Galactic Foundation
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Alright. Here's our collab sandbox! I'm thinking this front tab on the WIP-Notes tabview can be a place for any of us to leave messages or whatever without needing to links up in chat. I dibs green text, y'all can choose your colours so these messages will be more distinct.

I don't know you guys' writing process, but I tend to have lots of WIP-Notes like these when drafting; I'll keep mine on my tab, and you guys can do the same on yours if you like. I expect we'll end up tweaking the layout on this page as we add actual draft material, so we'll figure it out as we go.


Let's shift actual full drafts to a tabview up top. Down on the matching tab in WIP-Notes, authors please give your behind-the-scenes insight so we can try to be on the same page thematically and plotwise. Sojnd good? (Seriously, tell me if it doesn't. I'm starting to feel too bossy…)

Another thought re: drawing parallels/connecting different periods - If there was (at least in a narrative sense) a common goal, challenge, or conflict faced by the characters across each setting, it might help unify the whole thing.

billith seems to ne the most developed with his side of the canon, I’m gonna put my writing notes here because I’m lazy.

These two Irish soldiers are going to an O5 meeting where they plan another Spanish succession-esque event in the 1880’s. I am hoping this can be an alternate universe steampunk pirate type of thing