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Item #: SCP-[x]


A marble being transcribed by SCP-[x].

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-[x] is to be kept in a 50x50x50 meter steel-reinforced room, designated Code Room Red, located in Site-██. 25 guards are to be stationed around Code Room Red at all times, armed with two (2) fully loaded Glock 19 pistols each, and are to execute anyone attempting to enter Code Room Red, unless authorization has been given ahead of time by Site Director Atlas. Requests related to SCP-[x]-2 or SCP-[x]-3 must have O5 approval. It is of utmost importance to keep SCP-[x] secure, and in the event of a security breach, the CodeGreen protocol is to be initiated, and Code Room Red will enter a lockdown, where all walls of Code Room Red will be replaced with a wall of palladium microalloy glass, reinforced with high-performance polythene fibers, and will be launched into the Foundation Secrecy Vault, until an O5 member can access it.

CodeGreen protocol:

In the event of a security breach, no less than 10 atomic bombs are to be detonated as a precautionary measure for any entity attempting to access SCP-[x]. It is better to keep that world and its citizens forever away, without a chance of reintegration, than to risk an unknown entity bringing back some of the things we've put inside.


SCP-[x] is a small machine the size of a typical laptop with an 11" screen. It has the appearance of a rounded box, with a keyboard on top, and a very small bar shaped screen above the keyboard. Typing will result in characters appearing on the screen. Upon pressing ENTER, any objects that match the description perfectly will be transcribed into the digital world, and be immediately removed from the real world. The digital world will be referred to as SCP-[x]-1, and the objects transcribed into the digital world will be referred to as SCP-[x]-2. While transcription, objects will shift from physical matter into light waves, before dissipating slowly. If multiple objects match the description, a prompt will appear. See Experiment Log 001 for more details.

In order to extract objects, simply type [Extract], and press Enter, then type what object you wish to extract from SCP-[x]-1. If an SCP-[x]-2 matches the description of the object typed, then it will be extracted, reappearing within a 10 meter distance, in an area where collision with solids and liquids is not possible. Readings show that gas is displaced until a vacuum that is exactly the shape of the extracted SCP-[x]-2 will form, and SCP-[x]-2 will manifest immediately after. See Experiment Log 002 for more details.

As a result of further testing, multiple commands have been found.

[Observe]: Observes an instance of SCP-[x]-2 that most matches the input. Usually, a computer will materialize, and the scope of the computer's screen will follow the instance of SCP-[x]-2 through whatever it does. These computers are SCP-[x]-3.

[Extract]: Extracts an instance of SCP-[x]-2 that most matches the input.

[Detail]: Describes and analyzes an instance of SCP-[x]-2 that most matches the input.

[System]: Lists the manufacturing details of SCP-[x]. It states that it currently belongs to The Foundation.

[Logs]: Lists all previous actions performed on SCP-[x]. [REDACTED]

[Copy]: Copies any matching description, and places it in SCP-[x]-1. It does not remove the actual object.

SCP-[x] is currently used as a method of transporting any SCPs that must be contained, but cannot currently be contained due to lack of materials/personnel/methods. not to be used, and is to be safely stored.

SCP-[x] was found buried in a coffin within the body of a decomposing individual by SCP Agent ███. Carbon dating and analysis of the coffin’s structure and composition has led to the conclusion that the body was buried sometime around 1930 BC. A list of Experiment Logs was found in a sealed plastic container next to the body.

Experiment Logs

The following are Experiment Logs discovered next to SCP-[x] at its time of retrieval.

Experiment Log 001

Objective: To determine the abilities of SCP-[x].

Procedure: Two researchers, Junior Researcher ████ and Senior Researcher ██████ are to enter the room SCP-[x] is stored in, and close the door, before typing. Junior Researcher ████ is to type anything into the keyboard. Senior Researcher ██████ is to provide surveillance and provide suggestions.

Notable Results: Upon seeing a mouse, Junior Researcher ████ typed "Mouse" into the keyboard, and pressed Enter. A prompt appeared on the text bar: "Specify:". Junior Researcher ████ typed "Brown". "Specify:" appeared again. Junior Researcher ████ typed "The one in the same room as me" and pressed Enter. The mouse was engulfed in a blue light before vanishing. A prompt appeared on the text bar: "Type [Extract] to extract objects from digital world."

Experiment Log 002

Objective: To see if the mouse can be extracted.

Procedure: Junior Researcher ████ and Senior Researcher ██████ are to reenter Room 140. They are to follow the instructions of SCP-[x].

Result: By typing "[Extract]", followed by "Mouse that we sent in two days ago", the mouse reappeared. The mouse was still alive, and appeared to be in perfectly good condition.

Experiment Log 012

Objective: To determine if SCP-[x] can transcribe multiple objects at once.

Procedure: Senior Researcher ██████ is to transport mice in groups of 3, linked together by common characteristics.

Notable Results: Grouping mice together by fur color, box labeled number, and location all seem to work, leading to the conclusion that SCP-[x] has some sentience, and is able to garner information through telepathic means. SCP-[x] seems to understand that intent doesn't always match the result. When Senior Researcher ██████ typed "All brown fur mice", SCP-[x] gave the prompt: "Stability lock engaged. Override?" Senior Researcher ██████ typed "No", and pressed Enter.

Experiment Log 042

Objective: To study whether humans can be transported into SCP-[x]-1

Procedure: One D-Class personnel, D-19288, is to be transported into SCP-[x]-1 by Senior Researcher ██████.

Results: After typing in D-19288, he was transported into SCP-[x]-1. A prompt appeared: "Observe?" Senior Researcher ██████ typed "Yes", and pressed Enter. A computer materialized, and displayed the interior of SCP-[x]-1. A prompt appeared: "What would you like to observe?" Senior Researcher ██████ entered "D-19288". The newly materialized computer's screen turned on, and proceeded to display a birds eye view of D-19288. He was looking around at his surroundings, which appeared to be a concrete room with no exit, with a size of approximately 50x50x50 meters. Senior Researcher ██████ was able to manipulate the screen by dragging across the mousepad, letting the angle of the display tilt around D-19288. A prompt appeared on SCP-[x]: "[Extract]?" Senior Researcher ██████ entered "[Extract]", and D-19288 reappeared, visibly agitated.

Experiment Log 092

Objective: To study if non-physical ideas can be transported.

Procedure: An engineered memetic agent was introduced into D-19282. It is designed to kill after 1 hour of exposure. Senior Researcher ██████ is to transport D-19282 into SCP-[x] and observe whether D-19282 could survive for an entire hour.

Results: D-19282 survived for three hours inside SCP-[x]-1, and did not have the engineered memetic agent upon exiting SCP-[x]-1. D-19282 complained of hunger upon returning.

Experiment Log 213

Objective: To explore SCP-[x]-1

Procedure: Exploration squad MT-212 is to enter SCP-[x]-1, explore for 4 hours, and return.

Results: Initially, all 10 members of MT-212 appeared within the concrete room. MT-212 proposed to break down the concrete walls. Senior Researcher ██████ approved, and upon breaking down the concrete walls, found an empty copy of Site-██. MT-212 returned without any casualties.

Additional Notes: There are concerns about security of The Foundation, due to how exact SCP-[x]-1 matched our site. If this falls into enemy hands, they could find the layout of our buildings.

Experiment Log 214

Objective: To explore SCP-[x]-1

Procedure: Exploration squad MT-212 is to enter SCP-[x]-1 for 3 weeks, and return. Junior Researcher ████ is to transcribe rations into SCP-[x]-1 as needed.

Results: It appears that SCP-[x] is an exact layout of Earth, devoid of human life forms. MT-212 returned without casualties.

Experiment Log 215

Objective: To study if SCP-[x]-1 "updates" its layout.

Procedure: Transport one D-class subject into SCP-[x]-1. Break the door of Room 140.

Results: D-28332 was transported into SCP-[x]-1. Room 140's door was destroyed. D-28332 did not report any disturbances in SCP-[x]-1.

Additional notes: It was discovered in [Logs] that SCP-[x]-1 materialized a new digital world based on a past entry.

Transcription of the log entry:


The entire universe without human life.

Notable Experiment Results

While attempting to transfer data, we discovered that information created with locks and security in place while in SCP-[x]-1 could be bypassed by people in the real world without requiring those security credentials. However, information locked by encryption in the real world cannot be accessed by people in SCP-[x]-1 without proper security credentials. People with proper security credentials can still access information locked behind encryption. This is why SCP-[x]-1 has been reclassified from an alternate dimension to a digital world. It appears to be a one sided exchange, with the real world holding precedent over the digital world. In addition to that, spectating memetic agents through SCP-[x]-3 appears to have no effect. SCP-[x]-3 can be thought of as a one-way mirror in that regard.

Experiment Log

Purpose: To save humanity from the Void memetic agent

Procedure: I'm going to transport everyone infected with Void into the digital world and back to cleanse it.

Results: Everyone made it alive and fine. I'll transport them all back soon enough.


A member of the O5 council wasn't correctly transcribed with everyone else, and I transcribed him.


I'm so fucking stupid. I was infected with Void, and I transcribed Void into a human populace free of it. I'm going to kill myself, and lock this thing away forever. Obviously I can't bring anyone back now, so it took a while to make SCP-[x]-1 a place where people could live in for a long time. I copied the Foundation Database into the world too. Maybe they're confused, but that's gonna suck. I wrote them a letter already, explaining how I fucked up. There's nothing I can do now but pray.

Usage Logs

SCP-[x] seems to have been used to transcribe the entire human populace infected with a memetic agent labeled "Void". There is an entry right after it that says "O5-14", but no such person has ever existed in the Foundation archives.


Addendum 01: The records found next to SCP-[x] seem to be in poor condition. Efforts are underway to make them legible.

Addendum 02: The records found next to SCP-[x] have been made clear. No objects are to be retrieved at this current time. Updated security protocol.