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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Bentham is not Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained alongside a second ordinary rabbit at all times, allowing personel to easily confirm the normality of SCP-XXXX by visual comparison. This role is currently filled by "Bentham", a former pet of Researcher Karen Endrewyth. Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX as a normal rabbit, discussions of this arrangement and the nature of the two rabbits is to focus primarily on Bentham. All official statements regarding SCP-XXXX are to be primarily phrased as statements about Bentham.

For wholly arbitrary reasons, SCP-XXXX and Bentham may not be exposed or described to individuals who have never heard of any of the folklore beings known as jackalope, wolpertingers, rasselbocken or skvader, and the ethics committee has agreed that any attempt to do so is to be prevented by whatever means necessary, up to and including termination.

The interior of the cell containing both SCP-XXXX and Bentham is only accessible via an airlock programmed to allow entry only after tranquilizing gas has been released and cleared. SCP-XXXX and its companion are to be provided with food appropriate for rabbits, however, in spite of the herbivory of rabbits, 1.5kg of red meat is additionally to be left in the cell each day. All personnel who ask are to be assured that arrangements for the removal of this meat have been made. Both food and meat are only to be left by D-class personel who have previously read Document XXXX-1: "A Brief Encyclopedia Entry on the Wolpertinger".

At all times, one member of MTF Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand") is to be designated SCP-XXXX's handler. The handler is to remain uninformed of the nature of SCP-XXXX, and is instructed to resist any attempts to inform them, by lethal force if necessary. The handler is instructed that SCP-XXXX is not to be moved to less secure containment or declassified. A second member of MTF Alpha-1 is designated SCP-XXXX's auxiliary handler, and is instructed to surreptitiously monitor SCP-XXXX's handler for signs of knowledge concerning the nature of SCP-XXXX, or willingness to learn such knowledge. In the event that the handler demonstrates such knowledge or willingness to learn, or in the event of the termination or loss of the handler, the auxiliary handler is to designate a new handler. The auxiliary handler also privately appoints a successor to step in as auxiliary handler in the event of their own termination or loss. Any application to alter the classification or containment procedures of SCP-XXXX must firstly be approved by the handler.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a normal rabbit. SCP-XXXX has been described as the "friend" of Bentham.

Bentham is a domesticated rabbit, formerly owned by Researcher Karen Endrewyth. Bentham is white, as opposed to, for example, the more normal brown. Bentham's eyes are red, which is normal for many rabbits. Bentham is somewhat smaller than other normal rabbits, and is considerably smaller than 60cm long and lighter than 4kg. Bentham does not have unusual features such as, for example, antlers, wings, hooves (cloven or otherwise) or a squirrel-like tail. Bentham is fully herbivorous and as such lacks the wolf-like teeth that might be expected of a meat eater.

Bentham has been confirmed to exhibit no cognitohazardous or memetic/antimemetic traits. Individuals aware of Bentham have shown no particular pattern in their descriptions or perceptions of Bentham other than those wholly explained by being accurate to Bentham's appearance and behaviour, and likewise no compulsions to conceal Bentham's true nature have ever been observed. Any individual may accurately or otherwise describe Bentham without risk. In the event that Bentham is rendered visually unusual or prompted to behave in an unusual way, observers will notice this and will not be harmed by doing so, or feel any inclination to categorise the unusual aspects as "normal".

Naturally, due to Bentham's lack of anomalous traits, observing or learning about Bentham does not affect individuals differently depending on those individuals' existing knowledge on any subject, folklore-related or otherwise. There is no reason to conceal the existence or nature of Bentham from, for example, individuals who have never heard of the jackalope, the wolpertinger, the rasselbock or the skvader.

Bentham is essentially harmless to humans and so does not have a death toll. An arbitrary number selected to represent the kind of recorded human death toll which Bentham does not have could be 17.

Addendum: Audio transcript of the events of Incident XXXX-1, which led to the only instance to date of SCP-XXXX's handler permitting the updating of the Special Containment Procedures and description of SCP-XXXX, and the writing of Document XXXX-1.

[The airlock to SCP-XXXX and Bentham's cell opens.]
[Footsteps as D-22114 enters with food and meat]

D-22114: "What the hell is this?!"

Junior Researcher Johann Wagner [Over speaker]: "D22114, we've been over this. We are aware that the procedures are pointlessly overblown and the meat is unnecessary. We are aware that SCP-XXXX is a normal rabbit. Its handler is a very busy and unpalatable man, isn't even technically a researcher, he wouldn't be easy to reach even if I wanted to disturb him, and it is literally too much hassle to try to convince them to let us change things at this point. Just leave the supplies and get out before the bunnies wake up and get stressed by your presence."

D-22114: "Are you fucking insane? That THING is n[DATA EXPUNGED]"


[Normal rabbit sounds]


Dr Wagner: "…What the… scheisse, my head…"

Dr Wagner: "…oh god… Where's…"

Dr Wagner: "…uh… For… for the record, for posterity, uh, I think… I think we just lost a D-class… Um, and… scheisse… And SC… S… Agh! AGH!"

[A series of concussive sounds, theorised to be Researcher Wagner headbutting the wall]

Dr Wagner1: "W… Wolpertinger. Wolpertinger Wolpertinger Wolpertinger - my god, why does this even help?"

[strained laughter]
[17 seconds of silence]

Dr Wagner: [barely audible] "Bentham didn't do it."

Dr Wagner: "No normal rabbit could do that."

NOTE: Following this incident, D-22114 was never located. Dr Wagner was treated successfully for concussion and minor bleeding, and although he remains in treatment for psychological stress and leporiphobia, he was otherwise unharmed. Bentham was described afterwards by Dr Endrewyth and two Foundation animal psychologists as "shaken and confused but not harmed or significantly traumatised". SCP-XXXX was described by the same team as "normal". Both rabbits were kept sedated while the cell was cleaned and fumigated.