SCP 4183


Object class:Euclid

Special containment procedures: documents affected by SCP 4183 are to be stored in a storage locker using protective gloves

Documents affected by SCP 4183 must not be touched by any personnel unless approved by at least 2 level 3 personnel

Personnel are recommended every week to for infected documents. If found they are to be picked up with gloves then stored in a locker. Personnel under security clearance 3 are not allowed to enter SCP 4183 containment chamber

Any personnel affected by SCP 4183 must be given class A amnestics immediately

Description:SCP 4183 is an entity that infects documents every week in multiple scp sites mostly site 19. Documents infected with SCP 4183 changes the words of the document to Random words making no sense and not relating to the actual document.

If anyone touches A document infected with SCP 4183 will start hearing words from the document after an hour.
After 24 hours of touching SCP 4183 documents personnel will only be able to speak random words similar to the documents affected by SCP 4183.

SCP 4183 was found in site 19 by dr [REDACTED].