Item #: SCP-3847
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3847 is to be kept in a standard human containment cell 6.5 square meters across with a kitchen area complete with two cabinets stocked with dishware, a table with two chairs, a working sink and an oven with a bathroom on the other side of the room. SCP-3847 must be stored in the rightmost cabinet along with a jar of margarita sauce and a strainer.

  • Note, SCP-3847's anomalous effects do not take place when the kitchen's exact parameters are not met

Description: SCP-3847 is a box of Italian Rigatoni pasta measuring 45 x 30 cm. The box has the text Vigo’s Pasta with a picture of an Italian male wearing a chef hat and white apron. SCP-3847’s anomalous properties take place when prepared as a normal pasta meal and consumed with margarita sauce. After being consumed, at 9:00 pm, the subject who consumed SCP-3847 will feel the intense urge to defecate. After defecation, the subject will become unconscious for 30-40 minutes. During this time, all electronics in the area are disabled including except for lights and kitchen appliances1 . It is unknown currently what occurs during this time as all attempts to observe the event have failed. See Incident report SCP-3847-A. After the time elapses, SCP-3847’s contents are refilled. Examination of the pasta showed there was no bacteria common in fecal matter.

Attempts to search for Vigo's pasta came back inconclusive. The origins of the box are still unknown as it was dropped off on the doorstep of researcher ███████'s house on █/█/████ with a letter stating, "Here's the pasta you ordered!" The anomalous effects were first recorded after researcher ███████ consumed the pasta.

*Note, researcher ███████ stated that she never order pasta

incident report SCP-3847-A with Dr.██████
Interviewer: So, what happened?
Dr.██████: I was walking back to my office at around, 9:24 and I see an Italian man, about 6'4'' running out of 3847's cell.
Interviewer: Wh- What? Elaborate.
Dr.██████: He was yelling about pasta or some shit and he was running to the fire escape.
When he saw me, he yelled "mama Mia!" and threw fuckin' sand in my eyes2.
Interviewer: Are you sure this is what you saw?
Dr.██████: YES! What do you not believe about this?
Interviewer: This could be a psychological effect from 384-
DR.██████: If you don't believe me check the hallway yourself!
Interviewer: Alright, we'll go take a look.

Dr.████ and Dr.██████ Went to the hallway where the incident occurred and found small grains of sand on the floor and walls. Following this report, an observation room was set up in the bathroom. Refer to Experiment log 3857 for details

<Experiment Log 3847>
Experiment run at 8:31, D-2893 prepares SCP-3847 as normal
8:45 pm, D-2893 Consumes 3847
8:58 pm, D-2893 feels uneasy, heads to bathroom
9:12 pm, D-class becomes unconscious after defecation
9:39 pm, A man, presumably of Italian decent enters room through unknown means3 holding
SCP-3847's container, grabs handfuls of pasta and places them into the box.
9:41 pm, The man now referred to as SCP-3847-1 places SCP-3847 back into the cabinet and leaves loudly stating, "mangiare per vivere e non vivere per mangiare!"
9:47 pm, D-2893 awakes to a very confused state and is escorted out of the cell.

After SCP-3847-1 leaves the facility, 6 MTF units were dispatched to search for SCP-3847-1 but no evidence was found of it entering or exiting the facility. It is also theorized that SCP-3847-1 is Vigo himself as SCP-3847-1 has a strong resemblance to the man on the box.

1. Appliances such as blenders, ovens, toasters and other kitchen appliances are still able to operate
as usual
2. The sand recovered from the incident was coated in an unknown substance. 3 days After the attack, Dr.██████ as lost vision in his left eye.
3. SCP-3847-1's entry into the room is still being investigated