Object: SCP-xxxx
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a small glass chamber on Site [[REDACTED]].
The glass chamber is to be contained on a pedistal, the material does not matter.

The edges of SCP-xxxx's glass container are to be lined with metal reinforcments, these reiforcments must be painted red.

SCP-xxxx is a size 8 red high heeled shoe, of unknown brand, it is a right foot shoe, atleast 3 other instances of SCP-xxxx have been contained in the past, all of which being right foot, however these where lost in unknown circumstances during a small breach of containment at Site [[REDACTED]], the lost instances have not been relocated and the unknown circumstances in the loss of containment caused the rise in SCP-xxxx's classification from safe to Euclid.

It is presently unknown wether or not the currently contained instance of SCP-xxxx has a left foot counterpart.

SCP-xxxx radiates an unknown energy off itself, this energy melts any and all materials that are not glass, metal that is painted red or [[REDACTED]]. The reason SCP-xxxx's radiance fails to damage those materials is unknown at this time.

The energy radiated of SCP-xxxx has been observed to be unable to phase though matter or show any anomouls propertys other than melting most materials.

When SCP-xxxx is worn, no anomilous effects have been noted, other then those that appear even when not being worn.

Additional Information:
SCP-xxxx was first found in [[REDACTED]], Iowa, United States of America. It was found in a puddle of molten material, in a ditch 7 feet deep. Extraction took 3 days as almost all of Foundation equipment used to extract it melted, and extraction by hand proved hazardous as it even melted biological matter, only when specilised glass equipment was used did the Foundation retrieve the object.