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Item #: SCP-4698

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-4698, full containment is unattainable. Two concealed security cameras are to be secured around each doorframe nearby SCP-4698 entrances. Security feed is to be reviewed at the end of each month

In the situation that less than one disappearance per month is reported at an intake shelter, traffic is to be rerouted to said shelter.

Description: SCP-4698 is a large, non-Euclidean labyrinth constructed primarily of wooden fencing located in the American Midwest1. The wood used to construct the fences is a genetic match to a strain of laurel tree thought to have originated in Crete. The wood emits a compound that, when absorbed through the skin, dulls activity in the frontal lobe, the amygdala, and the right superior temporal cortex. This reduces higher level judgment and planning, fear response, and spatial awareness.

Humans enter SCP-4968 by sleeping in one of a number of homeless shelters located throughout the midwest2

SCP-4698 is inhabited by entities referred to as SCP-4698-1. Descriptions of these entities are difficult to obtain due to the compulsion cognitohazard restricting the removal of the entrapped subjects' hoods. The hoods, made of non-anomalous burlap, obscure ninety-percent of the subjects’ vision.

Audio Log 1

Day 1


Foreward: D-44890 enters the maze. This was the second manned mission into the space, the first resulting in the D-Class rebelling against workers and destroying his communication device. The thirty day supply of cognitohazard-resistance drugs implanted in D-44890's nervous system has activated. The body camera was unresponsive, but audio communication was functional.

Senior Researcher Hessen: He's awake. All right, D-44890, I'm the director for this particular exploration of yours, and I'm here to introduce you to your direct overseer. Meet Researcher Crane.

Researcher Crane: Pleased to meet ya, lad.

D-44890: I'm Micah. You're the blind guy, right? I think I've worked with you before.

Senior Researcher Hessen: That's why we chose him. Given the nature of the anomaly, his compensatory increase in hearing abilities should be an asset.

D-44890: So, I do this, I get up from this bed, I wander around for a few weeks, you pull me, and you pay for the surgery, yeah? And the HRT?

Senior Researcher Hessen: That's the deal, yes. Now, could you take off your hood?

D-44890: I mean, I could, but I… Don't really want to? Hey, is there someone else in the room with me? I hear whispering - well, not quite, more like murmuring. Like those weird-ass ASMR videos. That same tone and volume of voice.

Researcher Crane: That's the source of the compulsion. Looks like you're still feelin' it, but a much milder version. Please try taking off your hood now.

D-44890: Okay. I'm seeing a cornfield, and a path cut through it, and there are those old wooden farming fences. I… Should I follow it?

Researcher Crane: Please do.

D-44890: Okay.

irrelevant audio removed

D-44890: God, this wood is… oily. It's fucking weird. Hey, there's some sort of… is it a stable? Up ahead. I'm going to enter it.

Researcher Crane: Go ahead.

D-44890: There's more people. They seem… off. Like none of them looked up when I walked in. They've all got the same burlap hoods on. Hey, guys, are you okay? Guys? Do you need help? No one's answering me. Hang on, someone new's coming in.

Researcher Crane: Those footsteps… He sounds big. And his breathing isn't right - I can hear it from here. It's too loud. It sounds almost like a farm animal huffin' after it's been pullin' the plow too long. Be careful.

D-44890: Okay, I wi - what is with his head? There are these big protrusions from it. His hood has eyeholes too. screaming

Researcher Crane: Lad! Are ye all right!?

D-44890 (weakly) Get off! Ugh!

Researcher Crane: Micah!

D-44890: I'm fine. Hell, that hurts. Sorry, I think he tased me. Then he wrestled my hood back onto me. I can still kinda see through it, but only vague shapes.

Researcher Crane: Keep it on. Let's not risk damaging the equipment, or you. You'll get used to it, trust me.


Addendum 2: Audio Log 2

Day 5

Time: 18:16

Foreward: D-44890 is located by a man theorized to possess a natural immunity to cognitohazards and engages in conversation.

[Unknown]: [quietly] Hey, you should probably turn from this place in the maze.

D-44890: Huh? Who said that?

[Unknown]: [quietly] I did, Ja— it doesn’t matter. Just listen to me.

D-44890: Crane? What do I do? Do I listen to him?

Researcher Crane: Ask a few questions’. See if you can learn why he’s pushin’ you outta there. Then run.

D-44890 steps closer to the voice of the other man.

D-44890: What’s here to fear?

[Unknown]: [sighs] You weren’t listening to me, just talking to yourself. I said the mi— masters might find you.

D-44980: Huh? Wh-what does that mean? If you’re so scared of them, why don’t I hear you bolting?

[Unknown]: [pauses] I can’t. They found that they like the ones that perform special tricks.

D-44980: What… Crane, what do I do?

Researcher Crane: Ask him what he means.

D-44980: What do you mean?

[Unknown]: Well, when we enter the gates—

Strong footsteps could be heard.

SCP-4698-1-A: unknown language

[Unknown]: I gotta go.

The sound of a hood being put back on could be heard.

Researcher Crane: Run, now.

D-44980 quickly exits the area.

Addendum 3: Audio Log 3

Day 7

Time: 14:34

Foreward: D-44980 revisits the unknown man (designated POI-4698).

Disembodied laughter can be heard.

Researcher Crane: Remain quiet. You don’t wanna… get caught.

D-44980 slowly proceeds closer towards the laughter.

**[Unknown]: Oh, hey. You should probably leave.

D-44980: It’s you, from the other day!

Researcher Crane: You ignored the quiet command, lad. I gave it for a reason.

POI-4698: Right back at you.

POI-4698 is heard chewing a portion of food with a tough and chewy texture.

POI-4698: Seriously though, you should leave.

Researcher Crane: Uh, Micah… ask ‘him what he’s eatin’.

D-44980: [quietly] Probably just bread, doc. It’s all we get.

POI-4698: Hey, can you hear me?

Researcher Crane: The consistency of the chewin’ and the matchin’ sound, that isn’t bread.

D-44980: Is… that concerning? [louder] Hey, what are you eating?

POI-4698: Just bread the masters gave me. They’re always laughing and pulling dumb pranks on each other, I’m thinking they’re teenagers. At first, I thought it might be poisoned. But, it tastes… fine.

D-44980: Oh uh, okay. See you later. [walks away]

D-44980: He said it was just bread…

Researcher Crane: [sighs] My hearin’ doesn’t fail me. There’s somethin’ off.

Addendum 4: Audio Log 4

Day 17:

Time: 08:45

Foreward: The subject brought in by the SCP-4698-1 entity was theorized to be a heroin addict in active withdrawal.

D-44980: Hey Doc? I think there’s a new guy coming in. I haven’t heard his voice before. He sounds… kinda out of it. I’m gonna go try to calm him down.

[Unknown]: Fuck fuck fuck. Where am I? Oh god, I think I’m going to - retching

D-44980: Hey, buddy, just calm down, it’s gonna be okay. Things are gonna be fine. Crap. I think I just stepped in it.

[Unknown]: I don’t know where the fuck I am, I don’t know, I don’t know! scuffling noises

D-44980: He just shoved me away, and - oh shit, I can hear him taking off his hood.

SCP-4698-1-A: unknown language

[The activation noises of a cattle prod can be heard. The New Subject screams in pain and hits the ground with a thud.]

D-44980: He’s down. I’m gonna approach.

D-44980: Hey buddy, need a hand up? Okay, he’s grabbed my hand now, I pulled him up. He’s - where are you going? No! Shit!

[Unknown Subject screams wordlessly. He can be heard throwing himself against something.]

SCP-4968-1-A: unknown language, alarmed

Sounds of a scuffle are heard.

D-44980: He’s got him pinned, I think. Wait. I hear footsteps. Someone else is coming in. It’s another -1. And he - he’s holding something up? He just pulled up the new guy by the scruff of his neck, I think. He -

D-44980: stops, and multiple sounds of a blade cleaving through flesh are heard. Finally, a thud as an object hits the ground.

D-44980: Something just rolled towards me. It’s… it’s about the size of a soccer ball, and - oh. Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my /fucking/ god, Crane, they took his fucking head off. You have to get me out of here Crane, please, oh my god.

Researcher Crane: Keep calm, lad. Don’t act agitated. You can’t give them an excuse to… repeat themselves.

D- 44980: I want to go home.

D-44980 begins to sob.

Addendum 5: Audio Log 5

Day 21:

Time: 12:31

Foreward: The subject is brought to the center of the labyrinth for termination.

Note: Researcher Crane is accompanied is head of SCP-4968 research, Senior Researcher Hessen for the duration of the recording.

D-44980 is escorted along by two SCP-4968-1 instances.

D-44980: Where are we going?

Researcher Crane: Don’t say anythin’.

D-44980: This feels familiar.

Sounds identical to an industrial processor could be heard as D-44980 progressed forward.

D-44980: Doc, what’s that sound?

Researcher Crane: I told you to stop talkin’…

Senior Researcher Hessen: Please remain quiet for your own safety.

The sound of a blade being unsheathed was audible.

D-44980: Someone else is getting executed…

The sound of weighted footsteps edged closer.

D-44980: It’s me! I’m getting executed get me the fuck out of here!

Senior Researcher Hessen: We’re doing the best we can.

Researcher Crane: I hear a blade swing—

A blade cleaving through metal can be heard, along with a thud.

Senior Researcher Hessen: Keep the recording going as long as possible. I’ll be here the whole time.

Researcher Crane: Okay…

D-44980’s head could be heard being lifted. Heavy footsteps began, stopping approximately three minutes later. The sound of machinery being powered on could be heard.

Researcher Crane: I was right.

Senior Researcher Hessen: Unfortunately.

Weight was tossed into a machine. The sound of gears grinding and meat being sliced could be heard. The radio then goes to static.

Mew-ltiverse: We’ll probably do most chat over IRC but we can have this for update notes and stuff :)

Things to include in logs: decapitation of drug addict who is too far gone, description of the head rolling up to his feet.

getting tased when he tries to take the hood off

meeting someone with natural resistance to cognitohazards who the minotaurs keep as pet, minotaurs laugh when they feed him cooked human flesh