CODENAME : ARC (by gastermemes)


8/2/18: CODENAME: ARC is a project which studies properties of SCP - 001 - A. Current research is directed to why when images of the SOR building, or operatives is showed to SCP - 001 - A it becomes dormant for a short period of time (exactly 1.463 minutes) While dormant, SCP operatives can come well within the danger zone of 001 without consequences. If the person strays to close to 001 it will attack however. The gate is still inaccessible due to the fact that if you come to close to the gate 001 will exit it’s dormant state and destroy whatever is in the red zone of the gate. We have received messages from the SOR suggesting a hatred for SCP - 001 - A. The SOR has said that a mutual alliance may be created to destroy 001. We are still unaware of why the SOR is hostile towards 001 - A. We have agreed to the relationship and will give access to 001 to the SOR if they give us more info on them and what they do. We still have of yet to get a response from them on this topic. Further questioning on the topic results in the termination of communications with the SOR. SCP [REDACTED] shows a picture of SOR operatives working with SCP personnel and a division of the foundation labeled [SOR DIVISION]. We have discussed with the SORand as of yet SCP [REDACTED] has not failed in telling the future accurately. SOR operatives have become noticbly more negotiable and accepting towards demands from the Foundation after learning of this prediction on behalf of SCP [REDACTED]. We hope that we may become ally’s wothcthe SOR in the near future.

9/17/18: The SOR has officially signed a peace treaties with the SCP Foundation. We have learned that the SORs rank systems work similarly to that of the Foundation and the Chaos Insurgency.
The highest rank is SOR High Commanding Officer,
and then it goes in order from
SOR Commanding Officer
SOR Chief ( Chief of Military Tactics, Chief of Military Operations, Chief of Economic Stability, Chief of Public Knowledge, Chief of SCP Foundation Relationships, Chief of Security, Chief of Information Distribution and Chief of General Classifications.)
SOR Unit Commander
SOR Unit Co-Commander
SOR Corperate Officer
SOR Unit Captain
SOR Unit Lieutenant
SOR Unit Second Lieutenant
SOR Unit Corporal
SOR Unit Second Corporal
SOR Private
SOR Recruit
SOR Enlist
We have full communications with the SOR Chiefs and certain High Commanding Officers.
The SOR has sent multiple teams into the gate of SCP 001 - A with full success. Images and videos have been taken and they are currently under full lockdown except for 05 Council Members and High Commanding Officers of the SOR. We have discovered that the people sitting on the thrones in the messages are High Commanding Officers Glacies, Aureus, Alicia, and Marrow. They are anomalous in nature, and the reason that SCP - 939 - 44 was killed was SOR HCO Glacies, who has the anomalous ability to create and manipulate ice and temperature. This is all the info that the SOR has been willing to give on the topic. We have full contact with SOR HCP Glacies because he is also the Chief of Military Tactics in the SOR. For more info please refer to the page on the SOR.