Item #: SCP-3980

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3980 is currently located within Site 89, having been recently transferred from site 22 in 12 May 20██. It is contained within an 1.90 meter long obsidian sheath and approximately 30 centimeters wide (25 centimeters at the mid-section and a 40 centimeter maximum at the “head”), the internal mold being only two millimeters wider and one millimeter longer than the object. Extremities possess automatically removable lids in order to expose part of the object should it be deemed necessary.

This sheath is located on the building’s second floor, in what is currently Dr. ██████’s office, occasionally being taken to the laboratories for experimentation. The relatively casual containment procedures ensure easy access in case of an emergency, as well as a deliberate attempt to make the object appear relatively irrelevant, while not sacrificing constant supervision.

Class-7 reflectors are located throughout the installation, allowing for the object’s light to illuminate the building in a controlled faction, preventing damage to anomalous personnel. Standard protocol is to maintain a bare minimum of personnel with anomalous traits, mostly individuals with photokinetic capacities. Medical assistance in case of damage is focused exclusively on replacing lost tissue, with extensive damage (or personnel unwilling to have artificial replacements) being met with the offer of euthanasia.

Description: The current SCP-3980 specimen within the Foundation’s possession is designated SCP-3980-4. Other 6 specimens have been found and lost, their fate documented below. None of these appear to have differed significantly from SCP-3980-4.

SCP-3980 is a 1.90 meter long, 30 centimeter wide cylindrical rod composed exclusively of a gold-silver alloy1. At the object’s midsection there is a depression about 5 centimeters deep and 10 centimeters long, which appears to be a handle. The gold-dominated end - identified as the “head” - ends on a sculpted lion head, with a relatively realistic and non-stylised appearance: it portrays a maned male lion, snarling menacingly with its mouth open.2 The texture at the head has obvious relief, similar to manual work on limestone but dissimilar to work but dissimilar to gold or silver sculpting, while closer inspection has revealed microscopic maze-like impressions on the “handle”, seemingly adjusted to human fingerprints. Otherwise, the object’s surface is entirely plain, aside from the following inscription3 circumventing the “upper section”:


And the following circumventing the “lower section”:


SCP-3980’s most notably feature is its constant emission of visible light, at approximately 93 lumens per watt of radiant flux. Most is within yellow-orange wavelengths, giving the object a distinctively “fiery” appearance. Although the intensity of the light is similar to that of sunlight, it lacks both heat as well as invisible wavelengths such as UV. The range of luminous light extends to usually 500m2 in all directions provided it isn’t blocked, but it can be augmented into five-minute long flare-like effects upon recitation of the inscriptions: incantation of individual inscriptions increases its range to 1km2, vocalisation of both to ██████km2. In either case the light is not constrained by any physical barriers.

SCP-3980’s light causes discomfort upon continuous visual contact, and eventually the formation of cataracts in most mammals; however, other than potential blindness6, it does not have any negative effects on non-anomalous life forms. By contrast, the light effectively immolates any anomalous biological matter, breaking it down at an atomic level. Even anomalous organisms with otherwise “normal” organic tissues - for reference, a human with psychic abilities - are severely injured and killed depending on the level and duration of exposure. Nonetheless, organisms capable of photokinesis are able to minimise the damage caused by SCP-3980, albeit temporarily and exhaustively in all recorded incidents. Biological material destroyed by the light cannot be regenerated, though it can be replaced if the damage is localised and if the replacement tissue is compatible. Sapient subjects affected by the light describe it as an agonising experience, and have a 89% probability ratio of blacking out.

Upon the destruction of SCP-3980 (see documented cases below), the object produces a supernova-like explosion that can affect an area of over ███████████km2. The ensuing light, now shining at all visible wavelengths in a perfect white, can affect non-anomalous biological matter. A number of [REDACTED] casualties, anomalous and otherwise, have occurred due the destruction of four SCP-3980.

Due to these properties, the potential of SCP-3980 as a containment agent has been considered, and as such it is classified as Thaumiel. However, due to its destructive capacities, and potential visual impairment of even non-anomalous personnel, its use as such has been exceedingly limited, and usually only reserved to instances where all other methods of containment have failed, such as XK-class scenarios.

Discovery: The first three specimens of SCP-3980, SCP-3980-1-3, were discovered on a former Mithraic temple complex approximately [REDACTED] to the northwest of the Vatican.

On the surface level this was composed of a small modern italian chapel,7 but originally its altar was a disguised set of metallic doors8 that lead to a vast underground complex of chambers extending to 900 km above the earth’s mantle and 700 km2. Abandoned at the time of of SCP-3980-1-3’s discovery in 1989, the entire complex was illuminated by their light, reflected by entirely metallic chamber surfaces;9 the severe injury and subsequent deaths of [REDACTED] personnel were the first indicators of its properties. SCP-3980-1 was identified as the first source of radiance and acquired at a chamber 60 meters under the surface,10, where it was held by a leontocephaline statue.11 Upon removal by field agent Florentino Auriemma, the chamber began to collapse, and the object was destroyed by ceiling debris, prompting the first supernova-like event. Trapped in lower chambers, the investigation team waited for a rescue to be enacted, discovering the locations of SCP-3980-212 and SCP-3980-3.13 SCP-3980-2 was able to be retrieved, but SCP-3980-3 was located too far down to be conceivably acquired, so with the collapse of SCP-3980-2’s chamber the rest of the temple complex sank into the mantle, losing SCP-3980-3 permanently.

Thankfully, the research team managed to acquire a series of documents14 that allowed the discovery of the remaining SCP-3980.

- SCP-3980-4 was held within the Vatican itself. A period of extensive negotiations with the Holy See ensued, finally resulting on the acquisition of SCP-3980-4 and relocation to site 22 alongside SCP-3980-1 and SCP-3980-2.
- SCP-3980-5 was bestowed by Emperor Anastasius I to an disclosed male lover,15, and has since circulated among Iberian noble houses, apparently unknown to their monarchies, until the Liberal Revolution of 1820, where it was acquired by the Liberal monarchy and shipped to Brazil. At some point it fell under the hands of the Chaos Insurgency,16 which experimented on it with aqua regia. The ensuing catastrophe, which consumed the entirety of their site in St. Helena, is regarded by the organization as “an embarrassing fuck-up”.
- SCP-3980-6 was taken by the Church of the Broken God during the Fall of Rome, and remained within their possession until five decades later, where it was stolen by an unknown figure. Conversations with the Knights of the Radiant Sun indicate that it was thrown in the sea, where it made its way to Dragon King Ao Kuang (see interview below). By 1865, the object made its way to an hindu temple in Gujarat, apparently as a defense against “vetalas”.17 Kept a secret due to a history of sacred object confiscation by British authorities, the object would eventually be discovered by the Office For The Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts in 2009 through unknown means, and soon after by interception by a pakistani member of the Church of Maxwellism, which proceeded to alert various COTBG cells throughout the region. What ensued was a series of violent confrontations, which soon after drew in the attention of the Indian SCP Foundation branch, which mobilised a squadron to recover SCP-3980-6 in the chaos. It escalated matters further, until an ORIA operative accidentally bisected SCP-3980-6 with a djinn-powered motion cannon, ostensibly aiming for Maxwellist battle drones. Before the supernova could initiate, a KOTRS member came from the north and blasted her way to the area, killing 48 Foundation personnel and 22 COTBG church members of various factions in the process. Upon approaching 3 meters of the object, she utilised her photokinetic abilities to contain and redirect the blast, focusing the light into a single beam that fired into the sky.18 The process lasted for about 56 minutes, during which the KOTRS suffered 4th-degree burns to her face and hands and emitted FK-type vocalisations.19 Upon SCP-3980-6’s light’s dissipation, the KOTRS collapsed and died, and both the ORIA and COTBG forces retreated.

As a sign of good faith, the Foundation and the GOC wrapped the body20 in white linen and contacted the KOTRS. Arrangements were made by the three factions to transport the body to the Sun Temple, resulting in the following conversation:

Addendum SCP-3980-A: In 12 May 20██, site 22 has been hacked by [DATA EXPUNGED]. Due to [REDACTED], the GOC was contacted, which offered their cooperation in exchange for a specimen of SCP-3980. While the Council was initially hesitant, the demands were met due to the severity of the situation. Upon the arrival of the GOC’s battalion, a case carrying SCP-3980-1 was delivered, but [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in its destruction. Having learned from the destruction of SCP-3980-6, photokinetics from both the Foundation and the GOC were able to divert SCP-3980-1’s light rather efficiently, with minimal injury. Upon the [DATA EXPUNGED], the Foundation offered SCP-3980-2, which is currently kept at the GOC’s headquarters in [REDACTED].
The lion’s roar split night from day. Am I not worthy of your worship? I think I am, and I think you know it, too. My cultists are dead, their throats cut by the swords of knights, but you live me, you breathe me, you see me, every time you wake up and every moment just before you sleep. Just step another step, and join me in the light.