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Item #: SCP-10000 (There aren't 10000 SCPs. It just requested to 100000 from DR. ██████████. Its actual Item # is SCP-4005)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-10002 is contained in a one (1) room cell with a standard bed, a built-in showerhead, a wooden chair and a lead training dummy. Reasonable requests for personal items may be granted upon approval by a Level 4 or higher authority. Currently, SCP-10002 has requested:

  • A modern dictionary (granted).
  • Series of classic books each week (Little Women, Sherlock Holmes, Romeo and Juliet, etc.) (granted)
  • A sharping stone (denied)
  • Access to visit SCP-4001 (pending)

SCP-10002 is free to roam the facility if it desires to and eat at the main canteen. A tracking device is placed onto its neck, though it always will return to its containment area. SCP-10002 is often seen either reading one of its books, training with the dummy or remaining in its bed or chair. SCP-10002 is allowed to have daily chats with D-Class or highly personnel but must be monitored by at least a Level 4 Personnel and 2 Security details (although one is only necessary). SCP-10002 is allowed to talk with other SCPs at Site 17, such as SCP-073, SCP-105, SCP-343. SCP-999 may also be allowed for a weekly visit if approved by Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-10002 appears to be a lightly tanned European male somewhere in its late thirties with a height of 2.032 meters and a weight of 200kg, with brown hair and black eyes. The subject's skin has no interesting details, however seems to have thick muscles and when the subject is "activated" European arcane symbols appear, somehow being etched in the subject's skin but somehow disappear after the subject is "deactivated". When being questioned about the symbols, the subject simply says "They were there when I became a Knight". X-Rays have shown that a 33 mm thick piece of unknown radioactive metal. The metal seems to be unremovable even through past attempts (See Addendum 10002.2) and subject becomes concern and almost hostile when asked, often becoming distressed by crying, becoming agitated and "tapping" out of reality for approximately █ ███████.

SCP-10002, who is referred to as "Sir Arthur", is kind and often gracious to all that speak to it. His speech being lively and joyful as if it were at a party but it can sometimes be cold and harsh. This personality seems to appear once every month or after the subject has saw SCP-4003. It is very helpful and enjoys talking with other personnel and aiding them in their daily activities, whatever they may be. It is highly intelligent in many forms of ancient and modern Eastern languages, from current Russian to an unknown Medieval European language. Subject has shown to carry the ability the ability to out make blurred out images and text. Tests have shown the subject can make 12 blurred images and images that were shown to him in a minute. It has scored above-average intellect on all test given to it.

SCP-10002 will become hostile if any personnel, machinery or SCP attempts to inflict damage towards it. Subject has superhuman strength and speed and has the ability to resist .30 caliber and below rounds. Subject has a healing factor that can heal from nearly every wound and allows it to somehow absorb pain and shock. If felt threated, It will somehow summon a fully plated Medieval Knights armor that has been constructed of an unknown metal that it resistant to intense heat, pressure, acidic substances and radiation and has also be infused with light energy. It will also summon a 125 cm longsword (SCP-10002-2) with the same properties as the armor. SCP-10002-2 can cut through diamonds and has the ability to conduct any form of energy (Lighting, radiation, thermal energy and magnetic energy ). SCP-10002 can materialize 6 more weapons that include:

  • SCP-10002-3 (a trident)
  • SCP-10002-4 (a gladius)
  • SCP-10002-5 (a flail)
  • SCP-10002-6 (a sword and a dagger)
  • SCP-10002-7 (a poleaxe)

SCP-10002 appears to materialize the weapons from the light energy from his armor. Slow-motion video footage shows that SCP-10002 pulls energy from its armor that converts into the metal and infuses with the energy. Whenever the subject withdraws from a battle, the weaponry dissolves back into the suit as energy. As where the suit comes from, theories speculate that the energy comes from within SCP-10002. Blood, tissue and cellular test haven't shown any energy anomalies within the subject. The subject blood has seemed to enhance it's physical attributes and also seems to allow it to enter it's "activated" state in which arcane symbols appear, the subject gains blue eyes and the subject gains new abilities. These include:

  • Energy absorption with or without armor.
  • Clear 75 km in five (5) seconds.
  • Take multiple .60 caliber rounds at any part of the body and keep fighting for several hours before passing out.
  • Swat minigun rounds out of the air in mere seconds.
  • Survive for one (1) hour deprived of oxygen and exposed to chemical substances before asphyxiating (although its healing factor can heal its respiratory system in five (5) minutes).
  • An advanced ability, it can send concussive blasts through his body or its weaponry. Often the subject has plasma energy surging around whether charging a blast or not

If SCP-10002 has died, it will go into a suspended state where all of its bodily system shut down in order to conserve oxygen, moisture, nutrients and energy, its healing repairs its internal and external bodily functions and protects it by deploying electromagnetic waves that is designed to repel the attacker. It takes five (5) minutes for the healing factor to repair each part of the body but thirty (30) to repair the whole entire body. The subject recovers but it takes a day for it return to completely healthy conditions.

Additional Notes: SCP-10002 was found in ██████████, England at an archeological site. 4 archeologists found SCP-10002 buried beneath rock crystalline formations. The 4 dug up SCP-10002 to find that it was alive and in perfect health. It left the site before anyone could do any research on it. In the heart of ██████████, SCP-10002 was seen attacking gang members, robbers and rapists. The witnesses reports to the ██████████ Police Department. They then locate it at the ████████████ Alleyway. SCP-10002 faces the law enforcement but doesn't follow any orders, forcing the officers to fire upon SCP-10002. This provokes SCP-10002 and forces him to stun, wound and critically injure the officers. SCP-10002 then disappears. Foundation Intelligence Personnel respond to the incident. Mobile Task Force [DATA EXPUNGED-SEE INTERVIEW 4005-1 AND INTERVIEW 4005-2]

Audio log from Interview 4005-1:

Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Interviewed: Capt. █████████, current commander securing team Sigma A-1
Retrieval of #4005

<Begin Log, >

[█████ ████████ Time, Area ██
Dr. ██████: Capt. █████████, you were sent to ████████████ to secure SCP-4005. Could you describe the mission?

Capt. █████████: Sure, we had 2 choppers, both equipped with GAU-19s and 2 snipers, armed with AW50Fs. We had 3 jeeps, one had a M202 FLASH. We thought that it could mess it up. We also had Sigma A-1 for backup. Target was located 6 clicks south. It was in the plains surrounded by flowers or dandelions or some odd shit like that. It didn't somehow take notice of us, it didn't hear our are blades moving or the wind the choppers created when we got closer.

Dr. ██████: You're saying that it didn't react to noise or nearby effects?

Capt. █████████: I guess, I mean, I certainly didn't want to find out by then. Anyway, we landed and approached the target. By then, it turned around and faced me and my squad.

Dr. ██████: Did you make any noises to draw its attention?

Capt. █████████: We were as quiet as a church mouse! Yet, it somehow felt we were near.

Dr. ██████: Your report stated SCP-4005 looked at you directly and not at any of your men. Do you wonder why?

Capt. █████████: I didn't, those creepy-ass eyes looked directly at my eyes, as if he was looking straight into my soul. I guess he knew that I was leading the team and was wondering how to react. We told it to stand down and come with us, but it didn't respond. We repeated again, and gave the threat of opening fire. It still didn't move an inch. I then gave the order to fire. Big mistake. Every single bullet struck it and bounced off like it was nothing! I guess it didn't take too kindly to those actions and popped up this large ass sword for some blue mists in its body. It then began to attack us.

Dr. ██████: You said that SCP-4005 attacked you, but your whole team returned with bruises, scars or small burns. Pretty odd for a Euclid-class SCP.

Capt. █████████: Yeah, well it didn't seem to interested in killing anyone at all. That thing was just kicking my group's ass. It was either using its legs, fists, the bottom of its blade or cutting scars into my troops, though the somehow healed later that day with no medical attention. [Interviewed is silent.]

Dr. ██████: Sir, are you okay?

Capt. █████████: Huh, oh. I was just… remember the shock of what happened next.

Dr. ██████: What happened?

Capt. █████████: We called in the M202. We set up and fired upon the target. 2 incendiary rockets. The first one missed the target by █████ km. The second one struck the target directly at the █████. I'm pretty sure the shell went directly in before exploding. After the smoke cleared, SCP-4005 just walked through the smoke, barely phased. We were attempting to arm a 3rd round when SCP-4005 runs up to the launcher and the soldier who was carrying it. It kicks the poor bastard and cuts through the launcher like butter. Goddamn Butter! Little to no effort whatsoever!!! [Interviewed takes a deep breath and relaxes.]

Dr. ██████: If you are relaxed, please continue.

Capt. █████████: Sorry, so we called in are choppers. They began unloading rounds after rounds into its hide for 2 minutes. That's 4,000 rounds from each chopper and 8,000 altogether! 8,000 fuckin rounds. It started to bleed out and its intestines were showing out. It lost a large a chunk of skin near its skin. It still moved. It noticed our chopper so it jumped approximately ███ into the air, it landed in the chopper, cut the machine gun up and kicked the sniper away then landed on the ground. The other chopper uses its sniper, armed with a Barrett M82. The sniper fired 5 shots off before SCP-4005 swung its sword and released a wave of energy and the chopper was grounded.

Dr. ██████: So the agents in the chopper were killed?

Capt. █████████: No, they were saved by it. It ran to the chopper, caught it with its arms and pulled everyone out. We had caught up to it and saw what happened. But I still ordered to unload bullets into it. I guess we pissed it off enough that it slammed its sword into the ground and ran away. We never found it in 2 weeks.

Dr. ██████: Okay, thank you for that.

<End Log>

Audio log from Interview 4005-2:

Interviewer: Dr. ██████
Interviewed: Dr. Leo

<Begin Log, >

Dr. ██████: You had a squad of 5 armed agents nearby and a sniper on top of a building. You said to have spotted SCP-4005 at a [Papers are heard moving].

Dr. Leo: A small barista parlor. It had order a 2 scones and a cup of caramel coffee. It had ordered it with a ████ of ████. I began to approach it. It sat down in a chair with it. It glanced at me.

** Dr. ██████:** Did it make any hostile movements?

Dr. Leo: It noticed me, but didn't care until I started talking.

** Dr. ██████:** What did you explain?

Dr. Leo: I talked about the Foundation and why we were here. It then agreed to come with us without any opposition.
** Dr. ██████:** None at all?
Dr. Leo: No.
** Dr. ██████:** [Pencil is heard moving, then is set down] Ok, thank you for information.
<End Log>