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SCP-GGGG is a section of space measuring approximately 50 million light-years in diameter within the Boötes void. An excess of 52 million "Arms" extend an extra 200 million light-years from the diameter rotating around a central axis nearing 1.65x10-16rpm. Its area of effect shows varying unnatural Hume levels, from an estimated 17 Humes near the edge of the arms (temporarily including the area of space it sweeps across) dropping to as low as 0.09 Humes near the "center". It is currently unknown whether or not SCP-GGGG's effects spread farther than these observed areas but are too faint to be acknowledged or even recorded.

These abnormal Hume levels are theorized to be a direct result of SCP-GGGG pulling in not only physical matter but also metaphysical objects or concepts into it.

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SCP-GGGG's arms converge with Earth within a cycle of 40-60 years, at which point a 'collective cognitive shift' (or CCS) occurs worldwide as a result of SCP-GGGG's anomalous effect. These shifts vary in intensity and usually only affect one concept at a time. Depending on the concept pulled, these shifts can either take the form of an abrupt appearance or disappearance of worldwide culture or phenomena. (see document GGGG for a comprehensive list of recorded CCSs).

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[side note from senior researcher explaining that the "arms" that have been hitting us are relatively short in length compared to the rest of SCP-GGGG's arms. A direct hit from a long enough arm may result in Mk-class Mind Falter scenario where SCP-GGGG sucks a sizeable chunk of consciousness from humans, turning the entire race into mindless husks or something along those lines.]