Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is currently contained within site-████ for the use of its anomalous effects. SCP-xxxx is currently placed in the site's cafeteria kitchen. Cafeteria Staff is required to make note of each meal created with SCP-xxxx before preparation, via a log within the desk terminal. Cafeteria staff must check each day for SCP-xxxx before opening and after closing of cafeteria, as to that it does not become missing.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a small rooster statuette approximately 22 cm in height, and weighing 310 grams. SCP-xxxx has the appearance of Gallus gallus domesticus (Leghorn Chicken), and appears worn. SCP-xxxx is comprised of a thin ceramic. SCP-xxxx's anomalous effects activate when a human enters within 25 feet of SCP-xxxx with the intention to cook. The person, regardless of skill or experience will gain complete understanding of the preparation and execution of the recipe they wish to create. Once the meal has been prepared all knowledge of how the meal was prepared will cease to exist within the mind of human who created the meal. Meals created by use of SCP-xxxx tend to taste better to approximately 85% of staff, as opposed to a meal created exact same without use SCP-xxxx.

Addendum 1: Further Research was done under Management by SCP-xxxx head researcher Davis. Two junior researchers were tasked with creating a simple meal, under the circumstances that it was a written recipe and was followed strictly. Junior researchers Maya and Smith agreed upon a Spaghetti recipe. They then were prompted to enter site-████'s kitchen. Approximately fifty-five minutes passed as the Junior Researchers prepared the meal. Immediately after the meal was finished, Junior Researchers Maya and Smith were questioned thoroughly and no recollection of the preparation of the meal by either of the researchers was found. Further research into SCP-xxxx's amnesic abilities was suggested by Head Researcher Davis.