SCP-XXXX "A Place of Worship"
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Exterior of SCP-XXXX


Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be surrounded by chain-link fence and put under armed guard at all times. The building is to be listed as private property, in order to lower public suspicion. If any unauthorized personnel enter SCP-XXXX, they will be administered Class-A amnestics. When finished with testing, all personnel must provide a written account of their experience for analysis.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dilapidated Catholic church located in █████, Indiana. The church is identified as "St. Paul's Community Church" and measures at 70 x 55 meters. When viewed from any of the buildings windows, the interior of SCP-XXXX matches the outside in terms of dilapidation and decay. The furniture and flooring of SCP-XXXX is absent, as it was stripped and removed at the time of abandonment. No anomalous effects are present when viewing the exterior of SCP-XXXX, or viewing the interior via window.

When the front door is opened by an individual, the interior of SCP-XXXX will appear vastly different than when viewed from the outside. The difference in the structure depends based upon the individual's religious affiliation, personal experiences, and personality (See Test Logs for examples). No measurements have been taken of any of SCP-XXXX's forms, however none have been reported as to matching the dimensions of the normal interior. Any other persons viewing the interior of SCP-XXXX via the front door will not report any change.

Upon opening the door, the individual will enter SCP-XXXX, and close the door behind them, whether or not they intended to do so beforehand. Afterwards, the individual will sit down on the ground, and lose consciousness for the duration of their experience. However, all test subjects as of █/█/20██ report walking throughout the interior. After exactly fifteen minutes have passed, the subject will stand up and walk out the front door, where they will regain their ability to freely move. All subjects report having been inside SCP-XXXX for longer than the fifteen minutes they were there for. Accounts range from thirty minutes to one hour, forty five minutes.

When inside SCP-XXXX for ten minutes, most subjects report the entrance of several humanoid figures through the same door they entered in (See Test #8 for exception). These figures have been identified as XXXX-1 through XXXX-14. Each figure resembles a member of SCP-XXXX during its time open to the public. All figures have been described and identified, with each having died inside the church.

XXXX-1 through XXXX-14 will dress and act differently according to the same variables which affect the structure, despite clashes with personality and/or religious association with the persons they represent. They also show visible signs relating to their cause of death, and do not seem to notice or be affected by them. (Example: XXXX-5 has what appears to be a stab wound located in his upper back. This corresponds to the death of Ernst Klein, who was stabbed in the same area ). Upon entering SCP-XXXX, XXXX-1 through XXXX-13 will position themselves in the manner correspondent to the religious variable, while XXXX-14 takes the position of preist/rabbi/imam etc.

Following the positioning, a session relative to the religious variable will occur, (ie. Mass, meditation, Shabbat, prayer, etc) led by XXXX-14. This session will fluctuate in tone dependent on whether or not the subject has followed the conducts and rules of their religion. If the subject has regularly followed conduct up to entry of SCP-XXXX, the session will carry out either as normal, or with an added sense of holiness. A sense of peace and tranquility will be felt by the subject during and shortly after the experience. If the subject has continually disobeyed established rules, negative emotions will be felt throughout the session. These emotions can range from slight depression to rampant paranoia and fear, depending on the extent to which the subject has sinned. XXXX-1 through XXXX-14 will also react to the subject based upon specific sins or viewpoints that do not correspond with the religion's ideology. (See Test #6 for example).

The church was founded in 1892, but did not exhibit any anomalous properties until after it was abandoned in 1967. SCP-XXXX came to the Foundation's attention when the towns newspaper printed the account of ████ █████, who reported that the inside of the church looked "completely different than the outside, both in size and condition". The Foundation covered up this story as a hoax in order to avoid public suspicion.