Casual Pig
Photograph of SCP-3396's right hand

Item #: SCP-3396

Object Class: Euclid Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell and is to be allowed limited entertainment provisions to keep it occupied. These provisions are to be updated when requested by SCP-3396. Following continued cooperation and willingness to help the Foundation, SCP-3396 is to be allowed to freely roam the site, but is to be tracked and logged.

Description: SCP-3396 is a 180 centimetres tall, unnaturally pale human male of British origin. SCP-3396 has remarkably dark black hair, although this feature is not consistent with other hairs on the object's body. SCP-3396 appears to have an anomalous case of heterochromia iridum. Unremarkably, the left eye is gray, but more notably, the right eye is bio-luminescent and a light blue in colour. SCP-3396 has stated in an interview that this has properties of night vision.
The object's hands and nails are a light shade of black. The surface material is different from the rest of SCP-3396's main body and are highly resistant to physical damage. Furthermore, SCP-3396 has four black appendages protruding from its upper back and shoulder blades. Their surface is comprised of the same material as the object's hands, however it is theorized the inside of these limbs are almost entirely muscle, due to the flexibility and power demonstrated by SCP-3396 during testing. Their shape can be partially altered for combat purposes at SCP-3396's will, although the capabilities are thought to be limited to the ends of the appendages. The subject's nails share this property, but SCP-3396 has yet to demonstrate the ability with its hands, so it is unclear whether the anomalous material is the cause of this or not. The object has also demonstrated the ability to absorb the appendages into themselves. The mass from this can be used to extend the remaining two appendages. It is believed this is how he manipulates the shape of them too.

SCP-3396 can be uncooperative and reluctant to work with MTF units if it is not given adequate free time. When captured and contained, SCP-3396 refused to cooperate and was violent towards staff members, incapacitating Dr █████. It has since been deemed safe, if appropriate preliminary action is taken. It is unknown at this time whether keeping its brain occupied is a psychological necessity or not.

SCP-3396 was used during the containment breach at Site ██ on ██/██/████ to recapture SCP-███

It has been authorized for use by MTF Alpha-9 "Last Hope" for operations accepted by 05 command.