ClassyBulbasaur 2: Classy Harder

WIP, going to see what I want to migrate over here in a little bit. Mainly just creating this page atm.

Actually, you know what? Everything in my old Sandbox was pretty much junk anyways, so I guess this might just be a fresh start… huh. Here, have some tabs.

This is going to be a tale about Nicholas Fuller.

Nicholas sits at his computer, staring at the blank white text document before him, he wonders. He wonders about why he started to do this in the first place, as it benefited no one, and was just for his amusement. He thinks about how this used to give him joy, the simple act of creating something that only he could create. But over the years of his work being lost, and forgotten, the passion he once had for this simple hobby started to fade. What was once a movement of interest that brought some sort of happiness into his dull life, was now just a force of habit, where he attempted to regain some sort of fufulness, but finds nothing. As he lounges there, blankly thinking about mundane ideas that spark no sort of interest to him, his eyes get droopy. After hours of working at a dead end desk job for a company he knows advert little about, he ponders on one last through before drifting off to a place with no meaning.

“Why Bother.”

He falls asleep.