SCP-XXXX: The One Man Army.

Item #: SCP-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held within a standard humanoid containment chamber in every facility excluding site [REDACTED] with the additions of general recreational furnishings included but not limited to a couch and television. Additional recreational materials depend on the facility. SCP-XXXX is not allowed contact with any dangerous or potentially dangerous SCPs or allowed contact with any form of weaponry (see Addendum H) unless given special permission from someone with level 4 security or higher.
Description: SCP-XXXX is a 22 year old Caucasian male with black hair and brown eyes. He has a thin build and a generally morose attitude. SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties include cloning of himself and any non-ground objects he is currently touching. It has been discovered that killing one of these clones will cause them, along with any objects or entities cloned with them, to disappear in a cloud of smoke. This happens milliseconds before any killing blow. We are unable to discern any mechanisms behind the cloning process or the determining of a "killing blow" that would cause a clone to disintegrate. Likewise, SCP-XXXX can decide to disintegrate any clone along with its clone dependent items at will. SCP-XXXX appears to operate along a psuedo-hive-mind structure, all clones appearing to possess individual free will, but when needed, operating in an organized, synchronous fashion.
Addendum A: The following is the transcript of an interview between SCP-XXXX and Dr. [REDACTED] recorded on [REDACTED] at [REDACTED].

Dr. [REDACTED]: Hello SCP-XXXX. How are you today.
SCP-XXXX: Please stop calling me that. It's getting rude.
Dr. [REDACTED]: I'm sorry, but this is standard interview protocol. There's nothing I can do.
SCP-XXXX: Bullshit. I've read at least ten interviews where the interviewer actually treated the SCP like an actual person!
Dr. [REDACTED]: Well that… wait… how did you access any interviews?
SCP-XXXX: (Sighs audibly) I generated a clone through the door, and found Dr. Bright's laptop.
Dr. [REDACTED]: Wha? Dr. Bright doesn't even work at this facility!
SCP-XXXX: I'm at every facility.
Dr. [REDACTED]: Oh. Right. (Mutters to self about long-range communication while scribbling notes on his clipboard.) We should get into the questions now. Question 1: Durring Security Breach H5A-I9, what was your experience with SCP-XXXY?
SCP-XXXX: What one was that?
Dr. [REDACTED]: That was the breach at site [REDACTED] in which SCP-XXXY overran the facility using mind-controling microprocessors. I've heard mixed accounts regarding the events there, and I heard that you did well with assisting in the lockdown and recomversion of the facility.
SCP-XXXX: Oh. That. Get ready for a story, doctor. So I cloned through a door because I wanted some coffee. I went to SCP-294, but I think they moved it 'cause it wasn't there. Suddenly, I hear screaming and shit, so I peek out of the room to see what was going on, and there's a giant fucking robot attaching some thing to the back of this lady's neck. I think it was Dr. [REDACTED]. It attaches the thing, and suddenly she's a zombie. So I'm freaking out, and this robot starts coming after me along with a bunch of robo zombies. They corner me, and so I clone my way out. They still have one of me trapped though, and he starts attaching the chip thing. I drop to the ground, and I watch as I start getting mind-controlled. I feel the code and junk start taking over me, so I terminate that clone, and it stops. For a minute, we were connected. Two hive minds duking it out. Weirdest shit I've ever experienced.
Dr. [REDACTED]: I'm sorry, it's just… I'm getting a bit confused with the point of view.
SCP-XXXX: Try living with it, pal. Anyway, I terminate any stray clones in the facility, and start searching for some kind of weapon to fight off the apocalypse, and I run into Dr. Mindov. Mindov knows a bit about my abilities, so he shows me some tech I can use to incapacitate the robo zombies. It's like a coat we something with some heavy duty shit attatched. SCP-XXXZ, I think, but I can't remember. So I put on the coat and start cloning like there's no tomorrow. After a few seconds, I'm up to about 100 clones. I disperse and secure the exits. In other facilities, I'm trying to warn any doctor who will listen about the breach. I end up using EMP blasts to disable about 525 zombos before reinforcements arrive. Eventually, we got XXXY under control. Unfortunately, I was forced to terminate my army and give XXXZ back, but at least my entire hive mind didn't get reprogrammed or whatever.
Dr. [REDACTED]: Wow. So that's why they don't let you have weapons.
SCP-XXXX: (Mutters about not being allowed to have knives.)
Dr. [REDACTED]: Okay. How about your experience with SCP-222?
SCP-XXXX: Which one is that?
Dr. [REDACTED]: The coffin.
SCP-XXXX: Oh! That one. That one was weird.
Dr. [REDACTED]: care to elaborate?
SCP-XXXX: I'm required to ask if you have a high enough security clearance.
(Over the Loudspeaker): He has level 5 security clearance. He's fine.
SCP-XXXX: Alright then. So they took me to these catacombs or something and told me to lay in a coffin. After a few minutes, I fell asleep. All of me fell asleep.
Dr. [REDACTED]: the coffin put your entire hive mind to sleep?
SCP-XXXX: Yeah. Then, a few hours later, a clone of me showed up wearing linen or something. He wasn't… me, though. He wasn't… a part… I… (SCP-XXXX appears to begin having a panic attack.) I had to. I can't trust him with it… He wasn't me!
Dr. [REDACTED]: what are you talking about?
(Strang noises occur for a moment or two.
SCP-XXXX: get out.
Dr. [REDACTED]: But we haven't fini-
SCP-XXXX: (now about 50 clones) I'm done with the interview. Get out!
[End interview]

Addendum B: After an altercation with the cooking staff, SCP-XXXX is no longer allowed to use chopsticks and a steak knife at the same meal.

Addendum C: SCP-XXXX is now allowed 1 book per week after Security Breach [REDACTED] at site [REDACTED].

Addendum D: SCP-XXXX must now be kept in a special room with thicker walls and thicker doors to prevent "cloning through."

Addendum E: SCP-XXXX has decided to enlist himself into the security detail. He is given level 1 security clearance to roam the facility provided he is also performing proper security detail.

Addendum F: Durring the transit of SCP-049 at the request of Dr. [REDACTED], all personell excluding SCP-XXXX were touched and subsequently died. SCP-XXXX used rapid cloning techniques to overwhelm SCP-049 despite the fact that each individual touch acted as a "killing blow" against each clone, instantaneously terminating them. SCP-049 was transported successfully.

Addendum G: SCP-XXXX cloned himself while in contact with SCP-999, creating a clone of SCP-999. The clone that SCP-999's clone is now dependant on is now SCP-XXXX-B

Addendum H: After an incident with [REDACTED] It has been decided on that SCP-XXXX is now allowed contact with weaponry provided it only occurs while that iteration of him is on duty.

Addendum I as a gift, Dr. Mindov has given SCP-XXXX access to SCP-XXXZ. All iterations of SCP-XXXX are now outfitted with SCP-XXXZ.