The Bear of Arbitration

Item #: SCP-XXXX

SCP Class:

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX, is to be kept in a secure in a concrete 50mX50m room with a height of 5m. The floor of said containment cell is to have a active flowing water supply to resemble a river, in the South-West corner. The room is also to have a grass flooring (on top of the concrete foundations). The bottom 5m of a coniferous trees should be place at random within the cell , so that it resembles a forest. At the request of SCP-XXXX a moss covered cobbled stone table approximately 2X2m should be place for interview purposes; along with oil lanterns scattered around hanging from the trees for the feeling of “coziness”. At the request of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXX should be addressed as “King John”, only when Foundation personnel are in it’s presence.
SCP-XXXX is also to be fed at random any of the following, when ever it declares itself hungry:

  • Human ribs.
  • The British candy bar, “Boost”.
  • Diet Coke.
  • White Hot Chocolate.
  • “Southern Fried Salmon”

Any of these procedures broken, SCP-XXXX will become uncooperative, and potentially hostile.

SCP-XXXX came into the Foundation’s hands on ██/██/1991, in the province of Labrador, Canada. Where after many reports of ████ corpse where reported, followed by 19 missing people. Including 3 police offices.
SCP-XXXX is currently described as a two-tone coloured Sun bear, with a 2m long, prehensile tale, of which it demonstrates it’s use of frequently during interviews.
SCP-XXXX demonstrates the knowledge to communicate in multiple known human languages; such as, English ,(which it insists should be pronounced and and spelt of that of the UK), Norwegian (Bokmal), Finnish, and Latin.

SCP-XXXX, apart from its ability to speak fluently in said languages, also displays another anomalous ability. When SCP-XXXX becomes “hostile”, SCP-XXXX will display a face that can only be described as “stern” and will slowly move towards, subject it is agitated towards on all four legs and fur erect, holding its head low. If SCP-XXXX proceeds to come into close proximity with subject, SCP-XXXX’s eyes will visibly turn black towards the pupil, leaving a ring of white in the eyes.
At this point, SCP-XXXX will ask subject a question. If subject answers wrong, then subject will be ████,and half of said corpse will be merged with the ground. Concrete is found to be covering the area of the corpse closest to it. SCP-XXXX will proceed to consume parts of subject that are left on touched by concrete.

  • NOTE: Its is seen that concrete isn’t the only material that merges with, as remains are found merged with moss, wood and ████. Which is said to smell equally as bad.

Interview with SCP-XXXX

[Begin Log]

Dr. Klaue: So SCP-XXXX, would you mind answering me a few questions?

SCP-XXXX: Excuse me. But I think that is quite rude of you to call me a number.

Dr. Klaue: I’m sorry. Please forgive King John.

SCP-XXXX: That’s better my friend! Now then. Ask away!

Dr. Klaue: Why such a weird selection of diet?

SCP-XXXX: … Do people think I’m werid? I eat it because its nice… I didn’t think it was weird. Do… Do you think I’m fat???

NOTE: At this point SCP-XXXX enters its “hostile state”.

Dr. Klaue: No not at all SCP-XXXX, that isn’t what i was insinuating at all!

SCP-XXXX: My, name, is, King, John… Tell me… Was eating your teeth as a toddler, weird?

Dr. Klaue: What??? How could… How could you know that?!

SCP-XXXX: *Growls**

NOTE: Camera footage cuts out and so does audio. Foundation agents entered SCP-XXXX’s chamber only to find Dr. Klaue deceased.