Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a 5m x 5m x 3m cell, with bright blue walls, a green shag carpet floor, and a 1 in. thick plexiglass cell door. SCP-XXXX is to remain face-up in the center of the floor at all times. A small speaker is to be in the cell, constantly playing a pre-set list of music to keep it in a calmed state. Should the music be shut off, SCP-XXXX will attempt to escape containment or destroy the speaker. Only Class-D personnel are allowed access into SCP-XXXX's cell for testing, SCP-XXXX must be monitored at all times via cell door as it can't be seen by video surveillance. SCP-XXXX is under no circumstances to be removed from it's photo frame outside of testing. At least once every 48 hours, SCP-XXXX must be interacted with by a Class-D personnel as it will get agitated being left alone too long. Over observation SCP-XXXX is highly agitated by Class-D personnel.

  • SCP-XXXX is to never be removed from it's frame after the [DATA UNAVAILABLE] incident.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an 6 in x 8 in digital drawing of a ██████ girl, approximately 18 (eighteen) in age via information given by SCP-XXXX [see chat log for details], placed in a metal black photo frame. The drawing is a cartoon-istic style, with no realism details other than the girl's proportions. The girl is off-center in a grassy field with varying flowers and clouds at the very top, most often the girl is on the left side. The girl in the drawing has at least 7 (seven) different observed appearances in the photo.

  • (Most common-Instance 1-) The girl will appear kneeling in it's flower field with a breeze. The girl is calm.
  • (Second most common-Instance 2-) The girl will have either a green streak/green hair. In the flower field with a breeze, the girl is calm.
  • (Calm-Instance 3-) The girl will be sitting criss-cross and her eyes appear to focus on the individual making contact. The breeze is gone, girl appears friendly.
  • (Annoyed-Instance 4-) The girl will be turned around, the sky will be overcast.
  • (Sad-Instance 5-) The girl will be gone.
  • (Enraged-Instance 6-) The girl will be standing with [DATA UNAVAILABLE] arms and legs, her face will be [DATA UNAVAILABLE] and [DATA UNAVAILABLE].
  • ("Gone [DATA EXPUNGED]"-Instance 7-) Only one instance has been observed. The girl is [DATA UNAVAILABLE].

In all instances, SCP-XXXX will appear animated. These instances are only when SCP-XXXX is interacted with. If left alone, it will be a still frame of instance 1. If spoken to, SCP-XXXX will have words appear to be written out next to the girl. All instances of the writing have been the color black except for ████ instances.

-recovered from Arizona
-writes text to communicate
-symptoms similar to schizophrenia after exposure(if angry)
-date recovered is date when i'm done writing this
-can appear in the room in rare cases