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An exterior view of the hill containing SCP-XXXX-1

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained on-site at Provisional Research Site-13. A 1.5 kilometer fenced barrier is to be maintained, with concealed heavy machine gun nests located far enough away from areas of civilian concentration to avoid notice, but close enough to support each other in the event of a breach; the barrier will be upkept under the guise of a conservation effort. Due to the high likelihood of civilian presence at the site, targeted amnestics are to be continually dispersed in a gaseous form; all necessary staff will be innoculated against the amnestic agents. Mobile Task Force Eta-9 ("The Missing Spaniards") is responsible for locating and consolidating any historical references to or evidence of SCP-XXXX. Mobile Task Force Phi-6 ("Ironclad Wolves") is tasked with civilian crowd control, perimeter security, and information suppression. Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 (Gambling Twins) is to provide security for the researchers in the event of an SCP-XXXX-1 breach. SCP-XXXX-1 is to be kept under constant Hume Level monitoring within its chamber, and any motion is to be reported immediately to all on-site task forces. SCP-XXXX-1 is to be kept in place by way of 10 millimeter diameter tungsten carbide rods placed through its body. 1 Scranton Reality Anchor is to be kept running within the chamber at all times, with a back up SRA set to engage in the event of its failure; furthermore, twenty reserve SRAs are to be kept evenly dispersed through the site.
3 Centurion main battle tanks are to be kept in the on-site motor pool. The entrance to the chamber housing SCP-XXX-1 is to be sealed with a 3-ton titanium blast door on rollers, rigged to fail shut in case of an emergency, and wired to run a 1 million volt current through itself when activated.

In the event of an SCP-XXXX-1 Longinus-class event, MTF-Gamma 13 is to immediately deploy against the entity, while the other two MTFs are responsible for evacuating site staff. In the event of an SCP-XXXX-2 manifestation, MTF Phi-6 is to utilize ritual [DATA EXPUNGED] to drive the entity off-site, at which point lockdown will be enforced for 24 hours.

All personnel stationed at Provisional Research Site-13 are to be undergo targeted psychological screening prior to beginning their duties. No personnel ascribing to any form of organized religion Judeo-Christian belief system are to be granted access to1SCP-XXXX. All personnel are to be rotated offsite once every 8 months, and tested for any newly developed religious affiliations, or attachment to SCP-XXXX-1; either of these traits are grounds for immediate amnestic treatment and discharge from the Foundation.

Description: SCP-XXXX-1 refers to the remains of a 5-meter tall humanoid being, located in an underground chamber in [DATA EXPUNGED], Israel. The entity is attached to a 12-meter tall wooden scaffolding, by way of several large metal rods driven through its body. Though the entity shows no vital signs, it still displays an abnormally high Hume level, several times higher than baseline reality. The entity bears several stab and puncture wounds, particularly below its waist. The entity also has 4 major bodily punctures located on its [REDACTED] and a major laceration along its [REDACTED]. This entity is naked save for a well-preserved linen loincloth, and, more notably, an iron circlet holding 12 equally spaced iron spikes, which have been driven into the cranium of the entity. Entombed along with the being are the remains of 960 Imperial Roman legionaries, armed and armored in a manner mostly consistent with that of the army of the 1st century AD; notable discrepancies include the presence of heavy single-bladed axes amongst the soldiers armaments, full metal construction of the scutums2 as compared to normal wooden construction, full face-plates present on every helmet, and inscriptions in an unknown language similar to Etruscan placed on certain armaments, usually those corresponding to centurions.

SCP-XXXX-3 refers to the memetic effect affiliated with historical records and mentions of SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-3 generates a compulsion within any person made aware of it to eventually make their way to the chamber containing SCP-XXXX-1, where they will [DATA EXPUNGED]. This journey will generally be made in a way that is innocuous to daily life, but attempts to hinder it have resulted in violence. Amnestics have proven effective in suppressing this compulsion, provided they are kept in regular supply.

SCP-XXXX-2 refers to an incorporeal entity that irregularly manifests in a field [REDACTED] kilometers from SCP-XXXX-1. This entity takes the form of a man of Middle-Eastern descent, with injuries consistent with hanging, as well as a visibly distended and ruptured abdomen, revealing a lack of internal organs. This entity, when manifested, will attempt to move to SCP-XXXX-1, emitting a low-pitched wail as it travels. Local Task Force Psi-3 ("Pontius Pilots") is responsible for maintaining aerial surveillance of the field, as well as attempting initial containment of the entity. The entity is known to be strongly averse to silver, but has been seen to ignore this aversion when in close proximity to SCP-XXXX-1. Prevention of contact between these entities is to be treated as the top priority by all Foundation assets in the area, as contact between them could trigger a Longinus-class awakening event, potentially leading to a CK-Class Reality Restructuring.

Addendum 12/16/54: It has been discovered that continued exposure to SCP-XXXX-1 can lead to memetic effects similar to those of SCP-XXXX-3. Notable differences between the two memetic vectors include: an explicitly stated drive to see SCP-XXXX-1 "risen", increased apathy towards the modern world, a greater sense of moral righteousness, and severe despair when not in the presence of SCP-XXXX-1.

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Propsed combat uniform for MTF Γ-13 agents, circa 1913.

Φ-Phi Γ-Gamma Η-Eta
Recovered Texts from Legio IV Felix: We have lost so many to the beast. Cohorts IV, VII, and X are gone to a man. Imperator Tiberius has been consulting with mystics and wise men from every province- priests of strange gods from Aegyptus, Druidic shamans from Gallia, and even worshippers of the mounted god from Moesia- seeking means to stop this monster. I pray that he finds his answer in time; but I fear there may be no time left for my legion.

Recovered journal of Legionary Flavius Aemilianus, Legio IV Felix: Today the legion was called to put down a reported insurrection by some local religious leader. Suspecting an ambush, we marched in a battle-ready formation, skirmishers, scouts, and outriders swarming around our flanks and out ahead of our column. We marched for most of the day before we saw it. Even now, I struggle to believe the truth of it. A man, or something in the guise of one, stood amidst a crowd several hundred strong, all staring at him, seemingly entranced. On order from our Primipilus, we made camp just at the edge of visible distance from them. Night has fallen now, and none of them have moved.

After an uneventful night, the order was given for a group of our skirmishers to approach the mob and attempt to discern their purpose. We watched with mounting unease from behind our fortifications as the skirmishers advanced towards the crowd, until they stopped at the very edge of the crowd, joining them in staring up at the massive figure. At first, none of us dared to hail them, but after several hours of inactivity, we tenatively blew "recall" on the cornu. When the skirmishers refused to return to our lines, a contubernium of the 6th Century, 7th Cohort was dispatched. We watched them march towards the entranced skirmishers, only to halt in the same manner. By this point, murmurs were racing through the camp, aand the men were growing increasingly agitated. While the junior enlisted men panicked and the officers mulled over what to do, the decision was taken from our hands. As stone was loosed from a sling somewhere along our lines, whistling through the air towards the still crowd. Maybe the errant peltast intended to strike and rouse one of our men; whatever his intent, I fear it only sealed our fate. The stone flew wide and struck an elderly man square in the nape of his neck, dropping him like a sack of grain. As one, the crowd turned their gaze from the massive figure towards our encampment. For the figure himself, he had only then seemed to become aware of our presence. Loosing an unearthly wail from hundreds of throats, the mob charged us, the giant striding along in their wake. True to form, we held the bulwarks and drove them back; apparent madness aside, they were mostly just unarmed and unarmored men and women, some of them bearing arms of their homeland, and some improvising weapons from whatever was on hand, although they fought on long after taking wounds that would've driven most warriors off the field. I saw one man take a perfectly executed thrust of the gladius to his lungs, only to keep advancing until another soldier shattered his legs under the edge of their scutum. I heard rumors that the giant attacked further down the line from me, throwing bolts of lightning like Jove's bastard spawn and splitting the earth asunder. The damage to the wall there lends easy enough truth to these claims. I do not know how we can best something like that; my comrades tell me he fled only after they'd killed several of his thralls. As night fell, the engagement broke off, with the attackers retreating to where they'd initially massed.

In the excitement of yesterday's battle, I forgot to note that we recovered those soldiers sent out to probe the crowd. When they returned to us, they explained that upon reaching the giant, they had heard his voice as clearly as their own thoughts, relating tales of the perfect world he hailed from, and how he would lead mankind to reshape the world in the image of his home. It was only once the battle was given that they were released, saying that he seemed distracted from them, giving over attention to those who had already been a part of his "flock". I don't know where this being comes from, or what it plans to do, but the Empire will never allow such actions to transpire. The might of Rome will stand for eternity.

We've been held her for almost 7 weeks now,(42 days to Rome, 95 days from Rome). After we didn't return within 4 days, the III Gallica was deployed to locate us; they've now reinforced our left flank. We sent multiple messages to the Palatium in Rome requesting all possible aid, but it will be another 3 months before they arrive, even assuming the message reaches Rome in the first place. For the most part, we spend our days harassing the enemy with our ballistae and onagers; our engineers have been ordered to attempt construction of additional artillery pieces to further this effort. Despite our occasional sorties against the giant's mob, their numbers have stayed constant, seeming even to swell over time, as occasional bands of travelers can be seen making their way to join the host. Furthermore, if we don't kill them on the walls, those wounded recovered by their fellows are often seen miraculously healed the next day, fighting on as though nothing had happened. Their titanic leader has yet to retake the field, much to our fortune. I do not know how long this stalemate will hold.

As though emboldened by my last writing, the giant took the field today, laying waste to the Gallic legion on our left. 3 cohorts vanished as lightning and tremors rolled through their ranks. The day was only barely saved when the remaining cohorts valiantly performed a counter charge, supported by their ballistae, driving the giant back with numerous bolts and pila embedded in him. Despite the joy at seeing our alien foe once again bloodied, this day was a sobering loss. We've tightened our defensive arrays and pulled our forces together. Whoever makes the next move will decide our fate.

We are blessed by the gods! After 2 and a half months of smoldering conflict on this godforsaken plain, relief arrived today. From the west, the IX Hispana and VI Ferrata could be seen in the early morning sun marching at the double-quick for our fortifications. By noon, they had reached us, and dug in their own positions. They brought word that the Palatium had taken note of our pleas, and the renowned XIII Gemina was on their way with special dispensations from Imperator Tiberius, based on his consultations with mystics and wise men from across the empire. Until their arrival, we are to contain this insurrection, and hold these zealots back from major cities.

After spending yesterday celebrating the arrival of Legios VI and IX, today we took the field against our enemy, hoping to use our now-bolstered numbers to press the initiative. At first light, we arrayed ourselves in a wide line, hoping to envelop the opposing army and cut them down in the ensuing rout. As we steadily advanced towards their position, there were none of the usual war cries or taunts that we'd grown accustomed to in prior campaigns. Both sides remained quiet, leaving us with naught but our thoughts and the steady sound of hobnailed boots pounding dry soil. At about 100 yards from their host, the front of the mass detached itself and the lightly armed and armored men and women began a silent charge towards our lines. Shouted orders arose on all sides, and shields locked together with a clap of thunder. Our first wave of pila created a shudder in the charging mob, but their momentum sent them hurtling over their wounded into our front lines. Despite the bizarre circumstances, our discipline won out, and we settled into the familiar rhythm of battle, slowly pushing forwards against their resistance. As I rotated to the front line, I noticed that we'd made less progress than I'd have expected, especially against such a foe. Once I got to the line of battle, I understood why. Just as they had on the walls, they fought as men possessed by demons, rarely allowing us chances to attack from behind our shields. Like I'd spent countless hours practicing, I used my shield to push forward with my brothers beside me, but before I could try for a quick thrust between the shields into their vitals, I was desperately trying to repulse the man who was clawing at my shield with animal frenzy in his eyes. The man to my right was dragged down when he exposed himself for a quick jab to save me. Another soldier rushed forward to fill the new gap, but in those brief seconds I felt the human tide press inexorably against me. After what felt like years of fighting, choking on blood and dust, stabbing out to touch any opening I saw with my gladius while pressing into the protection of my scutum, I heard my centurion bawl out to rotate to the rear. I quickly slipped through the ranks, catching my breath and realizing that the sun had scarcely moved through the sky. Against all odds, the sheer ferocity of the assault on our front was stretching our formation, sending our flanks out far ahead of us. The horns of our legion desperately called out to their brothers ranging far ahead. The dust kicked up by our stalled charge began dimming the light of the field, and the bloody ground had been churned to sludge that sucked at our hobnailed sandals. In the murky twilight of battle, I was barely able to see the field around us, the brief flashes of blue sky alien to my addled mind. Amidst the melee, I saw something that will stay with me to my dying day.

Marching down from the other side of the field was the legendary Legio XIII Gemina; the legion responsible for the fall of the Republic. They marched in perfect formation, seeming to contrast too sharply with the world around them. Their aquila didn't move, as though it was untouched by the wind. As they drew up to the rear of the enemy host, they began widening their formation, turning the catastrophe of our charge into a full encirclement of the enemy. One of our centurions must have seen this as well, as a cry was passed along our ranks to rally, to drive back the enemy and close the noose. Slowly, inexorably, paying for every step, we began to move forward again. Our front line became a solid wall of shields, bristling with blades protruding from every crevice. I saw the front line 3 more times during this hard-fought press. After hours of fighting, we broke through the press of the enemy, emerging to find that the Legio XIII had directly engaged the giant in the center of the field, with the rest of the army hanging back, occasionally loosing a pila in their defense. Up close, we could see some differences in the Gemina

Containment Breach: On [DATA EXPUNGED], SCP-XXXX-3 breached containment around SCP-XXXX-1, coming into contact with one of the tungsten carbide spikes being used to restrain it. Upon this contact, SCP-XXXX-1 began to display vital signs, as well as a spike in Hume readings. Approximately 45 seconds after contact, the restraining rod shattered, and SCP-XXXX-1 began moving. After approximately 3 minutes of movement suggestive of being roused from sleep, SCP-XXXX-1 seemed to take note of its surroundings; at this point, the remaining rods shattered. Rising to its feet, SCP-XXXX-1 seemingly dematerialized SCP-XXXX-3 with a gesture. SCP-XXXX-1 began exclaiming in ancient Hebrew, demanding to know which Caesars Foundation personnel were loyal to. Growing increasingly agitated, SCP-XXXX-1 began manifesting its reality-bending powers, materializing bolts of lightning within the confines of the subterranean chamber, causing anomalous seismic activity, and transmuting research equipment still wired to its body into substantial quantities of water. At this point, Task Force Gamma-13 arrived at the main entrance to the chamber, concentrating small arms fire against the entity. This proved largely ineffective, until APFSDS rounds were brought to bear.

Note from Site Admin: The Roman Empire has passed on to us the biggest disinformation campaign in recorded history; memetic effects aside, the fallout of revealing that one of the worlds largest religions is a cover story for an antiquity-era reality bender and his mentally-enslaved army has the potential to change he world more than any number of our anomalies ever could.