Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A sample strain of SCP-xxxx is to be kept stored a external hard disc in a secure storage locker, preferably USB accessible. This storage is not to be network accessible by any means. SCP-xxxx is not to be read or connected to any compatible machine outside of testing.

Coding forums and version control services are to be monitored for instances of SCP-xxxx. Infected persons displaying no more than cold symptoms are to be quarantined until recovered then issued amnesiacs. Infected persons displaying meningitis are to be terminated and all their electronic devices destroyed.

After Incident SCP-xxxx-1 all universities are to be monitored for potential SCP-xxxx contamination.

All machine testing should take place in a chamber with no visual contact except digital video feeds. Computers used in testing should be incinerated after use.

All human testing must take place in class-III biological containment. Infected humans are not to have contact with any networked device.

SCP-xxxx is a family of anomalous viruses capable of infecting computers and humans.

In machines, SCP-xxxx typically manifests as a worm type computer virus, attaching copies of itself to all available files on an infected system. At this stage SCP-xxxx may spread from machine to machine. Most commonly SCP-xxxx spreads via sharing of infected files, though alternative methods have been observed including but not limited to exploiting shared network devices and security holes in operating systems.
Infection may pass from the infected machine to any suitable host via a trigger, typically embedded in virtual media that sustains the new hosts attention. To this date, this trigger has been embedded in:

  • images
  • audio
  • video
  • written text in the form of source code

Infection may only occur after observation of the entire trigger, which is depended on the given medium. Video shows the most efficient transfer, occurring in milliseconds, while still images require the entire image active region to be observed.
Lossy alteration, such as compression, of the infected media renders the trigger inert.
In humans with limited to no computer expertise, SCP-xxxx presents as a previously unknown form of rhinovirus, causing non-life threatening cold and flu symptoms. SCP-xxxx spreads to new human hosts normally, via contaminated surfaces and respiratory aerosols.
When an infected subject uses any electronic device, the subject transfers the virus via any conventional input. Typically this process requires 64kb of text to be transcribed, or roughly 60 seconds of voice audio. The machine will then become infected with a copy of the virus mostly identical to that which infected the subject. Strains of SCP-xxxx that show significant genetic drift from their source , potentially from a lengthy chain of human hosts, display statistically lessened abilities to infect new machines: strains typically either remain wholly viable or inert to machines.

In humans with any significant knowledge of computer science (henceforth referred to as SCP-xxxx-A), SCP-xxxx causes acute meningitis. SCP-xxxx-A will retreat to an isolated computer and begin work on a body of code henceforth referred to as SCP-xxxx-B. SCP-xxxx-B will generally be written in a single programming language, typically that with which SCP-xxxx-A is most knowledgeable. Code bodies vary by language and by the effectiveness of SCP-xxxx-A at coding, though typically requires 10,000 lines of code making use of an anomalous library package called "Biosynth". Upon running, the relevant machine will become infected with a new strain of SCP-xxxx which displays novel properties.

Test Log:
Subjects were exposed to a baseline strain of SCP-xxxx administered by a 10 second video.
Subject has no significant computer knowledge. Subject allowed access to a laptop for testing: in 3 days subject displays mild cold symptoms and increased interest in the computer. After 7 hours, computer shows signs of SCP-xxxx infection. Subject recovers from symptoms in 5 days, and is subsequently non infectious.

Subject has no significant computer knowledge. Subject allowed access to laptop infected by D-aaaa: in 3 days subject displays mild cold symptoms. Genetic sequencing of virus shows it identical to that from D-aaaa.

D-cccc, dddd, eeee, ffff, gggg, hhhh:
No subject has significant computer knowledge. D-cccc allowed access to laptop infected by D-aaaa. Each subsequent subject infected by throat swab from prior subject to test effects of human-human transmission: After 2 days of infection, D-hhhh shows increased interest in using a computer, though after 2 days of sustained use computer remains uninfected. Similar testing shows that computer infection became impossible at D-gggg

Subject has basic coding skills: Subject develops viral meningitis and begins writing SCP-xxxx-b-iiii. Upon completion computer becomes infected with SCP-xxxx-b-iiii. Source code shows first reference to ███████ library, and subsequent genetic analysis shows significant deviation from baseline genetic material, though infectivity and behavior remains unchanged. Subject recovers with mild neural injury.

Subject has advanced knowledge of java and scores highly in analytical thinking: Subject develops viral meningitis and begins writing SCP-xxxx-b-jjjj. Upon completion, computer becomes infected with SCP-xxxx-b-jjjj. Virus shows new forms of transmission, now capable of spreading through infected body fluids. Source code again shows reference to ███████ library, and genetic analysis shows a 20% larger genetic code.
Subsequently increased security measures are taken to prevent containment breach.

subject has advanced knowledge of c and assembly language: infection proceeds as expected. The new virus shows infectivity both in humans, requiring only 12 hours to incubate and persisting for 10 days, though shows lessened ability to spread via aerosol. Genetic analysis shows 1200% longer base pair sequence.

subject notable for being an avid "code golfer": infection proceeds as expected. Subsequent virus shows greatly reduced infectivity in humans and machines, necessitating direct human-human contact or attachment to an executable file. Subsequent genetic analysis shows a 95% reduction in base pair length.

subject has mastery of front end design and media: infection proceeds as expected. Resultant virus now draws host attention to infected media with popups, flashing lights, or preferentially places itself in the focus of images and web pages. Subsequent genetic analysis shows a 50% increase in base pair sequence.

subject skilled in compression: infection proceeds as expected. Subsequent virus requires 80% less time to transfer from machine to human, and 90% less time to move from human to machine, base pair sequence 50% reduced

D-oooo & D-pppp:
Both subjects are skilled software developers. infections proceed as expected. SCP-xxxx-b instance developed in pair programming style, completed in 60% less time and showing globally increased infectivity. Analysis shows 5% decrease in base pair sequence.

D-1111,2222,3333,4444,5555,6666,7777,8888: all subjects proficient in programming: SCP-xxxx-b produced in agile method, day 10 group cohesion degrades and team splits, by day 30 SCP-xxxx-b instance uncompleted and all test subjects expired from neural trauma

Incident Report SCP-xxxx-1:
D-qqqq, rrrr, ssss, tttt, uuuu, vvvv: subjects qqqq, and rrrr show mastery of a variety of computer skills, ssss proficient in design, tttt proficient in psychology, uuuu proficient in immunology, vvvv in virology:
All subjects progress to the meningitis stage of SCP-xxxx and begin cooperative work on a new SCP-xxxx strain. Video observation indicates efforts focused on social engineering and new methods of compression. At the third day of active infection, observation staff showed signs of claustraphobia and extreme agitation, and attempted to vacate the building. This effect spread to all who came in contact with affected staff, including security teams. Quarantine was initiated, locking the wing. Affected staff attempted to override security measures, succeeding in transmitting an SCP-xxxx trigger to speakers in the adjacent wing by unknown means. Both wings were subsequently sealed and sanitized. All devices and means of storage including but not limited to written records incinerated.