to not charge to much energy on the person being cloned.

On the Second test, 2 Class-D where cloned, one male with cloths and one female without cloths. The First humanoid to come out was imediatly taken to be terminated to dissect, it was discovered that if the person who was cloned has cloths, the cloths will be part of the skin.
On the second, a female Class-D was puted on the SCP-XXXX, but Site-19 had runned out of power due to the big amount of power consumed by SCP-XXXX, so the test had to be canceled.

On the third test After successively "Cloning" 5 Class-D. 2 Clones (1 female and 1 male) where Terminated and had their bodies taken to study their atonomy, the 3 remaining clones where taken to be interwiewed.

Test subject: 022-HERA

The body of the clone of a female was taken to study the atanomy, the humanoid had no belly button , Vagina and tits on her two(2) brests, tests show that the humanoid had no Female or Male hormones, the female Class-D was pregnent of 9 months, when the belly of the humanoid was open, there was a baby with his skin, eyes and muscles missing. The humanoid Doens't have any tube connected to the Part where it had to be the Vagina, the breasts of the humanoid where gently open, there where no milk but blood.

Test Subject: 023-Empirus

The clone had no genitals, belly button and tits and had no hormones, but whatsoever some little parts of his brain where missing, he had dark browinish blood, wich din't seem to affect at all his vital signs.

After the first test was finished (022-HERA), the scientists observed that the composition of the bodies where 10 times faster them avarege human bodies, wich after one day there was no Meat, muscles organs remaining but only bones.

**Interwiew> 09/01/2018

**Interviewed: Test Subject-1M

Interwiewer: Dr.█████:

Foreword: The interwiew was made to see if the clones acted like normal beings while talking, >Dr.█████ Talks to the subject like he was the original Class-D. The test was also made to find out if the clones could fell pain and taste

<Begin Log, [1:32AM]>

Dr.█████: So, you're here to speak out things you have done. Please start speaking about >your name first. Also talk about why you're here in the SCP Foundation.

Test Subject-1M: My name is ████ Robson, i am a 29 Year old Male that was setenced to death for brutaly murdering 2 police officer, but was assigned to this facility to test out dangerous and safe Anomalies.
Dr.█████:Do you have any memory of your family?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The clones appear to not have any memory of their famylies and can't don't know what is food, and can't taste anything.

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(The 2 other interwiews Where maked private to be seen only by the O5 Council)