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Item #: SCP-ZZZZ

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-ZZZZ-1 is currently worn by SCP-ZZZZ-2 and cannot, at the moment, be removed by any known means. SCP-ZZZZ-2 is currently held in Site-17, in a 3x5 room fully furnished with a bathroom complete with a shower and bathtub, single size bed, standard table and chair, TV and cable access, and a dedicated 'study desk' complete with a sketchbook, journal, desk lamp, and laptop with access to an online encyclopedia. Pens are to be provided if requested. SCP-ZZZZ-2 is only allowed no more than one day every week outside his cell for social interaction, though this is unlikely considering the often solitary nature of SCP-ZZZZ-2. In the event that SCP-ZZZZ-2 does wish to temporarily leave his cell, he is to be fitted with specialized gloves set around SCP-ZZZZ-1 to prevent unintentional possession of any personnel. In the event of a breach, though highly unlikely that SCP-ZZZZ-2 would attempt an escape, [REDACTED] shall be deployed to subdue SCP-ZZZZ-2 through the use of sedatives.

SCP-ZZZZ-1 is a pair of white gloves made of high quality cotton and stitched together with black string. SCP-ZZZZ-1 currently attached to SCP-ZZZZ-2 and cannot be removed by any known methods. In the event that SCP-ZZZZ-1 is damaged, burned, warped out of reality[1] etc., white cloth will appear out of seemingly nowhere followed by black string stitching a new pair of SCP-ZZZZ-1 around SCP-ZZZZ-2's hands. Any cloth left over don't show any anomalous properties. Similarly, any attempt to seperate the gloves from SCP-ZZZZ-2 through amputation will result in the amputated arm getting reattached to SCP-ZZZZ-2 through what seems to be stitches similar to those on SCP-ZZZZ-1. The stitches then transform into human cells and, in a matter of 2-3 days, the amputated body part goes back to working order, as if it wasn't amputated at all. The process to how these stitches transform is currently unknown.

The main anomalous properties appear when any living or otherwise sapient being enter a 1.5 meter radius around SCP-ZZZZ-1. Strings will appear from the tip of each finger of SCP-ZZZZ-1 and attach to the limbs and head of the victim by piercing the skin and/or light clothing and then, after approximately 2 seconds, all brain activity of the victims cease. After this, the victim will now be reffered to as a "puppet". Despite the lack of brain function needed for motor related skills, the puppet seem to stil be able to move around like normal and perform tasks dictated by SCP-ZZZZ-2's thoughts. In addition to basic sentences; single words, pictures, and even sounds can be interpreted as 'orders' The way these orders are interpreted seems to vary among puppets (See Addendum ZZZZ-a). A 5 second 'buffer' period is present between orders as some sort of safety measurement to prevent 'wearing out' the puppets. If a puppet is removed from the 1.5 radius within this 5-second period, the puppet's brain functions resume and is effectively converted back to an otherwise healthy normal human, though they cannot seem to recall such an event happening.

SCP-ZZZZ-2 is a male of [DATA EXPUNGED] origin, 6 feet (182cm) tall and weighing 160lb (72.5kg), caucasian with black eyes and hair. He refers to himself as ████ and claims to be ██ years old