Edison's Oaks

Item #: SCP-n

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Identified adult instances of SCP-n are stored in Site-██'s Arboretum. Lights, wiring, and sprinkler systems used in the Arboretum should utilise Direct Current (DC) power systems. Testing regarding SCP-n should be approved by at least 2 Level-4 personnel beforehand.
No less than 5 instances of SCP-n seeds should be kept under cryogenic suspension in Site-██ at any given time for safekeeping purposes.

Under no circumstances should electrical devices utilizing the Alternating Current (AC) power system be allowed near SCP-n at any point in its life cycle.

UPDATED 02/11/0█: Personnel are to be thoroughly screened for electrical devices, including but not limited to pacemakers and hearing aids, before being permitted access to any instance of SCP-n.

Description: SCP-n is a previously unidentified species of tree, genetically similar to Quercus stellata. SCP-n exhibits multiple properties unusual to its Kingdom, including its anomalous properties and ability to consume electricity as a food source.

The electrical conversion process has been identified to be non-anomalous, aided by electrolithoautotroph archaea located on the roots. These seem to be heavily adapted to be able to survive on land instead of thermal vents and convert electricity approximately 184.7% more efficiently than their vent-dwelling relatives.

SCP-n's anomalous properties become apparent when a device with an AC power system approaches within 4 meters of an instance. The device will be violently shredded and drawn towards the SCP-n instance, after which it is completely absorbed through anomalous means into the bark. This occurs to the entire device, regardless of how small or irrelevant the AC power component is. After a period of time ranging from 4 seconds to 21 minutes, the device will remanifest within 4 meters of the instance. This manifestation is seemingly instantaneous, and high speed cameras have been unable to capture any possible place of origin or entry point. These devices are collectively referred to as SCP-n-A. SCP-n-A are generally non-functional replicas of the object they replaced made from a mixture of tree sap, leaves, pulp, bark, and acorns with notable exceptions including n-A-4 and n-A-7. In all cases, a message is carved into the replaced device.

ID Device Replaced Notes
A-1 Standard Foundation Electrical Fan Output was a crudely made replica of the fan composed of tree bark and pulp. Fan completely fell apart upon touch. Message: "Freaking fake fans, goddamn posers…"
A-2 AC Battery Output was a sealed box made of tree bark, with tree sap filling the entirety of the inside. Various cuts were observed on top of the box. Message: "Am I not good enough for you? What does he have that I don't? When did you change so much?"
A-3 █████-brand Microwave Output was a sealed box made of fused branches. It was found to be completely hollow. Message: "George put you up to this didn't he? Just to mock me, huh?"
A-4 Dual Voltage ████-brand Laptop Output was a pile of glass shards. The carved message was previously thought to be non-existent, but later identified to be microscopic inscriptions on one of the shards. Message: "What a two-timer… Even Westinghouse would admit this is an abomination."
A-5 ███████-brand Mini-Fridge Output was a box composed of tree bark and acorns, with a swinging door composed of leaves. Water was found on the inside of the box. Message was identified to be an excerpt from Harold P. Brown's June 5, 1888 letter to the editor of the New York Post, with every mention of "AC" or "Alternating Current" being replaced with "SC" or "Stupid Current" respectively.
A-6 Standard Foundation Coffee Machine An exact replica of the original machine, made completely out of tree bark. Was unable to brew coffee. Message: "With Thomson-Houston? Seriously Edison? You don't need her, she'll tear you apart Tom. "
A-7 Agent ████████ ████ [DATA EXPUNGED] For more information, see Updated Containment Procedures. Message: "You'll come crawling back, girl. And I'll bring down every single stinking AC device if I have to."