Carl sanchez


Object class Thaumiel/Euclid


Scp 8421 goes by the name Joe is a humanoid being who claims to be from outside of the universe. it is relatively friendly to personal such as (redacted) but is still to be constantly monitored for corruption to the containment facility it is being housed in only audio devices are allowed in its chamber. Anomalous property includes corruption of the space around it causes matter around it to decay and slows down time and also kills any being that touches the corrupted matter, shapeshifting into a being that causes insanity, paralysis then death in those who view it, completely indestructible and instantaneous teleportation though it prefers to stay. Subject always cooperates with the staff though occasionally claims it can destroy the entire universe if provoked enough.

Special containment procedures

a 50 by 50-foot room with open-air access in parts no one is to enter the chamber, regular feeding and ways to keep it entertained a couch, books, and a television to keep it from leaving containment. It tries to not to teleport out of the chamber in fear of hurting people though it has made exceptions. It poses an extreme danger to other scps and people capable of removing them from existence.

it refuses to speak with anyone other than (Redacted) they only exchange pleasantries and requests for room upgrades

Further information on subject unknown