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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Security are to be stationed at each entrance to SCP-XXXX and also at the entrances to the school. A fence is build around the school. Only level 2 clearance allowed in SCP-XXXX unless for testing. SCP-XXXX-1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 are to be left alone except for testing or interviews. SCP-XXXX-1,2,3,5,6 and 7 are to roam free but must be watched by security. SCP-XXXX-4 is to be kept in a containment cell build in the north-east corner of SCP-XXXX. All testing must be allowed by a level 3 personal.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large room connected to a gym located in █████████, WI. The room is 534.1925 sq. meters. The room has randomly chose humanoids that have the effect of the anomaly. The anomaly only happens when the humanoid enters the room. There is no way of knowing who the room chose. SCP-XXXX appears to be another gym connecting to a bigger gym. SCP-XXXX-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are all effected by SCP-XXXX. All objects taken out of SCP-XXXX seem to have no effects. The room itself has 2 doors connecting to SCP-XXXX. One leading to outside and one leading to the bigger gym. SCP-XXXX has an American flag on the north wall. There are basketball hoops on the North and south walls. There are 4 lights on the ceiling and there does not appear to be a way to turn them off. Everything in SCP-XXXX seem to be indestructible. SCp-XXXX-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 seem to have no natural needs. They do not seem to age at all. They do not have the desire to leave the SCP-XXXX either. They can not leave the gym (see below).

Addendum XXXXa: Indecent XXXX-a
On February ██ 20██, SCP-XXXX-4 lost when playing a game of tennis with SCP-XXXX-3. After this SCP-XXXX-4 started cussing and running toward SCP-XXXX-3. Security stepped in before SCP-XXXX-3 could be harmed. SCP-XXXX-4 started attacking all personal. SCP-XXXX-4 is now kept in a small containment cell built in the north-east corner of the gym (see above).

Addendum [Test SCP-XXXXb]
SCP-XXXX-1 is attempted to be pushed out of the gym. About one (1) meter from the door SCP-XXXX-1 freezes. All forces do not affect SCP-XXXX-1 until SCP-XXXX-1 decides to walk back into the middle of the gym.

Addendum [Test SCP-XXXXd]
SCP-XXXX-5 is informed to leave the gym. SCP-XXXX-5 is then informed to leave again or get executed. SCP-XXXX-5 does nothing. SCP-XXXX-5 is then shot with a AK-47. The bullet then bounces off SCP-XXXX-5. SCP-XXXX-5 walks away.

Addendum XXXXg: Requests from SCP-XXXX-1,2,3,4,5,6,7
-4 tennis rackets, 2 tennis balls, and a net. (Approved)
-Bow, 4 arrows, and a target. (Approved) ~ Arrow tips replaced with suction cups
-Pool (Denied)
-Basket ball (Approved)
-3 red jerseys and 3 blue jerseys (Approved)
-2 tickets to a ███████ theme park (SCP-XXXX-1,2 then decided they wanted to stay in SCP-XXXX and had no desire to leave)
-A basketball (Approved)

Addendum XXXXf

Interviewed: SCP-XXXX-1

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: SCP-XXXX-1 is sat down in the gym to be interviewed about the arrival of SCP-XXXX-1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in SCP-XXXX.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Hello SCP-XXXX-1

SCP-XXXX-1: Fine, and you?

Dr. ██████: I'm good. But anyway let's get right to the interview. When did you arrive here?

SCP-XXXX-1: Well, let me think, I guess 2 years ago. I went to this school. It was during a gym class. I think we were playing floor tennis. Me and SCP-XXXX-2 went into this gym to play tennis with 2 other people. We played, we won. At the end of the class the teacher tried to get us out of the gym. We didn't want to and we didn't get out. Our parents came, teachers, lots of people. They gave up using words and started to use force. We still didn't move and I guess they thought it was weird. They tried to bring us food and water but we were not hungry. That is when they called you guys.

Dr. ██████: What made you decide you didn't want to leave?

SCP-XXXX-1: It was just nice in the gym you know. We wanted to keep playing sports too.

Dr. ██████: When did the others arrive?

SCP-XXXX-1: I don't know, they just came, and stayed. They like to play sports with us so you know that's pretty cool.

Dr. ██████: Have you ever tried to leave the room?


Dr. ██████: Oh, ok. Is there anything you want to tell me?

SCP-XXXX-1: No i'm good.

SCP-XXXX-5 comes to SCP-XXXX-1

SCP-XXXX-5: Want to play some basketball with us?

SCP-XXXX-1: Yeah!

SCP-XXXX-5 leaves

SCP-XXXX-1: Can I leave now?

Dr. ██████: Sure

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX-1 gets up and plays basketball with the others.

Addendum XXXXg

SCP Name Description Date arrival
SCP-XXXX-1 Will "Big Bro" Vang 13 year old, american-asian, male. 2-21-2016
SCP-XXXX-2 Eddie Rome 13 year old, white-american, male 2-21-2016
SCP-XXXX-3 Officer Joan Wilson 26 year old, white-american, female 2-23-2016
SCP-XXXX-4 George Gold 15 year old, african-american, male 4-3-2016
SCP-XXXX-5 Travis Glockspiel 22 years old, white-american, male 2-3-2017
SCP-XXXX-6 D-5474 43 year old, Mexican, female 4-6-2018
SCP-XXXX-7 Researcher ████████ 29 year old, white-american, male 10-30-2018