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Item #: SCP-294-J

SCP-294-J in Site-103's employee lounge.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-294-J is to be kept in the personnel lounge of Site-103, for Foundation personnel use only. SCP-294-J is to be refilled by Level 0 personnel when the drink in question does not pour when used. They are to be monitored using only the drink that has ran out to refill the machine.

Description: SCP-294-J is a "Coca-Cola" brand drink machine. It is referred to by the staff as the "Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine."

It is operated by pressing on the screen, and choosing a drink of choice from the various categories. After, you are to press the "Push" button, to pour the drink. There are over 120 drink choices, but how it has this many choices is not known by staff. No drinks made by SCP-294-J have any anomalous properties, as nothing abnormal has resulted from consuming them.

Note: We questioned the Coca-Cola brand about this anomaly. They sent us in the mail a few coupons for getting their brand drinks for a lowered price at various locations that serve Coca-Cola. We are going to have to look into this more. - Dr. Jorge