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IA CASE FILE \\ MTS \\ DATED █/██/1964

The MTS is an organization noted by the Intelligence Agency for investigation of alleged corruption within the Foundation. Reports given to the Foundation include leaking of classified information and a potential Soviet spy network operating at several containment sites. The words that make up the acronym MTS are unknown, though it is known to some as the Mysterious Trench Service, as suspected operatives have been seen in trench coats. Although the leader of the MTS is unknown, some agents of the Intelligence Agency have deliberated that it is Dr. Christopher Gates of the Scientific Department. Dr. Gates has reported several incidents within the Foundation, such as deliberate mishandling of SCPs and other anomalous substances.

By all accounts, the MTS has always contacted the Foundation at its Administrative Site via telephone. This is likely because the organization has made an effort to have minimal physical evidence collected on it. Attempts to trace the calls have been unsuccessful. It is currently unknown how the MTS located the classified telephone number.

EXHIBIT A: On █/█/1963, a typewritten strip of paper was discovered outside of Site-██ by Site Director [REDACTED], which is believed to have been intentionally left behind by an MTS operative. The paper reads as follows:

We are the MTS. We'll be watching.