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Item #: SCP-3601

Object Class: Euclid/Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3601 is to be kept in a large containment chamber with one 112-volt outlet inside. SCP-3601 is to be plugged in at all times and loosely watched by Security Officers. The machine dispenses green cans with a neon yellow logo with the words “Xtreme Boost” and a lighting bolt through the center of it, they are referred to as SCP-3601-1. These cans contain glowing blue liquid inside them and are only to be drank by Class-D personnel. All Foundation Personnel are to be told not to drink from green cans with the label “Xtreme Boost” and to report them to Security Officers immediately. During sweeps, MTF Operatives are to look for cans of SCP-3601-1 and properly dispose of them. The way to properly dispose of SCP-3601-1 is to mix it in with an absorbent powder, like coffee grinds. Currently nothing has been able to stop these cans from appearing around the site. SCP-3601 does not need to be restocked for it has a self supplying stock. SCP-3601-2 is a paper advertisement that will change locations every 15 hours. While SCP-3601-2 is not a threat, it should be dealt with caution when nearby.

Description: SCP-3601 is a red, slightly damaged vending machine containing what appears to be glowing blue beverages in green cans, which will be referred to as SCP-3601-1. SCP-3601 has no other additional items inside of it. The vending machine itself is a red, stainless steel box measured to have a 5 by 4 feet base and is 7 feet tall with a ¼ inch thick clear, plastic seal. On the front surface, there is a blue, plastic, 1 by 1 foot square button. On the button, there is an illustration of a man running with dash marks behind him. Above the button, there are words that say “Press for Boost”. Pressing the button will cause the vending machine to dispense an SCP-3601-1. On each side of SCP-3601, there is a neon yellow logo with the words “Xtreme Boost”. There is also a lightning bolt going through the words vertically. On the back side near the bottom left, there is a 112-volt plug. SCP-3601 is contained in Site-15.

SCP-3601-1 or “Xtreme Boost” is a 16 ounce aluminum can with a coat of green paint on the outside. It has the same logo as the one on the right side of SCP-3601. It appears randomly around the building bringing attention to anyone near it. Foundation Personnel are targeted by SCP-3601-1 because they have the least knowledge over it. The most common places to see SCP-3601-1 is on an empty shelf or on a table, it can also be found laying on the ground in a hallway, though it is less common. Inside of the can is a glowing blue liquid that has no sort of transparency. Some people have referred to this beverage as similar to Nuka Cola Quantum from ███████. Upon drinking SCP-3601, the subject who drank it will start to notice that everything is slowing down except for himself. Externally, the subject is slowly speeding up. This includes speech, movement, and other processes. This process will continue until the subject vanishes with a bright burst of lightning. After the disappearance of the subject, the only thing left behind is an empty damaged can with the logo scratched off. Some Researchers suggest that the subject might just be too fast to be seen with the naked eye.

SCP-3601-2 is a piece of paper that appears to be an advertisement for SCP-3601-1 or “Xtreme Boost”. It is commonly found taped to a wall or on a desk. About every 15 hours, SCP-3601-2 will move locations instantly. The paper doesn’t have any sort of memetic ability. If SCP-3601-2 is damaged in any way, it will appear completely untouched after it moves location.

History: SCP-3601 was found in an alley of downtown ███ ████ ████. There had been reports on newspapers and various news channels about mysterious disappearances in this specific alley. We had five undercover MTF Iota-10 operatives move the vending machine and all of its contents onto an armored, enclosed van. Once boarded, SCP-3601 was sent to Site-██ and marked Euclid. A couple days afterwards, SCP-3601 was proven Safe using the wooden box method.

A Class-D that was asked to drink SCP-3601-1 had not been able to describe the flavor of the liquid inside. He had noticed that everything around him was slowing down except for himself. Externally, he was moving much faster than normal and looked as if he was shocked with a weak taser. His expression changed to look as if he were very excited. The subject kept moving faster until he vanished with a burst of lightning and left behind an empty, scratched up can of the liquid.

In Site-██, there had been reports of cans with the label “Xtreme Boost” appearing on empty shelves, tables, and laying on the ground. MTF Operatives were told to clear the site of any cans having that label. A couple days later, a couple cans reappeared in different locations. There were even reports of Class-D personnel “exploding with lightning.” Foundation Personnel were told to report any cans of “Xtreme Boost” and properly dispose of it. There was also a piece of paper that appeared to be an advertisement for SCP-3601-1. There were no reports of multiple advertisements, but the paper did move to different parts of the foundation in an instant manner. The advertisement was referred to as SCP-3601-2 and was not harmful in any way.

In an attempt to stop SCP-3601-1 from appearing around Site-██, SCP-3601 was moved to Site-██ for a week. While at Site-██, SCP-3601-1 kept appearing at Site-██ even though it had been moved to another site. Further research is needed on any way to stop SCP-3601-1 from appearing around Site-██.

Document #3601-1:

Incident 3601-A

Prior to knowledge of SCP-3601-1, staff at the foundation cafeteria accidentally served SCP-3601-1 to Foundation Personnel, mistaking it for a similar product. A group of four Researchers each grabbed one can of SCP-3601-1. When they sat back down at their table, three of the four drank SCP-3601-1 and their expressions each slowly changed. The Researcher that did not drink any of SCP-3601 called in some nurses, but they didn’t come in time. Within about a minute, there was an intense, bright light powerful enough to cause a short circuit in the cafeteria lighting system. Once the bright light was gone, the three Researchers were not to be seen. However, the cans were left behind in a damaged, scratched up form. Surrounding personnel were unaffected by this blast, besides being heavily startled. Some suggest SCP-3601-1 teleported to the cafeteria as they are attracted to empty shelves.

Document #3601-2:

Incident 3601-B

After Incident 3601-A, the Foundation became aware of SCP-6301-1’s teleportation abilities and started taking heavier precautions. While most cans teleport to other parts of Site-██, one day a can of SCP-3601 teleported outside of the facility. This can was picked up by an unsuspecting civilian and dranken right outside the main facility. The civilian disappeared in a flash of light which alerted nearby civilians and Security Officers. This created a small hysteria among the civilians. After this incident, the next few days were spent trying to find ways to stop SCP-3601-1’s teleportation abilities. All attempts have proved to not be useful. Higher security have now been added near the front gate to ensure this never happens again.