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SCP-3198 scout vehicle in Site-1394

Item #: SCP-3198

Object Class: Safe

Standard Containment Procedures: SCP-3198-A is currently contained in a specially designed containment chamber for micro humanoids at Site-89. SCP-3198-A is to be fed 1cm cubed portions of standard humanoid foods and provided with a water dish which is to be refilled every morning and evening.

Site Director approval is required before any objects or materials outside of standard containment protocols are provided to SCP-3198-A. If SCP-3198-A requires an object or material which the absence of would prove detrimental to its health, resizing via SCP-1056 is permitted if the urgency is high and there are no reasonable alternatives.

Research into a way to return SCP-3198-A to a normal state is ongoing.

SCP-3198-B is to be contained in standard storage at Site-89. Testing of SCP-3198-B with SCP-3198-A has been suspended indefinitely.

Description: SCP-3198 is the collective designation for the Mobile Task Force formerly known as Lambda-9 ("Big Fucking Guns"). This task force was created specifically to contain Keter level objects that required high damage output ordinance in the event of a containment breach. Being one of the largest MTF teams, Lambda-9 is comprised of:

  • 100 foot soldiers armed with M4 assault rifles, M249 light machine guns, fragmentation grenades and 2 FGM-148 Javelin missile launchers
  • 20 OSHKOSH M-ATV scout vehicles fitted with M2 Browning heavy machine guns
  • 2 AH-64 Apache Longbow helicopters with 2 crew members in each
  • 30 combat trained support personnel
  • 4 M970 fuel trucks carrying Diesel
  • 2 OSHKOSH M978A4 Fuel Servicing Trucks carrying JP8 Jet fuel
  • 4 MK25 Standard cargo trucks carrying food, water and general supplies

Prior to discovery, SCP-3198 inhabited the west side of LOI-1397's living room, having created a fortified base out of various household materials. All units (both human (SCP-3198-A) and mechanical (SCP-3198-B)) were then discovered to have been reduced dramatically to a ratio of approximately 1:64 of their original size with a similar reduction in mass.

The voices of SCP-3198-A have become extremely high pitched, audible as "squeaking" with some words occasionally being discernible. SCP-3198-A speech can only be understood by lowering the pitch and speed on recordings. A specially designed computer program has been designed to transcribe SCP-3198-A speech to ease communication.

SCP-3198-B vehicles function exactly like their normal sized counterparts though they require significantly less fuel to run. Handheld weapons and weapons attached to both the scout vehicles and attack helicopters are considerably less powerful than their full sized counterparts but are still capable of causing significant damage to structures and living targets1.


Lambda-9 scout vehicle prior to Incident 682-I

MTF-Lambda-9 was last active during a containment breach of SCP-682 (See Incident-682-I). This breach had occurred after an attempt to shrink 682 to a manageable size using SCP-1056. En route to ██████████ ████████ ████, SCP-682 ambushed Lambda-9, expelling a wave of unknown energy2. Contact was lost; all units of MTF-Lambda-9 were presumed KIA.

SCP-3198 was discovered 13 days later, 2 kilometers from the location of Incident 682-I. The prior owner of LOI-1397 had returned to the location after a vacation and discovered SCP-3198. In a panic, the resident dropped their mobile phone and left the premises which SCP-3198 then used to call a Foundation front (See Log-XXXX-A) leading to Foundation agents discovering SCP-3198. Class-B amnestics were applied to the prior resident after this incident.


Interview Log 3198-A-1