Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter Apollyon

Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 cannot be contained and can be only be hold containment with special bars made of [REDACTED]. If we do capture it with the special bars, we put it in a 15 by 15 meters around Site [REDACTED] where should be not be in human contact for more than 10 seconds for it will cause blindness and huge suicidal thoughts. Only D-Class are enter in SCP-4000's Containment where tests will not be viewed but microphone tape to not let scientist get theses emotions and die. If SCP-4000 escape containment in Site [REDACTED] everywhere within 2,500 by 2,500 meter will be closed permanently until SCP-4000 be contain or terminated for the breach will be safe. If anybody caught with SCP-4000, they would [REDACTED] to their punishment to the facility of Site [REDACTED]

Description: SCP-4000 is a gray shape figure that cannot be seen in pictures or it will blind the human forever and cannot see anything but SCP-4000. The height of the SCP-4000 is [REDACTED] and looked controlled however but its SCP-4000's movement for some reason. SCP-4000 can stop time for it to escape Site [REDACTED] SCP-4000 can talk in a very dark voice and hard to be heard. SCP-4000 look like SCP-[CANNOT SAY NAME] but not also because SCP-[CANNOT SAY NAME] have the tentacles not like SCP-4000 has. SCP-4000 have bears/human hands, and Sharpen their claws everyday by chewing on them can grab even more objects then humans. SCP-4000 cannot sprint, run, or even jog. It can only walk, but SCP-4000's walk is pretty fast to normal humans with SCP-4000 can go up to [REDACTED]. Every time somebody get close to SCP-4000 without permission with SCP-4000 is killed instantly because of a instant plague that flows through the human system fast and reach their heart to destroy it inside then eating it turning into a black mist on the ground. SCP-4000 eats with what looks like black bees coming out of SCP-4000. A interview came with Dr. Yani Junkin using Black [REDACTED] to block his view from SCP-4000

Interviewed: [SCP-4000 interview]

Interviewer: [Dr. Yani Junkin]
Foreword: [Dr. Yani Junkin stepping on the hard ground]
<Begin Log>
Dr. Yani Junkin: "Hey Scp-4000, what do you want to do"
SCP-4000: "…"
Dr. Yani Junkin: "Say something"
SCP-4000: "Why won't you die"
Dr. Yani Junkin: "I cannot see you and not close to you"
SCP-4000: "███████"
Dr. Yani Junkin: "What did you say"
<End Log, [SCP-4000 was going after Dr. Yani Junkin, but failed because SCP-4000 didn't got enough time to get him]>
Closing Statement: [Dr. Yani Junkin cannot be inside SCP-4000's containment before dying by SCP-4000, and Dr. Yani Junkin feels a little Nausea before being fine]

closing statement: "I don't know why I went in that cell, but it really surprised me after it can talk. More testing need to be experimented on SCP-4000 to conclude where and what made SCP-4000. My thoughts was [REDACTED] Forest from the [REDACTED] of Canada." Dr. Yani Junkin