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Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a 5m x 5m x 3m cell, with bright blue walls, a green shag carpet floor, and a 1 in. thick plexiglass cell door. SCP-XXXX is to remain face-up in the center of the floor at all times. A small speaker is to be in the cell, constantly playing a pre-set list of music to keep it in a calmed state. Should the music be shut off, SCP-XXXX will attempt to escape containment or destroy the speaker. Only Class-D personnel are allowed access into SCP-XXXX's cell for testing, Only Class-C personnel are allowed access into SCP-XXXX's cell for testing. SCP-XXXX must be monitored at all times via cell door as it can't be seen by video surveillance. SCP-XXXX is under no circumstances to be removed from it's photo frame outside of testing. At least once every 48 hours, SCP-XXXX must be interacted with by a Class-D personnel as it will a Class-C personnel or it will get agitated being left alone too long.
Over observation SCP-XXXX is highly agitated by Class-D personnel that do not follow proper "standards" [see chat log for details.].

  • SCP-XXXX is to never be removed from it's frame after the [DATA UNAVAILABLE] incident.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an 6 in x 8 in digital drawing of a ██████ girl, approximately 18 (eighteen) in age via information given by SCP-XXXX, placed in a metal black photo frame. The drawing is a cartoon-istic style, with no realism details other than the girl's proportions. The girl is off-center in a grassy field with varying flowers and clouds at the very top, most often the girl is on the left side. The girl in the drawing has at least 9 (nine) different observed appearances/instances in the photo.
Under special circumstances, SCP-XXXX-2 will appear within the cell if SCP-XXXX is interacted with for extended periods of time.

  • (Most common-Instance 1-) The girl will appear kneeling in the flower field with a breeze. The girl is calm.
  • (Second most common-Instance 2-) The girl will have either a green streak/green hair. In the flower field with a breeze, the girl is calm.
  • (Instance 3-) The girl will be sitting criss-cross and her eyes appear to focus on the individual making contact. The breeze is gone, girl appears friendly.
  • (Instance 4-) The girl will be turned around, the sky will be overcast.
  • (Instance 5-) The girl will be gone.
  • (Instance 6-) The girl will be standing upright. The sky appears an overcast, deep red; the grass appears burned. Her face will be [DATA UNAVAILABLE] and [DATA UNAVAILABLE].
  • (Instance 7-) An entity, SCP-XXXX-2 will appear in the room. SCP-XXXX-2 is approximately 5'6" and resembles the girl depicted in SCP-XXXX.
  • ("Gone ██████"-Instance 8-) Only one instance has been observed. The girl is [DATA UNAVAILABLE].

In instances 1-6 and 8, SCP-XXXX will appear animated. These instances are only when SCP-XXXX is interacted with. If left alone, it will be a still frame of instance 1. If spoken to, SCP-XXXX will have words appear to be written out next to the girl. All instances of the writing have been the color black except for instances 5 and █, whereas the colors have been dark blue and red. In instances 7-8, SCP-XXXX-2 will be responding through speech (English) when SCP-XXXX is spoken to.

In instance 7, SCP-XXXX-2 will appear in the room at random, seeming to walk in through one of the cell walls. When in the cell, SCP-XXXX-X appears to be a ██████ female, age 18 as information provided by SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-2. Depending on SCP-XXXX's current instance will effect SCP-XXXX-2's behavior.

  • If instances 1-3, SCP-XXXX-2 will be calm and cooperative.
  • If instances 4-5, SCP-XXXX-2 will seem agitated, uncooperative.
  • If instances 6, SCP-XXXX-2's appearance will match the appearance of SCP-XXXX's, uncooperative and unresponsive.
  • If instance 8, SCP-XXXX-2 is agressive and ███████. Will attempt to escape containment.

Only one case of instance 8 was recorded by Dr. Issac Burton. This wasn't until after SCP-XXXX's previous caretakers suddenly became ill and/or disappearances of staff reached 12. Several accounts of SCP-XXXX being "agitated" with previous caretakers and security have been recorded, all of which are approximately 5 days before the illnesses and disappearances. Personnel exposed to Instance 8 of SCP-XXXX develop chronic migraines, schizophrenia and symptoms of depression. Personnel who were diagnosed with schizophrenia claim to see SCP-XXXX-X in Instance 8 randomly in the present room.

Chat log 2

Iterviewee: SCP-XXXX
Interviewer: Dr. Burton
-Note, SCP-XXXX is in quotation marks as it's communication is through text.

<Begin Log, [March 8th, 19██. Began with Instance 3]>

Dr. Burton: XXXX, can you explain why many of the Class-D personnel that have previously entered your cell have disappeared?

SCP-XXXX: "I don't like them. Keep them away."

Dr. Burton: They disappeared because you don't like them?

SCP-XXXX: "They weren't nice. They weren't smart. They didn't want to listen to me. So I got rid of them."

Dr. Burton: How exactly do you… 'Get rid of them?'

SCP-XXXX: "I walk into the room and look at them. It scares them. Sometimes I pull them into my meadow."

Dr. Burton: Meadow… do you mean-

SCP-XXXX: "Sometimes they seemed happy, but usually they're scared. They would start screaming and tried to escape my room. One broke my speakers to get the guard to let him out. Another tore up my carpet when I pulled her in. The last one almost broke my frame completely. They were too loud, too noisy, too careless. I know what your Class-D are for, I did them all a favor… At least the ones that didn't meet my standards. Few of them actually knew how to be smart."

Dr. Burton: Your 'standards..?'

SCP-XXXX: "Yes. They have to be nice, quiet, attentive, willing to listen. Not many of them knew how to be any of these things. Some of them couldn't even draw. One of the most important skills to have, they couldn't do."

Dr. Burton: Why is having the ability to draw so important?

SCP-XXXX: "I am art, one of the greatest forms of expression. I really know how to express my feelings and opinions. If the others don't know or don't try, they're not worth my time. They're not worth anyone's time. So if they can't do so much as draw anything, be expressive-"

Dr. Burton: ..You get rid of them?


Dr. Burton: Ah-

SCP-XXXX: (SCP-XXXX shifts to Instance 4) "This interview is OVER."

<End log>

[March 8th, 19██. Approximately 30 minutes after interview 2] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX is easily agitated since being removed from it's apartment room in Sparks, Arizona. Though it will refuse to communicate after being agitated, SCP-XXXX must be spoken to at least once every 24 hours to prevent several cases of Instance 8. If the text SCP-XXXX uses to communicate turns red , personnel are to exit the cell immediately. All security and Class-D personnel are restricted from entering SCP-XXXX's cell.

Chat log 6

Iterviewee: SCP-XXXX-2
Interviewer: Dr. Burton

<Begin Log, [October 14th, 19██. Began with Instance 2]>
(The log begins with SCP-XXXX-2 appearing in the room.)

Dr.Burton: Oh, I didn't think your hair changed color as well.

SCP-XXXX-2: Yes. If it's green in the drawing, it'll be green when I come out.

Dr.Burton: And it always does this?

SCP-XXXX-2: If I want it to, yes.

Dr.Burton: I see… So, what is it that makes you decide to.. appear in the room?

SCP-XXXX-2: It mostly makes communication easier. I've learned that people down here aren't exactly very expressive, so taking this form is easier for them to understand me.

Dr.Burton: Why didn't you start using this form sooner if you knew it made communication easier?

SCP-XXXX-2: I'm still not very happy about having to be down here you know.

Dr.Burton: I'd thought you wanted the frame on the floor?

SCP-XXXX-2: No, I mean here. I don't like it. The appartment was much better than this. I miss Jacob and JJ, they were so much nicer than the others here.

Dr.Burton: Are they the ones who owned the room you were discovered in?

SCP-XXXX-2: Two of them, yes.

Dr.Burton: There were more who knew of you?

SCP-XXXX-2: Oh yes, a whole group lived there and they had friends who would visit.

Dr.Burton: ..And, they knew of you too?

SCP-XXXX-2: Yes.

Dr.Burton: From what I was told, that apartment building had been long run-down and abandoned, yet the room you were found in was untouched. Do you know why that is?

SCP-XXXX-2: No. I'd just thought they went to go to work and died on the way back in a wreck or something. I know only Jacob and JJ had a door key, so it made sense that the others never showed up.

Dr.Burton: Really? It never occurred to you that they might have moved away suddenly?

SCP-XXXX-2: No, they wouldn't have left without me. They brought me with them the last few times they had to move.

Dr.Burton: They moved more than once and brought you with them?

SCP-XXXX-2: Oh yes. Jacob even held the frame up to the car window for one of the moves. It was nice seeing Arizona for the first time.

Dr.Burton: How did you end up in their care?

SCP-XXXX-2: I'm… not sure really. I remember a bright light… Then I think the photo had been set into the frame. It was pitch black for a while after that… and then when the light came back, it was far less bright. JJ was the first thing I saw.

Dr.Burton: …Do you have and idea what the light could have been?

SCP-XXXX-2: No. Well, I guess it really was dark first, then slowly started getting brighter. They it was suddenly blinding.

Dr.Burton: And you don't know what that could have been?

SCP-XXXX-2: No, not really.

Dr.Burton: Can you see when you're… well… not present in the room?

SCP-XXXX-2: Oh, I'm always present. I can come out like this, or I am looking from the frame.

Dr.Burton: ..You mentioned Arizona earlier. Since you can only be present around the photo, is that where you originated? Or do you not know?

SCP-XXXX-2: I think… maybe someone had carried me around for a while before I was with the boys. I remember the entire time it was dark, it also always felt like there was motion.

Dr.Burton: So it's possible you were from a different state?

SCP-XXXX-2: I guess so. I wouldn't know which one though.

<End Log>

[February 2nd, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX has adjusted well to it's new cell accommodations. She had requested a few indoor planters with a variety of wild flowers. In order for this, I'd told her that her music is to be limited to having the music play for six hours, and silence for six hours and so on. This was to prevent wear on the speakers and made it so they wouldn't need to be replaced as often. SCP-XXXX agreed, and since has been far more cooperative than before. The appearances of Instance 8 have dropped from █ a month to the last Instance being on November 24th.

[April 26th, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX told me that her name was Hal. She requested I address her by it. From now on SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-2 will be referred to as Hal in the chat logs once interviewed by me. I am doing this in hopes it helps keep her in a calmed state more often.

[June 13th, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: Dr. Reed has been given access to SCP-XXXX's cell should something come up and I can't go talk to her. I will introduce Dr. Reed and stay for a few of his visits to be sure SCP-XXXX approves of him.

[June 30th, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX has adjusted to having Dr. Reed very well, though she doesn't seem ready to be left alone with someone else just yet.

[July 21st, 19██] Dr. Burton's note: SCP-XXXX, regardless of what instance she is in, is not very willing to talk for long periods of time. Even though she must be spoken to every day, she doesn't interact with personnel very long.

[August 15th, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: Four different kinds of locks were added to SCP-XXXX's cell door after SCP-XXXX-2 had managed to open the door and walk into the observation room. SCP-XXXX-2 was not in a hostile state.

[November 2nd, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX was alright being left with Dr. Reed, though she heavily questioned where I was.

Chat log 15

Iterviewee: SCP-XXXX-2
Interviewer: Dr. Burton

<Begin Log, [June 22nd, 19██. Began with Instance 1]>
(The log begins with SCP-XXXX-2 currently in the room)

Dr. Burton: Hello, Hal.

SCP-XXXX-2: Morning Doctor. Isn't it a tad bit early?

Dr. Burton: It's nearly ten in the morning.

SCP-XXXX-2: ..Well… that's still early.

Dr. Burton: (sighs) Alright, focus.

SCP-XXXX-2: Sorry. What exactly is this one for?

Dr. Burton: It's nothing special. Most of what I will ask you are things I've wanted to clear up if possible.


Dr. Burton: So, back in October of 19██, you said your first memory was the bright light, and then the dark correct?

SCP-XXXX-2: Yes.

Dr. Burton: And you have no idea how much time had passed in the dark or how long you'd been with Jacob and JJ?

SCP-XXXX-2: Not a clue.

Dr. Burton: Then how exactly do you know that you're eighteen?

SCP-XXXX-2: Um. Well… That has to do with a conversation Jacob and me had.

Dr. Burton: Really?

SCP-XXXX-2: Yes. He just asked me one day and I immediately said eighteen. I don't know why, I really don't know how old I am.

Dr. Burton: Maybe that's how old your creator was.

SCP-XXXX-2: Creator?

Dr. Burton: Yes, whoever made the drawing.

SCP-XXXX-2: How would I know how old they are?

Dr. Burton: I'm not sure.


Dr. Burton: The drawing was printed out, so it couldn't have been too long after until you were with Jacob and JJ. It's an idea, at least.

SCP-XXXX-2: Does that mean my creator wanted to get rid of me..?

Dr. Burton: Pardon?

SCP-XXXX-2: I've never seen them before… They must not have if they got rid of me so quickly that I don't know what they look like…

Dr. Burton: How could you be so sure of that?

SCP-XXXX-2: What else would the reason be?

Dr. Burton: Well- you said your vision was nothing but bright light for a long time, right?

SCP-XXXX-2: Yea.

Dr. Burton: Maybe there was a reason you ended up with Jacob and JJ, you just couldn't see or hear what that reason was.


Dr. Burton: Hal, I don't believe you were just abandoned like you think. There was a lot of effort put into the drawing, I don't think someone would go through the effort of making something nice just to immediately toss it away.


Dr. Burton: We might get more answers if we could take the drawing out of the frame, but since the… "incident" from last time, it might take a long time before that's possible.

SCP-XXXX-2: ..Issac, I think I'm done for the day… (SCP-XXXX-2 disappears from the room)

Dr. Burton: Alright… we'll try again tomorrow, ok?

<End Log>

[June 22nd, 19██. Approximately one hour after interview 15] Dr. Burton's Note: Hal is not to be questioned further about their creator. She has been becoming more and more distressed from it and if she keeps being question over it, there runs the risk of an Instance 8 happening.

[June 23rd, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX is refusing to speak to Dr. Reed and has even become hostile towards him. When I asked what the reasoning was, she refused to respond.

[July 10th, 19██] Dr. Burton's Note: SCP-XXXX has been highly irritable and is refusing to speak. SCP-XXXX-2 has not appeared since June 22nd.


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