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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX are 24 pills contained in a standard pharmaceutical pill bottle.

According to the observer, subjects who consume SCP-XXXX appear to move much more quickly. However, to the subject, the world around them moves much slower, while they can move at the same speeds. This effectively allows the subject to move incredibly quickly.

The effects of SCP-XXXX only last one minute to the outside observer, but the subject reports at least one hour passing until the effects end. Because of this, the subject appears to move 60 times faster than normal. If multiple instances of SCP-XXXX are consumed at once, this effect will stack with the previous, allowing the subject to move 3, 600 times faster than usual. Because of this, it is strongly discouraged to take more than one pill at once. This is because while the speed of the subject increases, so do their biological processes. Taking 2 pills will cause the subject to experience one hour of time passing, but taking 3 or more will force the subject to wait for very long periods of time while sitting completely still if they wish to survive the effects of the pill, described below.

Since the subject moves much faster than usual, air resistance will cause them to heat up considerably, as well as impacts to be much more powerful and dangerous. Therefore, the subject must move very slowly if they wish to survive until the effects expire.

The second anomalous effect of SCP-XXXX manifests when the subject comes into physical contact with another object. The object then synchronizes with the subject's speed, allowing the subject to manipulate the object as normal. This effect does not transfer to the air surrounding SCP-XXXX (see Testing Log XXXX-1).

The primary effect of SCP-XXXX is very useful to the Foundation for tasks that do not require any large movements (writing, typing, etc). However, due to the limited capacity, SCP-XXXX may only be consumed during tests approved by two (2) Level 3 personnel.