Item#: SCP-3975

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3975 is contained within Sector-14, Containment-8 of ████, England. Sector-14 is a restricted zone to all personnel who do not obtain full custom agreements of the United Kingdom and The SCP Foundation. Personnel who are assigned to SCP-3975 must undergo extensive searches every time they enter and leave Sector-14. Personnel are limited to three persons who know of SCP-3975's capabilities and intentions. The 5-meters by 5-meters by 5-meters cube of soil that holds the doors are kept within a 3-inch thick steel containment cage and has an air-lock door, oxygen tanks must be taken inside when approaching or examining SCP-3975.

Anyone who is caught attempting or planning to go with 100 meters of Sector-14 will be arrested and interrogated for their knowledge and reasons for being so close to Sector-14. This is due to Sector-14 being extremely rural to civilization in England. From records, scientists have deducted that no-one should even be anywhere within 50 kilometers of Sector-14, due to its unknown whereabouts and horrid climates for people without the right wear or equipment.

Description: SCP-3975 is simply three rusted doors, bound within the earth. Origin of the doors are still unknown. The doors are a combination of iron and other unknown materials. The doors lay at 1 meter wide, 1.8 meters tall in height and 0.5 meters in length. The doors cannot be removed from the soil; they seemed to have chemically bonded to the soil. All attempts at extracting or removing the doors have failed. Although, the cube of 10 by 10 feet soil was dug and removed, placing the doors in their current containment at Sector-14, Containment-8. SCP-3975 is sentient and has spoken on several occasions, showing great intellectual knowledge of the Earth and Solar System, yet refuses to talk about how it's obtained this knowledge. SCP-3975 will change what language it speaks to different personnel who watch over it for the 23-hour shift.

SCP-3975 has also been recorded and attempted to lure personnel into itself, tempting them to open the doors and have their, "Dreams come true." Personnel who have opened the doors have had several things happen, from some being pulled in by tongue-like-tendrils, having unknown but extremely harmful gases fill the room, or finally, having the personnel walk in and the door close shut, locking itself. When this occurs, SCP-3975 refuses to talk or even acknowledge anything that attempts to interact with it. Personnel who walk in do return, but this ranges from 24-hours to 5-years.

On return, personnel will have their jaws missing, as well as teeth but will have significant loss of brain tissue and matter. All personnel who return like this are sent to be experimented on, in which in every case, the personnel dies 4 days later. Reasons being completely unknown as well as SCP-3975 refusing to talk on the subject or its own actions causing the events.

For all these listed reasons, SCP-3975 has been listed as sentient and violent, due to its attempt to abduct every personnel its worked with, using the same phrase, of making their "Dreams Come True."