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Photo taken by Junior Researcher Charles Alweiz after attempts were made at scrubbing SCP-4681-2 away1

Item #: SCP-4681
Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4681 is to be closed off via a locked chain link gate topped with razor wire. Rooftops and streets are to be patrolled routinely by MTF Kappa-13 (“Falsehoods”) disguised as a fictional gang called the “Buccaneers”. No members are to have histories of drug abuse or other addictions. Locals and/or tourists who confront the Buccaneers about SCP-4681 are to be forcefully detained and amnesicized.

Buccaneers are required to have extensive knowledge of the French Quarter including, but not limited to Historical, Cultural, and Geographical. They are to maintain a public image as a gang, though are not to go farther than harassment of pedestrians. Severe action taken on civilians will lead to disciplinary action, decided by the Site-433 Overseer. In the event of an arrest by local authorities, members will go through the legal system usual until they are released from holding, at which point the records of their arrest will be erased by Foundation plants within the New Orleans police force and the arresting officers will be amnesticized.

Description: SCP-4681 is an alleyway within the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana and located on ██████████ Street. It is characterized by the various graffiti designs covering its walls. One design in particular stands out, due to its location on the ground and vivid bright colors, reading “Under the River”. This design has been designated SCP-4681-2. SCP-4681-2 will not deteriorate over time, nor will any item obstruct it. When obstructed with items, SCP-4681-2 will anomalously move from its previous location until the obstruction is removed.

Individuals with a history of addiction feel compelled to enter SCP-4681, proceeding to attempt to gain access to SCP-4681. No amount of amnestics can counteract this effect short of completely changing the individual’s persona via SCP-████, and research to determine the cause of this resistance. Additionally, through unknown means, locals will begin spreading urban legends pertaining to SCP-4681. This behavior becomes more common with elders or those with experience in storytelling. See Incident Reports 4681-23 and 4681-25 for more information.

When that phrase is said aloud, a nearby door at the end of SCP-4681 will open and an entity referring to itself simply as “The Dealer”, officially designated SCP-4681-1,will emerge. SCP-4681-1 will ask the speaker of the phrase, from here onward referred to as “Subject”, what they want. SCP-4681-1 will obtain any item labeled as paraphernalia2, contraband, etc. However, SCP-4681-1 will refuse to obtain non existent, unrealistic, exceedingly heavy items, WMD’s or weapons deemed inhumane.

Once requested, SCP-4681-1 will retreat behind the door and reemerge with the requested item and demand payment. If payment is declined, SCP-4681-1 will return within the door and refuse to emerge in the presence of the declining Subject from then on. A list of items successfully and unsuccessfully obtained items are contained in Addendum 4681-2.

Incident Report 4681-23
Warning: Site-433 Overseer Eyes Only.