First SCP-J: Cherr

Item #: SCP-7564-J
Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-7564 is to be kept on Dr. Johnson's desk at all times, except when Dave wants to look at it. Only Dave and Dr. Johnson are allowed to pick it up, just in case it does have some cool property.

It’s a blue stress ball, with a white swirl pattern, about 2.5 cm tall. We are pretty sure it’s just a stress ball, but Dave Kindsler, the Janitor, claims he saw it move. Dave has been feeling down since his divorce, so we are giving him a win to make him feel like he’s important. (Dr. Johnson found a noose in his broom closet.) It is not clear what triggers SCP-7564’s anomalous properties, and it probably won't be researched. It can bounce and be thrown, but not when Dave is in the area, as he gets angry and says you are hurting it.

Dave just said that it DEFINITELY moved. It jumped off the desk, he said. It is possible that the fan in Dr. Johnson's office just blew it away, but Dave is still sad. It is possible that we will introduce him to SCP-999 in the next few days.