Charles Manson is Alive

Item #: SCP 4020

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: At the current time of writing this document, SCP 4020 is neither understood enough to be properly contained. For instances of activated SCP 4020-x containment procedures should be either given specially with each individual cell, or otherwise grouped accordingly to standard containment procedures for wildlife and sentient beings. Foundation staff should monitor new and zoo communications for signs of abnormal wildlife within containment, and standard extraction procedures are to be carried out if an instance of an instance of SCP 4020 is confirmed.
Description: SCP 4020 is a psychic anomaly affecting multiple members of the human race. At the time it is not known which members of the human race have it, or how it is to be obtained. Instances of SCP 4020 are animals who possess the conscious mind of living human beings, most if not all of whom have gained varied amounts of notoriety and/or fame throughout their lifetime. All of the subjects affected are dead individuals, and due to subject testimony it is believed that these are indeed the consciousness of the living persons they claim to be. There is no cohesion for the species of animal to the consciousness possessing it and it happens at a random rate. The known instances of SCP 4020 are listed below:
SCP 4020-1: John Henson
Host Animal: Citron Cockatoo
SCP 4020-1 claims to be celebrity and muppets founder John Henson, first forming approximately 2 months after the death of Henson in July of 1990. Because of the Cockatoo’s ability to speak, SCP 4020-1 was brought to the attention of the Foundation after attempting to change the pitch of its voice and perform slapstick comedy for its owner. Interviews with SCP 4020-1 have shed light on multiple situations regarding the nature of SCP 4020-1, as well as the possible murder of John Henson in human form. According to SCP 4020-1, claims that John Henson as a human died because of a bullet wound from a jealous co-writer, not from heart attack as presumed by the police. After awakening, Henson claimed that his body was different, and that he felt “as light as a feather” (note that SCP 4020-1 made squawking noises resembling laughter for approximately 20 seconds after this comment, it will be regarded as a joke and not taken into consideration for the feeling of being a bird). At this point SCP 4020-1 became confused to new responses, becoming more easily distracted as time passed by, eventually ignoring the interviewer all together.
SCP 4020-1 Special Containment Procedures: SCP 4020-1 is to be treated for standard psychological evaluation and interview with site psychologist Bradley Williams. He is to be rewarded with limited flight around the facility as a reward for good behavior, and is allowed 4 hours of television a day. Favorite films consist of “The Great Muppet Caper (1981)” “The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984)” “The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)” “Muppet Treasure Island (1996)” “Muppets from Space (1999)” “It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie (2002 TV Movie)” “The Muppets' Wizard of Oz (2005 TV Movie)” as well as most other films regarding Muppets, Sesame Street, or Fraggle Rock.
SCP 4020-2: Charles Manson
Host Animal: Tapanuli Orangutan
SCP 4020-2 is infamous cult leader Charles Manson. SCP 4020-2 is notably vicious, and was seized after learning sign language and convincing staff to interact with it directly. After an unregistered number of interactions unreported, SCP 4020-2 raped 60 year old woman [DATA REDACTED] and scalped 3 children in the park. SCP 4020-2 was questioned, and after revealing its identity as Charles Manson, refused to coherently cooperate. Given the size and flexibility of the orangutan, as well as Mansons history to ramble and spread misinformation, SCP 4020-2 was not interviewed or tested any further.
[Excerpt from log SCP 4020-2 LOG 1]
For sake of understanding, excerpts from the first and last attempt at communicating with SCP 4020-2 is recorded below. Chalkboards are present with chalk ready. 2 feet of bullet proof glass are between the subject and the interviewer, Bradley Williams. No other staff are present at this time.
Bradley Williams: Hello. I understand you can speak sign language?
SCP 4020-2 looks emptily at Researcher Williams.
Bradley Williams: We have it here that you talked to the staff. If you cooperate, we can get you more comforting containment options.
SCP 4020-2: MY NAME IS CHARLES MANSON (Orangutan writes with small chalk in room the word Manson twice, draws an arrow to the word Manson.)
Bradley Williams: I see. By that do you mean Charles Manson?
SCP 4020-2 nods, then slams the glass with the chalkboard. SCP 4020-2 then begins to pick up the chalkboard, and wanders further back in the cell, scribbling on the chalkboard. Researcher Williams is ordered to say nothing.
Bradley Williams informs superiors of the request.
Bradley Williams: We can give you an enclosure with lots of trees to play on. We can't give you people however given your current behavior.
SCP 4020-2 doesn’t respond, stands idle for approximately 16 seconds. Researcher Williams places an apple into the cell. After which, SCP 4020-2 goes beserk, attempting to break the glass, chews the chalk while eating the board as well, and then spends the remainder of the time attempting to climb out through the air ventilation. Sleeping gas is poured into the chamber and the interview ends after SCP 4020-2 refuses to communicate for 3 hours.
Special Containment Procedures: SCP 4020-2 is not to be granted any requests until it presents good behavior. Under no circumstance is SCP 4020-2 allowed to leave the enclosure, and the enclosure is not to be entered by any personnel under any situation. When the cell is cleaned, sleeping agents are mandatory.
SCP 4020-3: Charles Darwin
Host Animal: Tarantula of unknown origin
SCP 4020-3 was shortly contained before managing to open the door to its delivery truck containing it. SCP 4020-3 was discovered after being found writing with children’s crayons, claiming to be Charles Darwin. SCP 4020-3 is currently not contained.