Chronic thing


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [Will do that after I get the desc right]

Description: SCP-XXXX is a global occurrence that happens to any item available, Any Affected item will be called SCP-XXXX-[Numbers here], upon touching contact with any [instert the size of a small object] object, the object will inherit the SCP-XXXX Anomalous Properties, therefore, becoming SCP-XXXX-[Numbers here] upon human contact SCP-XXXX will proceed to make an exchange of consciousness, after the exchange is complete, the subject would proceed to act differently as the subject would proceed to dedicate itself to one of the Abrahamic Religions, While the SCP-XXXX gains consciousness while retaining the memories of the subject, despite the actual subject has 0 memory of past life, Those Subjects referred as SCP-XXXX-A

SCP-XXXX Encountered at █████████ when local law enforcement got a call about "Haunted Objects", Foundation agents interfered the situation and collected all the affected items while all neighborhood has been applied with A class Amnestic.