Catros - The anti-friction gun
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a safe in Doctor █████████'s office.

Only Doctor █████████'s team is allowed to manipulate and to use the object in experiments and in tests on others SCPs.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 25 cm gun-shaped device which seems to be a composite of gun and mechanical parts. It is covered in a black paint.

When the trigger of SCP-XXXX is pressed, a pink ray which is precise at a maximum range of 15m is fired. Every object or living being, limited to a volume of ~5000m³, touched by the ray instantly loose all frictions the subject could have over unaffected surfaces. The subject is then either very slippery or, for materials such as concrete, disintegratable, as the forces maintaining its cohesion are removed. The effect is known to last for several hours, the time required for it to dissipate to the materials in contact with the subject.

Researchers of the foundation are still studying SCP-XXXX to understand how it creates the "anti-friction" rays and the nature of those. It has been observed with electronics microscopes that affected surfaces are as smooth as they can be.

SCP-XXXX has been taken from a group of criminals who tried to use it to stole money from a local billionaire. They declared, when asked by the foundation's agent, that they got the "anti-friction gun" from an old scientist who traded it for a small amount of money to "buy cabbages for his researches". He "wanted to cancel the odor of cabbages, but he ended up inventing the anti-friction gun and the inertia-canceller gun". The said "inertia-canceller gun" as well as the "cabbage" scientist were not found. When the victim, the local billionaire, was interrogated, he advised to talks with Doctor █████████, a known inventor of the region, who then started to work for the foundation as Doctor █████████.

The idea to use the gun on other SPCs, such as SCP-682 during its future containment breaches, has been emitted. The idea is being discussed.

Addendum: The duration of the gun's effect is inversely proportionnal to the surface in contact with the affected object - the bigger the surface, the smaller the duration. The density also affects the dissipation of the effect, a smaller density makes the duration longer.