Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a pool 60 meters deep, 150 meters in diameter with a drainage system to drain the entire pool and attempt to make the entity immobile yet this has always proved unsuccessful.

The entity should be fed 10 kilograms of meat every three days, food should be sterilized for diseases and parasites of any kind. It is forbidden to enter the pool at all times. Any personnel in the area is advised to wear full-body protection

Description: SCP-XXXX strongly resembles Kronosaurus queenslandicus, a species belonging to the genus, Kronosaurus, an extinct genus of pliosaurs. When attacking potential prey, it will either attempt to stare at the prey item to see a reaction or swim around the prey item before attacking. Its skin coloration is almost entirely black with a white underside. It has the ability to completely dematerialize whenever it's habitat is completely drained of water, however refilling the pool with water causes SCP-XXXX to manifest and attack anything in the pool. On rare occasions SCP-XXXX will attempt to verbally communicate with any individual near the pool, however this has shown to be nothing other than an attempt to lure an individual into the water.

If a subject touches the water in SCP-XXXX's pool, they will be linked telepathically with SCP-XXXX. Hours after touching the water, subjects will begin to develop a fear of entering deep bodies of water, but as time goes on, subjects will be completely afraid of any body of water and hydration. Class-B Amnestics have to be ingested by the subject in order for the influence to wear off.