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Item#: 5388
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AKA: Velvix, the D██████ Princess of Consumption


SCP-5388-B sitting in the foliage in its her cell

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5388 is to be kept in a large, 100 x 100 meter room, the walls at least 10 meters of thick concrete to combat possible "pull" from SCP-5388, along with the higher volume at which the entity speaks. The ceiling must be reinforced glass of equal thickness to the walls, allowing sunlight and moonlight in. The ground must consist of biological matter, consistent to that of a fox's natural habitat, fit with living trees, grass, and a body of water. Underneath the faux habitat must be 10 meters of solid concrete. Depending on SCP-5388's mood, the climate inside can change drastically, and therefore the plant life must be a hardy type that can grow in most environments.

No less than three armed guards must accompany foundation personnel when entering SCP-5388's cell. Any less will immediately make SCP-5388 suspicious and more unpredictable. All personnel involved, including guards, must wear purple, or SCP-5388 will become hostile. Upon entering SCP-5388's cell, the most experienced in public speaking in the group must calmly and confidently recite the words:

Oh, Princess of Consumption! Us puny ants would speak to you, if you would grace us with the pleasure!

Doing so will result in the cooperation of SCP-5388, so long as respect is maintained.

SCP-5388 is to be fed live creatures, its her favourite decidedly being three metric tons of fish. If a large quantity of live fish cannot be obtained, D-class personnel appear to please the entity greatly, especially those suffering from glandular disorders, type-2 diabetes, or those who are simply larger in mass. Following Incident-████-CULT (See Addendum 5388.2), D-class who show signs of memetic exposure to SCP-5388 and [DATA EXPUNGED], despite having no direct contact with it her, are to be examined and tested. Should they express good behaviour by the next feeding time, they may opt for what the entity has coined as "snackrifice." All personnel in direct observation with SCP-5388 are to be switched out on three hour shifts, followed by standard psychological evaluation. Personnel who show signs of SCP-5388's memetic influence or "pull" are to be reassigned to a different facility after heavy psychological evaluation, antimemetics, and amnestics ranging from Class-A to Class-C. If the memetic pull persists, subjects are to be terminated.

Preceding the events of Incident-████-STOMP, all personnel are to refer to SCP-5388 with feminine pronouns, including in reports (See Addendum 5388.3).

Description: SCP-5388 appears to be a fully sentient and sapient anthropomorphic fox, assigned female at birth. The entity's height fluctuates, usually around 10 meters tall, though it she has been seen taller and shorter at times. When in this form, SCP-5388 has largely orange fur, with white around the stomach, chin, and neck areas. Reddish-brown fur on the entity's paws reminiscent of socks has been described by multiple, but not all subjects to observe the entity. SCP-5388 has the anatomy of a human, cis-gendered, female, with the exception of digitigrade feet and a fox-like face and hands. Lavender coloured hair in different feminine styles are between her pointed ears. While the entity can change its her form at will, SCP-5388 is usually seen in this form, floating about a meter off the ground.

Occasionally, SCP-5388 can be observed in two other forms. The entity's anthropomorphic form will be referred to as SCP-5388-A in the context of its her alternate physical manifestations.

SCP-5388-B is a red fox (Vulpes vulpes), weighing approximately 5.9 kg (13 lbs). Taking on the same colour scheme on its her fur as SCP-5388-A, it appears that SCP-5388-B is a more feral and natural form that the entity takes on. In this form, the entity is observed to be more peaceful, acting simply as a regular red fox would. It is recommended to attempt interactions when SCP-5388 is in this form, as examined stress levels are much lower than in alternative forms, and it is theorized the entity would be more likely to comply. Shrews, voles, snakes, and other typical prey to the red fox are noticed to appear when SCP-5388-B is actively hunting, despite faculty staff never placing such animals in SCP-5388's containment cell. Droppings have been recovered for research.

After a hunting session of the small creatures, SCP-5388-B will almost always take a nap, verifying that it she still requires base needs that could possibly be exploited, if deemed necessary. Following the events of Incident-████-CULT, a purple, crystalline, structure stands directly in the middle of SCP-5388's cell. Spanning approximately 10 meters in width, six meters in depth, and 20 meters in height, the structure resembles an elongated mirror, the bottom of the oval spreading into a trapezoid with stairs leading into the opening. The center of the oval is empty, onlookers simply seeing the other side of the cell. D-class personnel who have touched the structure have had no reported adverse effects. Attempts to shatter the structure have met with failure (and taunting from SCP-5388). At will, the entity can summon a "gateway" of sorts in the middle of the structure, where it she tends to relax.

SCP-5388-C is a gigantic, purple realm, and the portal leading into it. It is believed that this realm is part of SCP-5388, as the entity can control every aspect of it at will. Instances of SCP-5388-A and SCP-5388-B can exist inside of SCP-5388-C, and often do, as it she takes all large meals into SCP-5388-C for later consumption. Observation inside SCP-5388-C is difficult— physically impossible when the entity closes the portal behind itself herself. Attempts to establish permanent cameras in SCP-5388-C have been met with mixed results (See Addendum 5388.3). SCP-5388 has referred to the realm behind the portal as "The Luminescent Foxhole." It is unknown whether or not SCP-5388 can escape containment via SCP-5388-C, though, it she has not expressed any desire to, and it is assumed the entity would have done so already if the ability was obtained.

Addendum 5388.1: Discovery

On August, ██, 20██, a fairly large, cyan, crystal, the size of one's palm, was discovered just outside of [REDACTED], Iceland. Sitting on the stump of a tree, it reflected the Northern Lights (aurora borealis), despite the sky not showing it at the time, as well as two moons of varying size. Underneath the crystal was a folded piece of old parchment, along with a single leather glove. Reports of missing persons in the area attracted the eye of the foundation, and upon discovering the anomalous object, field agents reported feeling an incredible desire to touch the crystal. One field agent, attempting to recover the anomaly for the facility, disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke upon physical contact, the other agents hearing a swallowing noise from nowhere in particular. It was theorized and discovered that the glove would allow personnel to move the crystal to containment safely.

Upon returning to Site-[REDACTED], the crystal violently shattered when attempting removal from transportation means, injuring the agent carrying it (then classified as Class-E). SCP-5388-A materialized where the crystal had been. The entity was observed laughing, then making flirtatious looks at the Class-E, who was bleeding on the ground. Armed personnel quickly surrounded the entity and tranquilized it her, escorting the injured away. SCP-5388-A was observed yawning and pulling the tranquilizer rounds out of its her body before the entity's form shifted to SCP-5388-B and lost consciousness. Class-E individual reported stable before Class-A amnestics were delivered.

Request to categorize the crystal as another form of SCP-5388 has been denied, as it has not reappeared and is not expected to.

The parchment and glove discovered alongside SCP-5388 initially have been researched as per normal procedure. The glove appears to have anomalous properties, but is not seen as a danger in any capacity. The parchment does not appear to possess any anomalous properties. When viewed under UV light, a message can be made out:

To anyone reading this, I, S████ S██, am incredibly sorry. For violating terms of a contract all D██████ Princes made, I needed to banish this one from our realm. I have trapped it in this ████ gem, though it has grown in power, and I doubt that will hold it long. If worse comes to worse, wearing purple tends to soothe it, along with pretending to be devout. Saying the phrase "Oh, Princess of Consumption! Us puny ants would speak to you, if you would grace us with the pleasure!" might help. It is what its cult used to chant. I'm sure it would distract it.
Sorrow to the unlucky realm that finds this,
S████ S██1

The glove has been tested on other hazardous anomalous entities and is pending approval to be categorized as its own Thaumiel class SCP to better assist the facility.

Following the discovery of the letter's contents, an interview was conducted.

Addendum 5388.2: Incident-████-CULT

September, █4, 20██, 23:43: Security tapes revealed all D-class from Cell-Block V were released under the permission of Dr. B█████ Fern, along with three senior members of security. All four were wearing purple over their usual uniforms via jackets or other means. With security covering the line of D-class, no facility staff questioned the party. The group was followed through the camera feed until they reached and entered SCP-5388's cell. All D-class personnel were observed to be in a horizontal line parallel to the back wall, a guard and Dr. Fern framing them. All three guards and Dr. Fern began chanting in perfect sync.2 A vibration was detected by the microphones that for reasons not-yet determined, the cameras did not catch. No seismograph in the facility picked up the tremor.3 Moments after the vibration ended, a mirror-shaped portal frame was reported to illuminate the entire room with a lavender light. SCP-5388-A or SCP-5388-B were not spotted in either the cell proper or in the newly discovered SCP-5388-C. The light from inside the portal changed from lavender to a pink and maroon chamber, not easily viewed from any camera angle. Large, white, shapes were just barely visible beyond the portal. No feasible theories concluded.

September, █5, 20██, 00:00: Upon the colours changing from the portal, all Class-D personnel went from appearing frightful to completely complacent. The guards were no longer holding the subjects at gunpoint, and there were no physical restraints to begin with. All subjects looked onward into SCP-5388-C with an expression of complete understanding and purpose. The subjects began to walk up to the portal and dive inside, as if on the edge of a swimming pool. All 50 Class-D personnel had wandered inside the portal, leaving the three guards and Dr. Fern. Camera logs have reported all four snapping out of the memetic trance at the exact moment SCP-5388-C closed, the group looking around in extreme confusion. The tremor's noise had attracted security to investigate, bringing Dr. Fern and the affected security guards into facility custody, where they were questioned, psychologically evaluated, and given antimemetics and Class-A amnestics.4 No signs of any D-class Cell-Block V personnel has been recovered.

It has since been noted that Dr. B█████ Fern has been reported missing.

An interview was conducted with SCP-5388 to try and determine the whereabouts of the missing D-class personnel and Dr. Fern.

Addendum 5388.3: Incident-████-STOMP

Due to 52 missing personnel, the order to equip SCP-5388's cell with more surveillance gear was accepted. Not wanting to lose more facility personnel, D-9793 has been tasked with deploying [DATA EXPUNGED] cameras inside SCP-5388's cell, and ideally, inside SCP-5388-C. Agent P██████ Avery, a Level-4 clearance holding agent of the facility, will be guiding D-9793 through voice communication. Prior to the mission, an extra large meal was delivered to SCP-5388: a four-ton container of fish, soaked in cold medicine. The facility had hoped this would inebriate SCP-5388 enough that D-9793 could carry out the mission without the risk of danger the entity commands. Feeding crew reported SCP-5388 immediately consuming the meal, and consequently letting out a yawn.5