914 Important researchers.

Welcome. If you’re here, then you wanted to see the 914 logs but then you were confused with all these researchers and items. So here is a list of reoccurring researchers.

If you’re here to put in a researcher then here is the format to follow.


Clearance level

Description of researcher:

Optional parts are.

Object associated with:

Death(s) and/or disappearance(s)

Some researchers do not qualify for this list. They would most likely be.

  • Dead before any character development could occur
  • One off character
  • Has not appeared in many of the Test logs.

I suggest that before you put any researchers in, they should have at least three successful logs.

Name: Researcher Darby

Clearance level 2/914-[Redacted]

Description of researcher: Assigned to SCP-914 by previous Commander's request. Constantly in ICU due to dangerous output's from SCP-914. Has had several applications for transfer made by Dr.Veritas but none have been approved at this time.
Object associated with: Paper Starship similar to SCP-587; Temporal Seismic Sensor; Time-Traveling Smart Watch; SWAT variants of SCP-705; Di-Hydrogen Monoxide; Squad of Living Plastic army men; Matter Containment Drive; Steel Humanoid Von Neumann Probe; Terracotta Soldier; Mech Suit; Chocolate Female Figure; Test Log Canon; Duplicating Steel Cockroach's; Doomsday Button; Paper Assassin(s); Quantum Darby; Stereotyping Alcohol; Chocolate Laser Rabbit of Death; Dar-Be-Gon and Dar-Be-Ceen;
Casualties from Experiments: A lot

Death(s) and/or disappearance(s) He is in the ICU a lot, and gets shoved trough time a lot;