Black Highlighter Backlinks Project

Per the CSS Policy, the Black Highlighter theme page has moved to the theme: category. However there are a large number of pages still including the old location, which currently simply proxies through to the actual theme content.

We need to replace all instances of "component:black-highlighter-theme-dev" or ":kaktuskontainer:component:nuscp-dev" (old NuSCP Theme page) with "theme:black-highlighter-theme".

If there are other theme includes in "component:", leave them as-is. Their corresponding theme pages have not yet been moved.

Main Site


[[include theme:black-highlighter-theme]]

Backlinks: (legacy)

Other Sites

For wikis we have moderators, we will edit the links ourselves:

For wikis we know the owners of, we will contact them and inform them of the change.

For INT wikis we will go through standard channels to inform them of the change.

For other wikis we will attempt to discover the owner and PM them. However there are a lot of obscure and inactive wikis so if we can't find all of them that's fine.

We will set aside a grace period where the contacted individuals have to fix their links. Then we will apply a deprecation notice. After a second period we will then remove the actual component:black-highlighter-theme temporary page.



Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
Link to pages aismallardaismallard INT_TranslatorINT_Translator

The first is a description of the sandbox(es), with groups based on the component and site.

The next are the people in MAST who is tasked with changing the links on the page. If no person exists or the wiki is handling it themselves, put "internal".

The last is the wiki contact. This is not necessarily the owner, but may be a moderator. The primary qualification is that they are easily contactable by MAST during the process.

Sandboxes which are complete have their name struck through.

EN Sandboxes:

Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
Official Sandboxes unassigned undecided
SMLT Container aismallardaismallard aismallardaismallard
Firedawn Folder unassigned undecided
Gurubox stormbreathstormbreath stormbreathstormbreath
KaktusKontainer unassigned aismallardaismallard
SCPDeclassified stormbreathstormbreath stormbreathstormbreath
Topia stormbreathstormbreath stormbreathstormbreath
nuTestWiki aismallardaismallard aismallardaismallard

EN Sites:

Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
SCP Café unassigned pxdnbluesoulpxdnbluesoul ?
Site-42 unassigned unknown

User Sandboxes:

Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
Doctor Akhiro unassigned undecided
Hexick unassigned undecided
Mew-ltiverse unassigned undecided
Nagiros NagirosNagiros NagirosNagiros
Sekiyo unassigned undecided
Zachary Cribb unassigned undecided

Sister Sites:

Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
Wanderer's Library unassigned RounderhouseRounderhouse ?


Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
INT unassigned undecided
CN unassigned undecided
CS unassigned undecided
CZ unassigned undecided
DE unassigned undecided
FR designated complete none
HU unassigned undecided
IT unassigned undecided
JP NagirosNagiros undecided
KO unassigned undecided
PL unassigned undecided
PT unassigned undecided
RO unassigned undecided
RU unassigned undecided
SGA unassigned undecided
SL unassigned undecided
TV unassigned undecided
UA unassigned undecided
VN unassigned undecided
ZH unassigned undecided
All others unassigned undecided

Miscellaneous and Small Wikis:

Sandbox name MAST assignee Wiki contact
DDF unassigned unknown
Feitag unassigned unknown
PaperKontainer unassigned unknown
mrcreepypasta666 unassigned unknown
peiweiartz unassigned unknown
SCD unassigned unknown
Timebox unassigned unknown
SCP Foundation 12+ unassigned unknown
keyboard mashing unassigned unknown
All others unassigned unknown