SCP X "olympus mall"
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Object class: Euclid

Provisional Containment procedures:
SCP X is to have a chain link fence measuring 3 metres in height constructed around the site. This fence is to be topped with barbed wire. Hazmat warning signs are to be placed every 5 metres along the length of the fence. 5 armed guards are to patrol the length of the fence every 20-30 minutes. A single main gate is to be constructed on the site of the former car park entrance, at least one guard must be on duty at all times. Four repurposed shipping containers are to function as a the headquarters for the site. One container is to be used to monitor security feed from within SCP X. two containers are to function as accommodation for on site personnel. One container is to function as a research lab. All on site personnel are to maintain the cover story that SCP X has been the site of illegal asbestos dumping and that they are members of the ████. Personnel who enter SCP X must enter in groups of no less than 5 people and be fully aware of SCP Xs effects, or have passed the psychological examination.
In the event an unauthorised person is found trying to access the site, recommended procedure is to apprehend the person until local authorities can arrive. If the unauthorised person cannot be safely apprehended, or witnesses any SCP x-1 entities, class A amnestics are to be administered. If an unauthorised person enters SCP x, lethal force is authorised. Should anything attempt to leave SCP x, lethal force is authorised. In the event of containment breach, mobile task force X designated flying koalas are to arrive on site and attempt to contain any SCP x-1 entities.
containment procedures are currently being revised

SCP X was a shopping mall located at █ ██████ ███, ███████,████████, Australia. According to records recovered from within the mall, it was constructed in 1998 by the Eden Malls Corporation, a now defunct international mall franchise that liquidated in 2008. SCP X officially closed in 2009. SCP X has not had any known commercial activities since. ████████ local newspaper the ████████ ████████ reported the closure in an article printed ██/██/09. According to the same article, the mall was not a popular destination with the locals due to its location. It is unknown exactly when SCP Xs anomalous properties manifested, but it is likely to have occured in the years following.
The exterior of SCP x is constructed of brick and plaster painted a cream color. The exterior is and surrounding car park severely dilapidated, showing signs of neglect as well as vandalism. series of 4 glass automatic doors made up the entrance to the mall, these entrances have been blocked using wooden boards. Stapled on these boards are signs that read “Danger: Trespassers will be punished”. The only entrance to the mall is through a service door located behind the █████████, this door shows signs of originally being chained shut. The interior SCP X is in pristine condition, showing no decay or damage despite its lack of any maintenance. The interior of SCP X constructed of fake marble tiles, low quality brass fittings, and plaster. The floorplan follows a standard mall structure. There is a main hallway enclosed with an glass ceiling. Escalators linking the first floor to the second are scattered along the length of the hallway. At the end of the hallway is an enclosed glass elevator to allow for disabled access. There are 24 stores scattered along the length of the hallway. A list of the stores on the ground floor can be found in exploration log X-1. Stores worth noting on the ground floor include: a ██████████ supermarket as it is the largest store in the building, a █████████ arcade as the machines are modified to not require coins, and a ███████ store as the sim cards it stocks are still valid, though a lack of any nearby cell towers renders this redundant. A list of stores on the first floor can be found in exploration log x-1. Stores worth noting on this floor include: A ██████ cinema, it is the only cinema in the mall, and an ███████████ as the entrance to the administrative section of the mall is directly behind it. The only remarkable thing about SCP X is its location; constructed outside ███████ and away from any major highways. It is unknown why the Eden Malls Corporation would choose a location that has no economic value. SCP X also still receives power despite being disconnected from the grid, and its lights automatically switch on in the same 7am to 10pm business hours it originally operated around. It is unknown how SCP X receives its power SCP X receives power through a series of maintenance tunnels located beneath the site. (see exploration log x-6)
Stores within SCP X are fully stocked with food, clothes, and various other goods. It is unknown by what mechanism the mall achieves this as attempts to monitor this process has led to the destruction of surveillance equipment through unknown means. All stock within the mall is priced in and unknown currency and all stores have “70% off” or “stock clearance” printed on their windows, Stock within the stores’ appear to still be items that were stocked in 2009, this is despite many of the products having since been discontinued.
Subjects can freely enter and leave the mall at any time, but should a subject attempt to remove any of they, and any other occupants of the mall, will be unable to escape. SCP x will, in effect, seal itself with the subjects inside. Exits will become locked, glass windows will become unbreakable and walls cannot be destroyed by using any conventional means. During this time, nothing can enter or leave the mall. Subjects remain trapped within the mall for approximately 3-4 months. During this time, physical changes will occur to the subject. First, the subjects skin will begin to seemingly rot and peel off, exposing raw tissue to air. Subjects find this process extremely painful. Next, subjects will develop a sensitivity to bright lights. Subjects usually seek shelter inside the cinema during this time. Next, subjects will begin to develop a form of paranoid schizophrenia. It is unknown if subjects develop this as a product of the immense pain they are constantly in, or if it is a product of SCP X anomalous properties. Finally, subjects will lose their ability to communicate, this is due to their jaw falling off as a result of excessive decay. At this point, all subjects are re-classified as SCP X-1 entities (for more information on this, see subject log 25). Once this process has completed, SCP X unseals itself. Despite the trauma suffered by these changes, subjects remain living and un-affected by the onset of infection. Subjects who are trapped inside the mall but have not attempted to remove anything will not be affected.
SCP x-1 entities are extremely hostile to anyone they encounter, with the exception being other entities. Subjects will attempt to attack and kill using nothing but their bare hands (see incident report x-██). SCP x-1 entities are also extremely resilient to physical damage, able to withstand being shot up to 15 times with standard pistol rounds. SCP x-1 entities are also known to group together and attack in hordes (see incident report x-12). On site personal are instructed to use flamethrowers and high caliber machine guns in the event of this occurring.
SCP X was discovered on the ██/██/16. The foundation became aware of a potential SCP being in the area when the ██ ███████ police station reported the unusual disappearance of 12 college students in the area. This was then followed by the disappearance of officer █████ ██████ when she went to investigate claims of vandals at the mall. Containment team Theta-11 was dispatched to investigate and contain anything they found. SCP X was officially declared contained on the ██/██/16. Containment team Theta-11 used the arrest of ████ ██████, a serial killer who lived in ████████ to create a plausible explanation as to why the disappeared have not been found and subsequently prevent any further searches being conducted.

Testing has revealed the stock within SCP X is anomalous in nature. Subjects who enter the mall feel compelled to take something even if directly warned of the consequences. Subjects have also been known to attempt to remove things they previously claimed to have hated (see log x-██). Once a subject has interacted with an object, its anomalous properties disappear. This makes it possible to use supplies within the mall for testing purposes.

Addendum 2
Testing has revealed that SCP X is not invincible. Glass can easily be shattered using bare hands, and walls can easily be knocked down by using sledgehammers. Though this triggers the mall to seal itself usually trapping the perpetrator inside it. When the mall seals itself, existing damage is repaired through unknown means. Attempts to monitor this process has led to destruction or interference with surveillance equipment. Once the mall is sealed, all walls and windows become reinforced with an unknown energy field effectively making them completely indestructible. It is speculated by Dr ███████ ████ that the reason why the exterior of SCP X does not restore itself to pristine condition is because it is a camouflage mechanism designed to deter people potentially entering. Dr ███████ ████ also proposes that SCP X may be a sentient being due to the way it “heals” and “camouflages”. This theory has been unanimously rejected by all personnel attending his seminar.

Addendum 3
There are currently no subjects within the mall at this present time. it is unknown how many subjects exist within the mall. It is also unknown the means by which the subjects enter the mall. Subjects appear to hide from the sun during daylight hours by using a series of maintenance tunnels located beneath the mall. These maintenance tunnels have no official construction records or mentions within mall records (See recovered document x-21). Attempts to map these tunnels reveal that they stretch for as far as 6km away from the mall. It is speculated that there may be a way into these tunnels, but as of yet it has not been found. Due to this fact, SCP X is no longer considered contained.

Addendum 4
As of ██/██/18 SCP X is no longer considered contained. During standard testing protocol, D-class █████████ spent one month inside a janitor's closet. Due to the lack of activity by the subject, he was presumed dead. Researcher ████ ███████ was sent in to investigate when the SCP X unsealed. Researcher ████ ███████ did not return from the janitors closet. As of ██/██/18 he is missing presumed dead. At ██:██:██ a security team lead by officer ██████ █████████ went into investigate the Janitors closet. They reportedly discovered an entrance to a network of tunnels. Security team alpha then entered the tunnels. Security team alpha made it 15 metres before being attacked by numerous X-1 entities. As of ██:██:██, ██/██/18 Officer ██████ █████████, officer ███████ ███████████, officer ███ ███████, officer ████ █████, and officer █████████ ███████████ are all missing presumed dead. Further attempts to explore the tunnels has lead to the additional deaths of officer █████ ███████, officer █████████ ████, officer ████████ █████████, D-class ████ ████████, D-class █████████, D-class █████████, D-class █████████, D-class █████████, D-class █████████. All further attempts of ground exploration have been barred and the entrance has been sealed using military grade quick drying cement. Due to the length and size of the tunnels, it is unknown if there is any way in or out. As of ██/██/18, Containment team ██████ has begun mapping the tunnels using advanced █████ ████████ ███████████ ████████████ ██ ███ ██████ ███ ██████ █ █████████ ████████ ████ █████ ██. The ██ ██████ ████ ███ █████████ ███ █████████ ██ ████████ █████. ██ ██ ████████ ████ ████ ███ ██ in ████ ████ █████, ██ █████ ██████ ████ ████.
As of ██/██/18, Doctors █████ █████████, ███████ ██████████, and Dr ██████ ████ have been suspended and are facing an official █████████ by the █████████ ████████ for their alleged failure to discover the existence of the maintenance tunnels.

D-class testing protocol:
D-class personal assigned to testing are to be re-classified as subjects (See personal note from Dr ██████ ████). D-class personnel are to undergo a psychological evaluation before entering SCP X. D-class personnel with higher than average levels of anxiety, depression, and mimetic influence resistance are to function as maintenance workers, not test subjects. They are to maintain a wireless broadcaster located in the security office of SCP X by any means as well as dispose of any living subjects. During testing, they are to be equipped with MRE rations and bottled water capable of lasting up to 4 months. While it has been suggested by Dr █████ █████████ to equip the D-class with weapons, this procedure is not recommended.
It is recommended that only two D-class personnel be used at any one time, any more and it can lead to a potential containment breach (see incident log 12). Entrance to the tunnels are to remain sealed during testing.

Additional media:

Recovered document x-21
Exploration log x-6
Dr ██████ ████ personal note.