Scp-3696 cameron sams

Object class Keter

Background: September 21st 2003 an division in the Royal Cambodian Army was scouting the suburbs near the boarder of Chad they're orders was to seek out any buildings that could contain confidential information intended for terrorism in the area the division commander. Sergent chef Absko order seven of his men to scout a school over night only one man came back with blood all over his face scratch wounds across the cheek with a decapitated head of the squad commander the scp foundation order all surrounding governments to back down so… they did we sent in 20 robots with biometric scanners and darts to capture scp-3696 the location to the bunker is required class. four personal

Discription: scp-3696 has eight humanoid arms three headed but with no eyeballs or ears it's skinless in the back the hight of the 6' creature scp-3696 feeds on any deceased body or living humans if the creature feels comfortable it will climb on top of the celling to sleep scp-3696 has no human legs but it mimics spiders the only thing different it shoots human veins the bloodly substances that the veins give off is a acid that if anything living touches the acid it will instantly be Neutralized as soon as possible before the acid spreads and make scp-3696s1 the acid will effect the Brain causing the human face to be dismantled but the infected will go hostile it's contain in a 7x7x9 thick cage of tungsten carbine selvanc cell that cannot be open unless order to do so all personal but the opener will leave the area once it's open machine gun and flamethrowers are necessary for termination.

Dr.foxlin has been examining scp.3969 for survival instincts "if the creature gets hungry it will bang on the door creating dents on the tungsten carbine cage it prefers humans so we feed it the cleaners to scp -3696 once the creature is satisfied with his meal then it sleeps"
Dr.foxlin made a interview with the creature by innercon with a sensitive mic and 14 scp security guards with mechinegun and flamethrowers aiming at the doors when dr.foxlin is talking to scp-3696. Foxlin has a nuke if case of a breach occurred

-begin role-

Dr.foxlin "What is your life purpose"

Scp-3696 (speaks gey and unknown language)

Dr. Foxlin "What the hell are you"

Scp -3696 (no reply) scratches occur on the tungsten carbine floor and blood all over the room with his claws

End role