Nickname: monster of the deep
Object class: Euclid
Description: Little about this creatures origins are known, but from what has been observed, it is thought that this creature is some sort of prehistoric deep sea fish. It is thought to be from another time mainly because of its physical appearance and behaviours. The creature was caught in the 40s during world war 2, after a US aircraft carrier had been attacked by the creature, after a long fight the creature was finally contained. It is now believed that the creature has an exceptionally long lifespan since old stories from all the way back to the age of exploration have discribed a creature that would destroy boats and eat the survivors. The creature has been measured at 80 feet in length and weighs nearly 134 tons. Disputes the creatures insane body mass, it can swim up to speeds of 90 miles per hour. It has been documented that it can also breath on land as well as in the water. The creature has a short and sort of round skull, also it lacks lips and eyes. It has 4 flippers, the front two are the largest, while the back two are about half the size. It has a forked tail much like that of most whales, the only difference is there are 3 flippers on the tail rather than two, and they all are webbed together. Lastly the creature is white, and lacks a lot of pigment. The way this thing hunts is by mocking the sounds of prey for larger animals then goes in for an ambush. The creatures strong bite force of 27,000 psi make it impossible to escape its jaws. It is said that this creature has the strongest echo location of any animal on earth, being able to map anything within 3 miles

Nickname: niburu
Object class: keter
Description: SCP-4015 is an object the size of Jupiter that passes through many different solar systems including our own. The planet has deep red glow, and is believed to have a composition of various gases including, carbon monoxide, lithium, hydrogen chloride, and many dangerous and extremely toxic gases. The planet has is covered in an ocean of liquid ammonia. The planet poses a threat to any planet is comes within 50 million km of the object. The planet has an extremely weak magnetic field and despite the planets large size, it has a very hard task of holding on to its heavy atmosphere. Whenever any object above the mass of mars comes within 50 million miles, a lot of its atmosphere gets stripped out into space and gets pulled towards the planet, after 2 days the toxins and extremely acidic gases become part of the planets atmosphere. Within a few days the entire population of the planet may become extinct. Yet there is one possibly even larger threat, the planet has a deep red hue, the planet itself is cursed and it is said that anyone who stares at the object will slowly lose mental health. Possible side affects may include, schizophrenia, anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. Side affects had been documented by the SCP Foundation after one astronomer had came out with his discovery of the planet to nasa, 1 week later he was found dead in his apartment with a gun shot wound to the head. Police investigation concluded that the gun shot was self inflicted. The mans family was interviewed and they reported symptoms of schizophrenia and paranoia. The planet is ranked by the SCP Foundation as the greatest threat to mankind due to how unpredictable the planets course is and how unstoppable the threat is