SCP-???? the box of monsters author Cameron Troup

Item #: SCP-????

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? containment cell is made of reinforced concrete to slow any containment breaches. SCP-???? containment area is airtight with a steady flow of oxygen that can be remotely cut off in the event of terminating SCP-????-1. SCP-???? is to be kept in a reinforced steel class 4 anomalous object container to stop any unauthorized personnel coming into contact with SCP-????. The box is 2 meters long and 50 cm wide; it is also 40 cm high. The box has 3 digital locks that have a code that randomizes every week. This is to ensure that if the guards are killed that SCP-???? is not opened. The room has 2-armed guards personnel to stop anyone from entering. All corpses of SCP-????-1 are to be kept for study in a 7 m x 7 m x 7 m biological material storage unit.

SCP-???? is held at Site-16 in the anonymous object section. Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-6(Village idiot) who are on standby will be sent to be the first response of a Containment breach.

They are housed in a checkpoint just outside SCP-???? Containment room. The checkpoint has been built to consist of a security observation cubicle attached to a blast door. Also, both guards should be trained in psychological evaluation so it can be used on anyone approaching the checkpoint. If in the case of a guard falling under SCP-???? affects the remaining Guard should use Protocol X9 to deploy amnestic immediately.

Description: SCP-???? is a vintage hand caved ornate wooden box. The wood it is made from is Oak (Quercus robur). The box is engraved with an ivy pattern, carved both in the bottom as well as the top of the box. laser detectors were used to examine the SCP-??? interior, the results were that it was hollow and nothing anomalous was detected inside. If the box is ever opened the subject will be viewed mentally through a currently unknown mechanism. An entity that emerges will be of that subject’s physical embodiment of their darkest phobia with some physical similarities between instances. When SCP-???? is opened or ajared by accident with a subject not present; the result is that its anomalous effects are inoperative.

The creatures become hostile and will attempt to consume or bring physical harm to the subject who opens the box and then will try and eliminate anyone else nearby. The instance of SCP-????-1 will climb out of the box and grow in size until it reaches one of three known sizes. The appearance of instances of SCP-????-1 may vary but it does not manifest any specific aspect of the subject’s phobia; variation between the manifestation of instances appears to be merely superficial. SCP-????-1 also seems to be fully organic in nature even when simulating machinery. They also have much darker desaturated skin from what they are trying to simulate. SCP-????-1 seemingly has enhanced strength and durability but this also varies.
All instances of SCP-????-1 have a black sludge running from their optical orifices and mouths that seems viscous in nature. The sludge from SCP-???? seemingly has harmless effects. Although it is unknown what the full effects of this sludge is, Further testing has shown that the liquid can become a solid. When it is solid it can mimic bone composition for each instance of SCP-????-1. At this time the Sludge is classified as SCP-????-2

The box’s mind affecting ability ranges from subject to subject. Some will have an uncontrollable compulsion to open the box. Others will have the compulsion to just find the box and show it to other people to trigger someone else’s effects. The frequency between people being affected also varies. The longest time recorded without “infection” is 3 months, and the shortest time that has been recorded was only 26 minutes. This makes the effect increasingly unpredictable. The chosen subject is at random and no pattern has been found to suggest any further anomalous effects. The subject “infected” by the box will try and barter their way into the Containment room and on occasion will attack the guards. Subjects infected by SCP-???? will occasionally use force in the event diplomacy has failed. Also, the age of the subject will determine the strength of the entity that comes out. The symptom of SCP-????- are that the “infected” subject will not spot talking about SCP-????. Walk to SCP-???? Containment area by accident and uneasiness around SCP-???? guards. And lastly try to force their way into the Containment area. The only cure to SCP-???? mind affecting ability is to use high levels of class-D amnestic.

Threat Level:

These are the three known sizes of SCP-????-1 that has been encountered. This is the only known pattern that we have observed. It seems that the age of the person opening the box is crucial to what instance of SCP-????-1 emerges.

A subject from 2 to 15 years old = to a threat level yellow classification entity will emerge from the box
A subject from 16 to 30 years old = to a threat level orange classification entity will emerge from the box
A subject from 31 and upward = to a threat level red classification entity will emerge from the box

Addendum ????-01: Discovery

SCP-???? Was found ██/██/2017 in Great Britain at [DATA EXPUNGED] Manor. The Manor came to the foundation’s attention when reports of unknown Automatons sightings in the [DATA EXPUNGED] forest. Then reports of Robots close encounters were reported in the surrounding area. MTF unit Epsilon-6 where sent in with a couple Level 4s approved researchers to find out what’s going on. When they got to the area, they quickly encounter yellow classification of SCP-????-1s in a wooded area. The creatures attacked the MTF on sight and they resembled small quadruped machines with a long snot filled with sharp serrated spikes that are 15 cm long. The MTF unit quickly dispatched the SCP-????-1. 3 corpses of the instance of SCP-????-1 where collected after the encounter they MTF unit. The researchers were able to track the foot prints and trace amounts SCP-????-2 of instance of SCP-????-1 back to the Manor.

When the MTF unit came across the Manor they found it in disrepair. The family that own the Manor were all found [Redacted]. All SCP-????-1 instance had left the Manor. The Manor seem to be structurally unstable. MTF team reports that one of the researchers was in a trance of some kind, breaking off and starting to rummage through the rubble. That’s when one of the researchers are noticeably under the influence of the box. The unit reports the researcher [Redacted] acting uncharacteristically erratic about the object he had found. Seeking attention from everyone in the Manor like gaining an obsession in a matter of seconds. The Unit was unsure that SCP-???? was affecting one of the researchers but this development was later discovered to be true. This is when researcher [Redacted] opened up SCP-???? And a threat level orange classification emerged from the box.

MTF unit Epsilon-6 is quick to respond to the larger instance of SCP-????-1. The instance of SCP-????-1 looks similar to anamorphic blob with features mentioned above. This instance of SCP-????-1 came in to physical contact with researcher [Redacted] then [DATA EXPUNGED] was deceased. At this time MTF unit Epsilon-6 where attempting to eliminate the instance of SCP-????-1 with moderate success using their equipment. MTF unit Epsilon-6 were able to exterminate the SCP-????-1 with no other casualties. The body of this SCP-????-1 prostrated and SCP ????-2 ran out of its wounds, so the corpse was able to be collected.

At this point the last researcher discovers what the source of the anomaly was. And put the box in anomalous object container. this is where SCP-???? Was taken to Site-16 without incident. the mental effect of SCP-???? Where only discover after collection of the anomaly.

Addendum ????-02: Observation Log

While in containment at Site-16 it has been discovered that SCP-???? has mental effects which have >affected more than one guard at the check point. When Protocol X9 was invented this was to ensure >to reduce the number of foundation staff that falls subject to SCP-???? affects. This has become >costly in replacing guards and using high levels of class-D amnestic.