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The Sacred Djehuti

Scribe of the Underworld, Lord of Khemennu, Conciliator of the Crescent Moon, Thoth1


The Ancient Egyptians gazed upon the heavens expecting to find that the Cosmos were ordered naturally. Instead, they caught a glimpse of the crooked beak of Djehuti, the Scribe of the Underworld.

It is said that Djehuti was birthed by the Sun God in a place without light, at the precipice between Order and Chaos—the Underworld2. He emerged into the overworld bearing wisdom while granting entities a shelter in paradise. All that was required in exchange was a love for knowledge, and thus a love for Djehuti. His mythical paradise is a very real place, known as the Brot Kruma3.

Around the 19th Century BCE, two like-minded groups dedicated to worshipping Djehuti joined hands in fellowship. These groups4 completed the City of Khemennu in the image of their divine leader. Khemennu was highly advanced for its time, its citizens being the connoisseurs of many Holy Sciences. Djehuti commended the admiration of his followers and transported their entire city to Brot Kruma, to live in paradise by his side. Djehuti is always looking to bring worthy followers5678 into his home and paradise.



A New Kingdom of Egypt rendering of Djehuti.


Traits: Djehuti spins the fibres of dream into day, preferring to manifest with the likeness of an ibis-headed Man, his "true" appearance ever-shifting. Djehuti is a divine being9 that lacks a definitive connection to the mortal realm1011. Indeed, Djehuti seeks the ability to traverse between the realms of the waking world and the dreaming dead without limits imposed by the mortal realm.

At the peak of Creation, Djehuti summoned his might to form the vast paradise of Brot Kruma. He has been in recovery ever since. As such he relies on trickery and timing to maximize his influence in mortal affairs: bending the dice of Fate and Will with subtlety. His reduced power estranges him from the Light of the Communion of Gods.

Nature: Djehuti is a wise and rational deity, as is expected of the God of arbitration, reason, the Moon12 and the Holy Sciences. He is methodical in his plots; calculated in his actions; resolute in his judgment. Djehuti imparts gifts of power to competent individuals (i.e. those that worship him). However, believing that this is an act of generosity is naïve: Djehuti is opportunistic. He views mortal life as dispensable and replaceable, though not without its uses.

Djehuti is not omnipotent, despite what he would have you believe, and envisions humans as a means to an end. This is the reason why he imparts his power: not as a gift, but as a transaction. Power for power, mind for spirit, potentiality for actuality. Djehuti prefers residence in the infinite potential of the ethereal realm, where he is able to accumulate additional energies, but peers below the clouds of Earth when fantasizing over the thought of Change. Of course, he remains within the reach of Brot Kruma at all times.

History & Associated Parties: As one of the members of the Communion of the Gods, Djehuti is associated with the other deities of the ancient Egyptian pantheon13.

Accounts from the City of Khemennu—specifically those maintained by the Keeper of the Book—outline his terrific and terrifying ability to influence the human soul. These writings detail how to contact Djehuti, what to offer, why some bargains are preferred over others, and where one must go to experience Djehuti's divine essence for oneself. These writings explain Thoth's nature, the occultists that worshipped him (noble Peoples of Khemennu), and the disappearance of their civilisation.

Approach: Djehuti rarely deals with the trivialities of mortals. To gain his favour, you must open your mind to him, allowing him to grasp and manipulate your will. Of course, countless men have gone mad after extending their hand to grasp for the inky void, only to be met with the predatory talons of the Sacred Djehuti instead. To safely bargain your mind with Djehuti, you must possess a talent that he himself lacks, lest you be subjugated into becoming yet another useless thrall, destined for either the Underworld or Madness.

Other: Few have ever fought with Djehuti and survived. Now, despite this, Djehuti has been locked in a forever war with one particular entity nearly as fierce as he is wise. I myself lack access to the full repository this secret set of knowledge exists in, but I happen to know a mortal that does hold the key. — J.V.

We are your allies. Please share what you do know: we do not work with "what if". ~Keshrayuth

By the Communion of course. G.W., enlighten our feathered friend. — J.V.

Thoth battles the great Selachian Akheilos, spawn of the Mistaken Beast itself. One day, Akheilos shall descend and consume all that Thoth has built with the mortals, as it has done countless times in the past. Though, if I may point out: to consume Thoth's work is to consume Thoth himself. A difficult task indeed. -G.W.

Oh, not this nonsense again. ~Keshrayuth

Observations & Stories

Hekuhirkopshef, my brother not in blood but in spirit, what have you wrought? Thoth knows the extent of your sacrilege and has cast down his Wrath to punish you. It is a blessing that you leave behind no lineage, lest your punishment result in the spilling of more innocent blood.

The arrival of Ammit14 has come, and she feasts upon the portion of your being that remains untainted by your lies. You are a fool. You have asked Ba-Ka, our once formidable Pharoah, to engage in a ritual you knew he could not complete. You have jeopardized our stake in the dynasty by allowing Menkaure to reign as true leader. And above all, you have gambled with Thoth above us and tainted his wisdom. Why? Why have you disrespected the Communion?

I have taken your Book. I am the new Keeper. And I command one thousand hard-working men and their families under my wing. I am travelling to the North, where we shall build a vast monument to the Communion of the Gods. We will not be fools as you are, brother. We will bask in Thoth’s wisdom: our very lifeblood will be gold when we are done. I do not care how many generations of sons15 it will take to achieve this feat.

Know this: the Conciliator will bring us greatness when he sees what we have built in his name. We will cherish the enchantments within his holy book. We shall rise, and you, Hekuhirkopshef, will perish one thousand deaths over. Khemennu is for the worthy, and we will bear Thoth's wisdom upon our shoulders. Where you have failed.
— Zaid, He Who Shines like the Crescent Moon, and Keeper of the Book16

Not long ago, the Foundation launched the probe that discovered this Brot Kruma you speak so highly of17. The records regarding the loss of that resource are muddied. But I know this for certainty: the Avian meme complex was released right after we discovered that terrible planet, and Thoth used one of our own contained anomalies to disseminate it.

Thoth continues to exceed even our highest expectations. He is the spectre above, teasing us with bait. And his machinations continue still: the Avian Division receives reports from the final beacon of human support. You say Thoth is not truly the Moon God? Lunar Area-32 detects a vast lunar abnormality which may escalate the BE-class scenario to most confusing heights. No longer can we save humanity. We must expend our resources to stop Thoth and wipe the mirth clean from his crooked muzzle.
— Keshrayuth, MTF-Eta-4 ("Begone Thoth") lead, Avian Division

As I stated before, Thoth's only enemy is the deity Akheilos, son of the Mistaken Beast18. But are you really surprised? A god is not truly powerful if it can only reckon with mortals. Now, I do not claim to be allied with this Sacred Thoth, nor am I fascinated by his ploys. But there is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing him destroy Akheilos. The Beast consumed my mighty people, after all.

Of course, the so-called "Boxers" you have made allegiance with are the ones that created this Avian meme complex in the first place1920. A funny reflection of the aeons-old Avian-Selachian war, that!
— G.W.

Who is "Moon God"? I know one named "Moon". I call her "Moon Moon", she is very silly. Look at her!
~ Coyote


The Ancient Ones, themselves, have seldom seen Djehuti in the many centuries that have passed since he disappeared into the ethereal plane. He no longer gathers with the Communion of Gods, meaning I cannot contact him directly. All of the detail has been gathered from Djehuti has been relayed to me from the other members of the Communion. While I trust the Ancient Ones to be truthful, I assume others will not. — J.V.

So, not only is the majority of the information gathered from one unreliable source, he also says that his own sources are also unreliable? Can you prove that you have contact with these 'Ancient Ones', that you call them? Else, all this information could just as well be the musings on the divine by a raving lunatic. — G.W.

"Grey Wanderer", as the "Boxers" call you, the Foundation has come to the conclusion that this entity must exist. Our very own radar screamed of birds in his own swan song. While we doubt J.V.'s description of the entity's motivation, the existence of him we do not. ~Keshrayuth

Keshrayuth! Hold your tongue, it reeks of the odor of the Jailors. We at the Library treat our subjects with respect, lest you provoke the Sacred Djehuti to torment your mind forevermore. Bear in mind the Ways are closed to your flock; the Thaum is your only means of accessing our literature. Disrespect our values, and we will seal its vast information from you once again. — J.V.